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J DContact Module

J DContact is an ajax contact us module where data send to admin and user without page refresh. Backend has option to customize the front-end view. There is option to set different email address for different department. This module also has option to send a copy of the mail to yourself.
Module has below parameter:

a) Wrapper BG Color
b) Wrapper Width
c) Input Field Width
d) Input Field Border Color
e) Sales Email
f) Support Email
g) Billing Email
h) Show Department
i) Show Send Copy
j) Human Test (Captcha Validation)
k) Language file for da-DK,de-DE,en-GB,fr-FR,it-IT,nl-NL,ru-RU,sv-SE languages.

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Reviews: 98
Today I tested this module on Joomla 2.5.8, it is so weak : You don't enter any data into any field of the form, just click "submit" button, it will really try to submit, even without check the Math CAPTCHA! In fact, I did not enter anyting!
Reviews: 13
This form looks good and is a nice simple and easy to use module. I had a problem with an error message appearing after sending a message with the form, but I contacted the developer and it was fixed for me very quickly. I am very happy with the service received. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this form and altered it, just to suit my needs. But unfortunately it did not work. I contact JD and he solved it for me. It was my own fault (I uncommented to much code) that the form did not work,
He solved the problem within one day adn even without any costs.

Without my code editing the form worked straight away..

Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
I tried to find free, good AJAXy Contact Form. I found J DContact. First, let me tell, Extensions page on Joomla site is more and more messy :(

But, about this extension: initially, it didn't worked, e-mails could not be send, even if it looked like it. Built in Joomla CF worked for me, so it wasn't an issue with Joomla as a whole (version 2.5.7.)

I contacted developer of this extension and few hours later, I've got response from him. Of course, I had to provide FTP and Joomla access to him (changed the password).

But, day later, I'vegot another message that JDContact on my site works!

So, I had to say: great extension, great support. This is not so common with other developers.

Recommended, if you don't need some advanced functionality (why would you?! it sends the message and that counts!)
Reviews: 2
In order to get to the real download page I had to get through a tricky ad page that fooled me into downloading a program from three different links until I got to find the "skip ad" button.

Afterwards, I finally got to download the extension and it works very well. I do not have many modules installed, but I am running a Google Maps module on the same page and it doesn't conflict at all.

Suggestion in regards to extension: Allow modifications to the Submit button (font, style, color, etc)

Reviews: 1
I love the look of the contact form unfortunately is doesn't work with some of the other extensions. Tried to contact support and never heard anything back. Moving on....
Reviews: 9
Hi Fabius. I can't agree with You. On my non localhost server works great on Joomla! 2.5.4. Perhaps this is a problem with the configuration of php and/or apache? Anyway this module is highly configurable (source code is clean and easy!) and customizable. Looks better than all other modules on the market. Some issue is still with Joomlart MegaMenu. To fix it change Animation Type to none (in J!1.5). In J!2.5 + latest ja-purity II theme that fix don't work ;/. It's a jquery/mootools issue i think. Best regards!
Reviews: 18
I have a lot of issues with this extension on my Joomla 2.5.4:

1. labels are not rendered, instead I get "MOD_JDCONTACT_NAME" and similars.
2. Unable to send anything.
3. Unable to remove "required" from fields.

Support response is good, but they asked me ftp access to the site. Not possible because I'm on localhost, however, I would not have provided ftp data.
Reviews: 1
It's a must module while you are looking for somewhat with your requirements! Because this module is not only handy and flexible but also the fully support will be from the developer. So that will be the possible best for your project. Stronger recommendation!
Reviews: 1
Thankyou for this module, is really what I need for my website.
Reviews: 4
It lacks the option to choose which fields are mandatory (and the phone is mandatory by default). But if you want a simple & beautiful form, that's the one for you.
Reviews: 9
This is the BEST contact form module on JED I found. It's quick and nice designed.
But there is one thing the developer missed here.... which is very important for any site... CAPTCHA... if this would have captcha it would be even better.. anyway I'm still rating it as excellent as it really is.
Reviews: 1
Hello Guys,

This is an awsome extension for the comment form in joomla website, easily flexible and simple form. I had a requirement for my client that he was needed one feedback form containing some extra fields like Address,City,Zipcode and Country fields etc. I was simply able to customize this form for my requirement. Thumbs up from my side!!
Reviews: 10
Hi Gyus
Great Job , I have a problem with "Captcha"plug-in : seems dosen't works with your contact form ( i tried many of them) any soulation?
Reviews: 1
It's a complete and easy-to-use form. It was very difficult to find a simple but complete form with this features. One of them was the possibility of sending a copy to the user which is not available in almost any other form.
Totaly recomendable! and very quick support from the stuff which is extra-valuaded!
Reviews: 1
i am using this module on a website am working on. it looks very good, easy to install and customize. i ran through a problem (though i am a beginner), i contacted the developer and he never hesitated to solve the problem for me, just within few minutes. this is a very good module with very quick support service. highly recommended