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Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form Popular Module

AJAX contact form with MULTIPLE UPLOAD, NO SPAM, UNLIMITED FIELDS and more. Fully RESPONSIVE. Choose layout and COOL DISPLAY EFFECT. Easy to change colors and css. Multiple integrations. POWERFUL BACKEND and not only for developers. FAST SUPPORT team.

- Toggler tab which slides in contact form from page edge
- Toggler tab which displays contact form in Lightbox window
- Standard static module, e.g. in sidebar or in Article content
- Positions of toggler tab: left, right, top, bottom, static
- Colors of form fields and buttons, toggler button/tab: black, blue, gray, green, lightblue, orange, pink, red, violet, white, yellow
- Colors of form background: black, gray, lightgray, white or define custom colors in configuration

- Unlimited number of contact forms can be published at one page
- Unlimited number of fields type of: text, name, email, phone, subject, textarea, select list, multiple select list, single checkbox, checkboxes group, radios group, data picker with calendar, password
- Sort fields with drag-and-drop
- Split fields into columns
- Each field can have a tooltip and validation rule, can be required or not
- Display labels: inline with fields, above or inside
- Display any text or HTML code between fields
- Upload files selected with a button or by drag-and-drop, set: size limit, files limit, extension types
- Advanced spam protection without any codes, but captcha can still be enabled
- Multiple email recipients, BCC, reply to email, Joomla User as recipient
- Drop-down list of recipients
- Automatically fill in User name and email if is logged in
- Send a copy to sender
- Send auto-reply
- Email template
- Ticket system - adds to subject unique date-time based ID or number counter
- Track User informations: IP address, browser, operating system, screen resolution
- Track page title and URL from which email was sent
- Page redirect to URL after sending email
- Google Analytics Tracking
- Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking
- Open contact form with menu item, image or link
- Preload fields values with URL or link
- Auto-open on page load, or on scroll, or on exit - when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (experimental, not always works in IE 7 and 8)
- Auto-open limit count - open for first X-times after page refresh and selected event
- Auto-open delay - if not opened earlier by user
- Auto-close delay - if not closed earlier by user

- Call me back
- Feedback button
- Quick contact form
- Support question
- Job application form
- Ask about product in shop (redShop, VirtueMart)

- Community Builder & JomSocial - sends email to user profile
- SobiPro - sends email to owner of entry

- HTML5 & CSS3
- all modern browsers, IE8+, partly IE7
- mobile ready, responsive
- supports RTL

Over 35 languages translated by Google and Bing

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Reviews: 2
It's work perfectly very useful..!! and a very nice support.
Reviews: 2
Integrates seamlessly with SobiPro. The support is very fast and efficient. The module is very versatile and complete. Much more than I could imagine.
Reviews: 1
I'm a Joomla novice and wanted a form that would be easily available from most parts of my site without it becoming a space-wasting "design feature" of all the pages. The pop-up contact form is a great solution, and looks cool too. After installation and configuration (both were easy) I had a problem - the form could only be sent once - but Piotr very quickly diagnosed it and fixed my site settings so that the form now works perfectly. It's an excellent and versatile product, and well worth its modest price.
Reviews: 5
This is my first review of an extension even though I have used hundreds of them. Because of the simplicity to use, the great functionality and the tremendous support (e-mails were answered within literally minutes and even custom code and extra files and instructions sent over) this has to be the best joomla extension of the lot! Just the time the developer devoted personally to helping me is worth 10 times the small extension fee. Brilliant!
Reviews: 1
This mod is very good. Its extremely simple to use, has terrific versatility right out of the box and it looks extremely professional. I recommend it highly.

However, it is the support that has truly been stand-out. The guys who wrote this mod have given me support for months beyond the time frame specified and have even rewritten a CSS file for me to change some functions. They are truly a class act. 101% recommended.
Reviews: 6
Just received a contact from one of the websites I have this installed on and it prompted me to come by and say that this contact form is awesome. Easy to configure (both floating or static) and it just works really well. If you are on the fence, this one will not disappoint. Thanks for the great module.
Reviews: 11
Excellent module, a plethora of options, great design, easy administration.
The best part is support. Pjotr went out of his way to make the extension work with my messed up libraries.
Highly recommended, especially if you want to address different recipients depending on the dept, subj or similar.
Reviews: 2
The module is perfect would recommand, i had a couple of problem due to having to many jQuery libraries and support not only fixed this for me thsy also fix a JS problem i was having to...You must buy this module just to experience what support should be like i cant say thank you enought.....
Reviews: 3
Price is reasonable, Support is very quick, Very nice module. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Very user friendly and clean extension , very good support from the developer, Excellent customisation features
Reviews: 8
The Perfect Web form module is an excellent module if you wanna have nice webforms in your website.
Easy to configure and the support of Perfect Web is very good.
So if you need a form module try the perfect web forms.
Reviews: 2
The extension is really easy to use and is - thanks to Ajax - very fluently animated. The only thing I could no manage on the first sight was the integration of the extension in the normal menu structure - this was done immediately after writing by the really excellent support!
Reviews: 5
This product does exactly what it says & has amazing customization abilities. Would highly recommend this product.
Reviews: 1
Very good contact form extension and very fast and superb techniacl support.
Reviews: 4
I have had the pleasure of installing this module in my Sobipro site
After failing with two others - 1 commercial and one forum solution, I am happy I could not get them to work as this has many more options.
including 9 custom fields, pop up window and all for a very reasonable price
Support was fantastic - answered within half an hour each time -

I would recommend this as the best solution for any Sobipro website contact form
Reviews: 1
Module works perfect! probably the best module that I have purchased, the best part about this module is the DESIGN, it covers all functions that you can think off in a contact us page.

I needed assistance, I got an email within hr's of sending it and they provided helpful information.

Due to my lack on knowledge with Joomla, i created a super admin for the developers and they accessed my website and got it all working for me, without charge.

All done in 10min.

Proud A+ Customer! highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
This the best contact form i have ever seen as joomla extension. Support is also fast.
Congrats on this extension.
Reviews: 4
This was a pinch to install and only one issue with my template changing the styling of the mod. 20 minutes later I had a workaround from the tech team.
Reviews: 8
Great extension very complete and full of features for every need. The technical support and very fast and professional.
Reviews: 7
Very good contact form tool fits into module positions nicely, reducing unnecessary clicks for a user. I had few issues with getting it working but the developer logged into mysite and fixed the issue with my template.
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