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Simple Email Form Popular Module

Lightweight email contact form with 8 configurable fields, plus a field for uploading attachments to the email, and a CAPTCHA based in Text_CAPTCHA from the PEAR library (included).

Summary of Features


Supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.0!
Eight configurable fields: you configure the labels and sizes
"From" and "Subject" fields appear automatically
"From" field is checked to make sure it's a valid email address (using regex, not a realtime check)
"Reply-To" header can be activated
Fields 1 - 8 can be set to "Active," "Required," "Hidden", or "Inactive" in the module configuration, as needed
Hidden fields will automatically appear in the email
Body of email message contains labels + user input data for active and hidden fields
Any of the 8 fields can be normal (text), textarea, radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdown (select)
You can configure a recipient of the submitted email form plus optional CC and/or BCC
Optional "Send Copy to Me" field or automatic user copy
You can set the space between the labels and the input fields
You can specify an optional redirect URL if the form is submitted successfully
Info in form fields can be either reset or retained after form submission
Includes a field to upload an email file attachment
Email attachments can be filtered by filename extension
Max length of each field can be set (thanks to Rui Castro Lobo!)
NEW!!! 20+ language files are included: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portugese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
You can activate "Test Mode" to help you troubleshoot when installing
An optional "Captcha" can be activated
Uses PEAR library Text_CAPTCHA (included)
Requires that the GD extension be compiled with your PHP installation
Uses open source FreeSansBold.ttf font (included)
You can configure the height, width, and number of characters
Colors of the text, lines, and background can be configured
CAPTCHA files older than 5 minutes are deleted
CAPTCHA can be either an image or text
All configuration is done by module manager: no complicated components to install!

All fields can be either normal (text), textarea, checkboxes, radio buttons, or select.

New in 18.5:
* Added check to see if CAPTCHA URL has a trailing "/"; hard-coded the "/" if not
* Modified German translation thanks to Janis Blechert
* If email checking is disabled, the default value in the "from" field will be used
* An HTML5 "email" type field is now used for the "from" field
* Added HTML5 "placeholder" attribute so that default values are displayed

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Reviews: 1
Great module with many options. The module is very simple to setup and has everything you need feedback form.
Reviews: 1
This module is great.

I've got a question thow: is it works with cache enabled?
I've tried it with native joomla! cache enabled and nothing happens when I'm trying to send emails...
Owner's reply

Can you please send me an email separately to me at info @ Should work with caching, if not I need to know what's going on so I can fix any issues, OK?

Reviews: 2
This module works excellent! I've used it as a 'Submit Your Resume' tool and the ability to filter on file extension to upload is perfect. Lots of configurable options. Kudos to the developer!
Reviews: 5
Hi there,

Is there a way to put a redirect url on the form after successful submission? I am using a funky module that will not allow for confirmation message. I would like it to redirect to a custom thank you page. Is this possible?

Thank you!
Owner's reply

Willkey -- Thanks for the suggestion. I'm in the process of testing the 1.6/1.7 version and can put that feature in. Thanks for the review!

Reviews: 3
I've never posted a review so this is my first but now that I went through the trouble to create an account lookout.

The form says what it does and it's pretty simple to setup. Only thing I would have liked was a field to place like a description so you could post a quick reason why you want to complete the form above. I added it to mine to have a description field and a few extra style tags to make it fit my site better but it met the requirements, something short, a few fields of my own, I may even hide the subject field but it's pretty easy for even the novice like me to tweak that can be put anywhere I want on a page. See the example at
Reviews: 2
I found the basic form generated by this extension worked well, but the layout of the form sucked. I couldn't get the "name of css class" to work at all. I emailed the developer and never heard back. There's not a word on their website about how you might do even the most basic styling of your form. I simply wanted to put some space between the rows in my form. The demo version shows some, but my "out of the box" form didn't so I can't really use the extension. So, unless you know PHP really well, your "out of the box" form is going to look very unprofessional. I suggest looking at a few others before you bother with this one.
Owner's reply

Normally I respond to comments in a timely manner, so very sorry to have let this one slip by! You can pretty easily stylize the form by filling in the "CSS Class" field in the module configuration. When then happens is that the form will be rendered in this format: label ... more rows ...

Accordingly, you can create a style along these lines:
.your_class {
// basic styling info
.your_class th {
// styles for labels
.your_class input {
// styles for input fields

Reviews: 2
Since I test it, I use this module in every web page I make.
I used in module position (right or Left) and inside article for Contact Section using loadpostion.
I think the main pro is the ability to send mail attachments.
Excelent extension!
Reviews: 7
This module really does ROCK!
Easy to install and easy to configure. Really does what it says on the tin.
Reviews: 1
Doug, I just wanted to thank you for this great little module. I tried several before getting to this one and I must say that from my viewpoint, this was by far the easiest to setup and the most logical to configure.

Also, the coding is great with lots of explanations of what you did and why.

