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Fixed Vertical Feedback button Plugin

Fixed Vertical Feedback button is a light Joomla plugin that helps to add vertical feedback button. If you notice, in many sites there is a vertical feedback button in left or right side of a site and in middle position. So, this small plugin will make life easy for those who can not modify template.

This button has all the flexibility of customizing its position, length, looks, message and where it will link to.

This is one of our most popular product at Joomla Extension Directory and loved by our clients everywhere. Try for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Mote: this will just make button and can show any compoent in popup window. It doesn't have it's any contact or feedback component.

* Custom setting page for the plugin
* Pop up color picker from plugin setting page
* Preview from admin panel
* Show/hide the button even the plugin in active mode
* Custom link for button
* Left or right and top or bottom positioning
* Custom Vertical positioning
* Custom Horizontal positioning
* All positioning(check new setting page preview image) now in both px or percentage(%)(new)
* Disable feedback button(s) on popup window
* Open link – Normal, New window and Native Popup window
* Custom image url
* Custom image height
* Custom image width(new)
* Disable button on popup window
* Popup window custom height, custom width
* Rounded corner in open side
* Up to 6 buttons within same plugin(each buttons has individual setting)(New in v2.1)

Change log:
* v3.0 18.03.2013
- release for Joomla 3.0
* V2.3 Date 19.04.2011
o Code refactor
o Lots of custom options to make life more easy and organic
* V2.2 Date 14.04.2011
o Code refactor
o More specific and flexible options for for each button
* V2.1 Date 06.04.2011
o Multiple buttons
o Core improvement
o Supports for j1.6 native
* V2.0 Date 17.03.2011
o Added option for round corner
o Added custom image url
o Added custom image height
o Added option for link target
o Added option for disable button for popup window
o Lots of ready made image to choose from drop down list
* V1.0 Date 16.01.2011
o Initial version released

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Reviews: 11
Well worth the money to make such an attractive button! It would be nice to be able to customize text but otherwise love it and customer will be happy too.
Reviews: 10
Started using this extension with J1.5. It's always worked well and been easy to use. Today I purchased an upgrade to the J3.2 compatible version. I
needed support (due to my own mistake) and "Codeboxr" went "above and beyond" to get me on track. The new version and support - Excellent!
Reviews: 1
Bought this a few days back (simple order process), had a query so emailed. Within a few emails I got a new installer which did what I wanted.
Reviews: 2
(commercial version) Straight forward configuration, Excellent support! Thanks
Reviews: 2
By mistake i uploaded the j1.5 plugin, which caused the site to crash. I wrote in a state of panic to the support and luckely got an imideately responce. In 10 min the site was up again. Phewww. Later on I had some troubles in understanding the meaning of the different parameters, and also here I god a friendly and efficient responce. I thank You.
Reviews: 3
Simple, yet very elegant. Lots of options. Easy to configure. If you are looking for a vertical feedback button that you see on a lot of new websites, this plugin is for you. Works straight out of the box.

If you have any issue with the plugin, and I am sure you won't, the guy behind it Sabuj Kundu will personally respond to you within hours.

Will not hesitate doing business with him in future.
Reviews: 1
User friendly interface and easy to customize. Works like a charm. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 8
Love the simplicity of this plugin. Just install, paste a link and enable. Wonderful.

But for a commercial plugin, I think more options should be given to the user.

1. I'm not very technical, but if it can be a module, this will be a plus, so it can be translated into other languages with JoomFish.

2. A Title box should be added in the parameters if a user wants to call the badge something else other than feedback.

3. An option to add an image other than the vertical box will make it really nice.

4. More position options will be great, such as top left, top right.

It will be a full house plugin if the above were added as it can be used for all sorts of badges!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and suggestions. In version2 we added more options. We are also inspired by your suggestions.

Reviews: 2
This is a very simple program to install. The cost is so low compared to other Feedback Tab type software that I have seen. I would highly recommend it. Other programs incorporate a feedback form which increases the price of their product.

This one is easy to use, just install and point it to any page on your website.

If you do not have a feedback page, I am using "SmartFormer" with this program. Smartformer is free and it can be used to create a feedback form.

My only recommendation is to have a choice of having curved edges for the feedback tab and not just having it squared. Otherwise, I am extremely happy with this application.

To recap, for a very low price, this is well worth it and it was very easy to install.
Owner's reply

In version 2.0 we added option to make the button rounded and many more.You can use the same download link sent in mail or contact via our contact page.