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Fox Contact Form Popular ComponentModule

A fast and very easy to setup contact form designed for Joomla.
Tableless and css styled output simplify integration in your website.

=== Extension used by ===
✔ Skid Row, famous American heavy metal band
✔ U.S.A. Chad Embassy

=== Features ===
✔ Custom fields
✔ Responsive design
✔ Twitter bootstrap flavour
✔ Impressive upload capabilities
✔ Multiple recipients
✔ Antispam system
✔ Captcha system
✔ Multilanguage. UTF-8, non-latin charsets and RTL languages are fully supported.
✔ Store enquiries in Joomla database
✔ CSV Export of enquiries received
✔ Newsletter integration (AcyMailing and JNews)
✔ Logs activities in a text file
✔ Consists of both Component and Module. Multiple contact pages and multiple modules in the same page are supported.
Note that this is not the right place to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions.
For such stuff use the support forum instead.

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Reviews: 2
I like it. I came from free foxcontact to paid one and it's great. I think it's MUSTHAVE for most joomla-based websites.
Reviews: 3
I've been using Fox Contact form for years. It's great out of the box and easy to setup. Customizations are straight forward and time that I have had questions the SUPPORT WAS AWESOME! This developer is consistently adding new features based on feedback. I highly recommend this extension. It's reliable and affordable. I've used some of the "bigger names" and found Fox to be so easier to use.
Reviews: 4
For those looking for the BEST Contact Us Form, this is the one. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to find. Keywords: contact, us, form. Worth every penny OR work many hours to set up others. Thanks for a great extension :-)
Reviews: 3
This extension has saved me hours of work. I use it on all the sites I develop and cannot praise Demis enough!

The regular updates and the support are fantastic.
Reviews: 3
Just a simple contact form for Joomla 3 was all I was looking for. No knock against other form extensions but this is as easy and intuitive as it gets. And at 10 Euros and I can use it on as many sites as I want, it might as well be free. Thank you very much!!!
Reviews: 2
We've been using this extension for some time without any problems. The integration with newsletter mailing lists works well and saves us a lot of manual work. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
I found this extension very useful.
I'm so thankful with the team since any of my request support has been satisficed. I have received a response so fast..

You should give it a try too, you will find this extension so easy to use.
This is worth every penny!!
Reviews: 3
After trying a free product, with a very unsatisfying result, I decided to give this one a try. I'm glad I choose it. It worked right away and there is a very good forum, and the documentation is also excellent. This is worth every penny. I tested it on smart phone, Tablet, Laptop and PC, and it worked under all the currently available browsers too. As it is easy to handle, it can be used by beginners as well as pros. I am glad to say that I'm happy to recommend highly the "Fox Contact Form."
Reviews: 1
There is not one thing I can say about this extension that is negative. It is by far the easiest to use, most intuitive and best looking contact form solution on the JED. I have tried all sorts of different ones and have always had one headache or another but with Fox Contact, it does what it says on the tin. Install and it just works.

I have always used the free version of Fox Contact prior to this time because it was the best then and the commercial version still the best now. For the paltry sum of 10 euros (or £8 in my case) you now have the best support to go with it.

I have most recently used Fox Contact on a website for a UK High School and I have had feedback from a number of parents praising how easy to use our contact page is.

Keep it up Demis, if only more components were this user friendly, I would swear a lot less :)
Reviews: 3
I would definitely recommend this extension: it's easy to configure, has lot of options and it's perfectly integrated with other components.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install and configure. Works perfectly and great support!
Reviews: 1
Very good and highly recommended extension, high configurability and integration with other components and extensions as AcyMailing. Very useful!
Reviews: 1
super easy contact form module with a lot of options. if you look for an form module, you can use instantly without reading manuals i´d recommend this module.
Reviews: 1
I have used the fox contact form for the past couple of years and I am really happy with it. It works well, never had any issues with it and it is very elegant. I don't have to restyle it, which makes it even more easy to work with. Thanks you to the developer for the great attention to detail.
Reviews: 1
I spent a lot of time investigating the best contact form for Joomla and this is the best. Worth every penny. Easy to set up and configure. I use it on every joomla based site that needs a contact form. Highly recommended
Reviews: 2
This is pretty much a standard component on all of my sites. It looks so clean and professional and is totally customizable. Totally worth the small fee!
Reviews: 6
I have installed it in many websites and always worked perfect!
Reviews: 1
I've used Fox Contact for Joomla 2.5 and was really impressed...but the Fox Contact form for Joomla 3.x is amazing. It fits all my needs and that for a small amount of money.

Great job!!!
Reviews: 2
Demis is without doubt one of the best. I use this extension on many websites and, unusually, I had an issue with the display of an acknowledgement message on a new site.

Searching the excellent support forum didn't produce an answer so I posted a request for help.
A speedy response with an in depth analysis followed. Then the solution - it wasn't the extension at all but Demis provided the exact line of code in my site that was responsible and the fix.

All in all perhaps the most professional solution to using 'forms in Joomla!'.
Reviews: 1
so easy to setup and install. looks great, though I have not discovered everything by now... thanks to the development team :-)
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