Everyone should be using this and giving Doug a big pat on the back!!!
Reviews: 1
Good extension. Works well for what it does (and it's price ;))

The only features that I would like added to give it a 5 stars are:
- Possibility to set an object (done) AND make it read only (I use this to enable users to upload and send their resume, and I don't want them to change the object); even better would be to not show the object (but still send it with the email);
- It's a module but it's too big to be in a sidebar (correct); but, I didn't find how to link to it from the menu... There's no "module" menu (and it didn't have one), so I needed to create an empty article, link to it and say that the module only appears in this page; drawback: I have an empty section underneath the form...
- Of course, being able to really create a form (now we are limited to 5 text inputs and 1 text area) would be great... and to add some text to the body of the message (i.e. now, since I don't need any field other than the email and the file attached, I didn't show any custom field, so it sends me an empty message with an attached file. It would be nice to be able to add text to the email without having to have the user enter it (i.e. text area)).

But then again, it would be nice... I know how long it can be to create things and not a priority when we don't get paid for it...
Reviews: 3
Excellent support from the developer. The module works out of the box and provides everything you need in a compact but feature rich package. Nice work !
Reviews: 3
Thanks Doug. I downloaded the module and installed it and set it up. No problems at all from install to usage. I will mention here that if anyone wants to change any of the wording on the form to your own liking or to make the statements more compact, just go to text.php and make the changes there.

Even after giving this an excellent, I would like to see the text area, the field configurable to adjust the length of text that can be written per line (row) even when the text area is reduced in size, say for instance 60 characters per row and configurable downward regardless of the size of the text area on the form.
Reviews: 1
Thank for the excellent form. It is a module but I chose to load it in content using the { loadposition modulename }. It works great for a quick contact form.
Reviews: 12
I like it. It'll definitely do the job I need it to do, but it would be nice if I could have more then one set of customisable fields.

All the same installation is easy, captcha setup is easy, customisable fields are easy. All in all nice program but needs some extra development. I could see paying for a "pro" version of this software.
Reviews: 1
I chose this extension because the joomla core one stopped working (invalid token error, no idea why =/ ) and I really enjoy it. I like the fact that you can create your own labels and fields, and choose whether or not they should be required.

However, I don't understand why the Subject line has to be prefilled? And why it's not possible to make the Subject required aswell. I would much rather prefer it to be empty, like the rest, and made required to be filled in by the user.

Also don't like the fact that you can't put the Subject just above Message, with additional fields above Subject instead of inbetween the two.
Additional field 1:
Additonal field 2:

Would much rather prefer..
Additional field 1:
Additional field 2:

Other than that, great product overall! Very easy to use. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Agree 100% with baijianpeng. In addition after clickin send there is no feedback if the message is send. So the user does not know if there was an error or not.
Owner's reply

Actually this is not true! If the message is successfully sent, a success message appears in green. If unable to send, an error message appears in red. The color of the message is configurable. Also, the success or failure messages are included in the translation file, so they will match whatever language the administrator configuring the module chooses.

Reviews: 97
1. The email content (body) field should be shown by default.
2. Why should the user input the path and URL for CAPTCHA? I think the CAPTCHA should work out-of-box! Could you please use relative path for it and then you can hide this parameter by using /cache folder by default?
3. The language selector should have an option to detect site language setting or the client browser language.
4. Fields labels should be translatable in language file, NOT to manually set in parameters.
Owner's reply

Not sure what is meant by #1. As for #2, it was a conscious decision not to have the module create a CAPTCHA directory. It's too dangerous to have the module write files to some arbitrary place on the host web server! Much better to let the administrator make a conscious decision where to create the CAPTCHAs. The latest version displays an error message with a "suggested" CAPTCHA directory and URL. As for #3 and #4 I agree with baijianpeng. You will note that it is on my "todo list". I most likely won't get to it in the version for Joomla 1.5, but will add that capability in when the version for Joomla 1.6 is released (most likely not until January of 2011).

Reviews: 3
This extension is great. Especially if you need a simple contact form within an article. The site I installed it on has SEF turned on, and I had no problems at all. Very Happy. Thank you. Just a FYI, If you download the form and you're not sure what size to use for the fields. You can go to their website and use firebug to check out their specific lengths and heights on their demo. For the Textarea set the Rows to 4 and the Texarea Cols to 60 to get it to look like the demo text message area. Just a FYI.
Reviews: 1
I had a few issues with the initial configuration. If I had read the installation instructions thoroughly, this could have been avoided, as they are very specific about directories.

Emailed Doug about an issue, and received a reply within 26 min. Can't get that from some products you pay for. Highly recommend you try this.
Reviews: 1
I struggled to get this module working at first and so contacted the developer, Doug. Response arrived within the day - thank you Doug. A VERY VERY helpful person indeed. It turned out that my host server was running PHP4 and that PHP5 is needed for this module. (PHP4 is OLD!). Told my provider that this was not good enough, migrated to a newer server and BINGO! This module is brilliant and I now have two different simple EMail forms running on my site, both using CAPTCHA. Thank you Doug, top man!
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