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Articles Contact Us Form Plugin

Easily add a contact form in your articles!
If you don't like the joomla standard contact page, made it on your own with an article and then add the contact form with this plugin.
Just install the plugin and enable it.
After that, go to your article and put this code:
(Because of Joomla antispam protection, you have to use # instead of @)

- Works fine on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5
- Now it uses the Joomla ReCaptcha plugin
- Works on both joomla articles and k2 articles.
- Support multiple recipient (separated by semicolon)
- The mail received now contains the full address of the form page (useful if you have many contact form in your website and want to know the source)
- The mail received is now indipendent from page language. It will be received always in the language defined in plugin parameters.

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Reviews: 8
It's been a great plugin with a small file in size and yet it does improve my website contact usability. Pretty easy to install and straight forward. If you are looking for something works great out of the box, this is it. I just can't leave it behind each time I create a new Joomla website.
Reviews: 2
Fast, simple and do exactly what it should do! Independent from Joomla contacts, e.g. no need to link it with registered user, just put an email and forget. Just perfect! :)
Reviews: 3
Works good but it's a very basic form. No CSS choice. Submit button does not follow default template style. You need to hack the code to match your site template.
Reviews: 9
This plugin is Simple and effective, easy of use in any web site. Thank you!!!
Reviews: 3
I needed it for a client, but compatibility within zoo was not given. Allessandro do it within days. I'am really satisfied. Good, good, good!
Reviews: 6
Excellent plugin. Really simple to setup, works on Joomla 3.2.2 too.

Nice and straight forward for the user in the front end - and puts a form right in the middle of text.

I also found this perfect for a site that needed to be very accessible.

I use this plugin on most of my sites.

Thank-you Allessandro
Reviews: 5
This plugin does exactly what I need to : a simple contact form within article. Very simple to install and to use.
Thank you for providing such a plug and play extension !
Reviews: 7
Thanks!, It works great on Joomla 3 too.

Reviews: 1
A great simple contact form extension...thanks for this
Reviews: 2
This is a great plugin. It does what it's supposed to do, is the easiest add-on to work with and it quick to implement - in other words, it's perfect.

Kudos to the developer.
Reviews: 1
great and easy to use, does what it promises to do!!!!

i spent a couple hours looking for a way to move components into modules into articles, or creating overrides on the contact form.

this worked like a charm and within minutes i had a form.

food for growth: would love to see options to turn off some of the fields that may not be required in some cases.

thanks again!!!!
Reviews: 1
I have an 3 language site and this plugin made an very good job
Reviews: 1
It works perfectly in Joomla article. However it will return HTTP 500 error if I use it on a K2 article. I really love to see a K2 compatible version soon.

Reviews: 10
Very simple to use, no need even for loadposition code. Best module for a simple contact form.

Worked like a charm in my 3-Language site.
Reviews: 3
Great Plugin, easy to use and to modificate to your own needs
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much. easy to install and it works perfekt.
Reviews: 2
VERY easy to use! Installed and ready in 5 minutes. Great for those looking for a simple, no frills contact form. Thank you Allessandro.
Reviews: 12
Love this plug-in - so simple and easy to use.

Is there a way to integrate captcha or other anti-spam measure?

Cheers, David
Reviews: 13
What a clever and fantastic little plugin.
All you need to do is paste the email address in between brackets in your article and voila a nice little contact form shows up. And then there is the super support from Alessandro. I am currently trying his other extension the Google map that shows all articles ... so far so good.
Thanks Alessandro great work, will keep you informed on the Google map progress.