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Flexi Contact Plus ComponentPlugin

FlexiContactPlus is an enhanced version of our popular free contact page component, FlexiContact. It has all the features of FlexiContact, plus all the features you asked for.

* Multiple Configurations: You can configure different contact forms on different pages, with different fields and different destinations. Everything can be customised for each form.

* Multi-language built-in. Fully customise the contact page that appears for each language, including all the text and the field prompts. There's no need to use JoomFish or FaLang.

* Multiple recipients: You can configure a list of recipients (for example, departments) that the user can choose from using a dropdown list.

* Up to 100 additional fields, including text, textarea, list-box, checkbox, date picker, radio buttons, file attachment, and "advanced validation". You specify the order, size, prompts and default value for each field. All fields can be optional or mandatory.

* Four different captcha systems, including our unique picture and magic word systems.

* Logging with search, export, and import from free FlexiContact.

* Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content and format.

* Confirmation page can be a link to an article, or a configured page including user data from the contact form.

* Article Plugin. Include a contact form or popup ("modal") contact form anywhere.

* Ajax. Shows error messages and the confirmation message without re-drawing the page.

* Pure CSS, no tables. A selection of "ready to use" styles are included.

* Full documentation in a detailed PDF user guide including styling and examples.

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Reviews: 9
Flexi Contact Plus is one of those rare extensions that just works as advertised.

Even though it's very configurable, it's still very easy to use.

I was sick and tired of trying a bunch of Contact Form Extensions only to find them lacking...Flexi Contact Plus is PERFECT!

Thanks Guys!
Reviews: 1
I'm impressed (and I'm not easily impressed). Quick and easy to install, configure and style multiple forms to match the rest of my site. But don't take my word for it - suggest you download and read their free documentation for yourself!
Reviews: 1
Just stated using Flexicontact Plus. I'm very impressed. When you just need a simple contact form, Joomla's built in solution is terrible and most form extensions are total overkill. Flexicontact was a breeze to get working. I had an issue with compatibility with a template and the developer got back to me right away and helped me get it sorted.

Well worth the few dollars spent.
Reviews: 10
Good extension but it is using mootools instead of JQuery and there is no default.php in the view to customize

The team is great and answer at once

many thanks
Owner's reply

At the moment we think that switching from MooTools to JQuery would inconvenience more users than it would help. We are monitoring the situation and when we feel the time is right, we will switch to using JQuery.

Reviews: 1
I finally decided to get this component+pluggin to solve my need of a pop-up contact form that has apart from that, many other functions.
Flexi Contact Plus, turned out to be all of them and more.
But what made me write this review, is that when I encountered a problem, I contacted support and they solved it in one morning.
Reviews: 4
Really simple to implement and full of good ideas (all types of fields available, multi-forms, easy to translate, date-picker choice to avoid JS conflicts, possibility to validate an article before posting the form, easy configuration of the mails to administrator/user, statistics ...).
Really good value and very good support.
Reviews: 2
Do not hesitate to buy this! From the elegant and easy to navigate back end, to the superb and well designed front end, you just can't go wrong with this extension.

Simple contact forms, or elaborate form applications, it's so simple, so easy, and so powerful. Plus with just a bit of css knowledge, most will be able to customize as the developers have thoughtfully kept their css clean and lightweight. Can't thank you enough, this one's just a pleasure to use!!
Reviews: 1
Needed a contact form with a few added features - and this worked. Had a few issues getting it to do what I wanted (couldn't pass a variable to the form) but their email support quickly helped me.
Reviews: 10
Very good support. Inexpensive. Flexible.
Very personal captcha. Use it especially if you are a creative (photograph, cartoonist or any kind of artist)
Reviews: 6
I have used a couple Extensions and this is by far the best. It also has the best licensing structure. Reasonable price, very good documentation and easy to use.
Reviews: 1
This extension is great as it's easy to configure, looks good without having to change much of the css, and has lots of useful features.

The feature I like the most, and the reason I always use this contact form rather than others, is the option to use captcha images rather than the standard captcha text. The images are much easier for website visitors to use and they look good on the page.

The extension also comes with a very extensive and well written manual, so it's easy to find out how to set things up the way you want them.

On my latest installation of the extension I had a small problem but support replied straight away and explained how to fix it (it turned out to be a server issue).
Reviews: 3
Super customer support. Fast response if needed and best of all a great product. No problems! Well worth the money. Keep up the super work! Gary
Reviews: 2
Had an issue with a topmenu showing inside a pop-up box and in less than 2 hours samne was solved via the mail.
Reviews: 2
I purchased Flexi Contact Plus last year and have just purchased a new upgrade version. Both versions installed immediately with no problems.
The range of options Flexi Contact Plus offers is very comprehensive - especially if you want multiple configurations of contact pages for various areas of the one website. By using multiple contact pages on the one site, I find it very easy to track at which point a visitor opts to make contact.
There are many permutations and options in Flexi Contact Plus, but it's all very straightforward to navigate. I had one non-critical aesthetic query. I sent an email and got a response within hours. I highly recommend Flexi Contact Plus.
Reviews: 1
Having searched around for a good contact form for a while I tried the free version. It was so good I bought the paid for version. That was even better. I had a slight template issue and emailed a query. They spotted the fault and responded in hours which fixed it. Works perfect. They will now include the 'fix' in the next release to save others having the same problem. I highly recommend this extension/plugin.
Reviews: 7
This is a really well thought through module. I've used a couple of others and this is in another league. Easy to style and with more options than I need but it's nice to know they're there. Thank you very much for such stunning work.
Reviews: 8
I have used this this component on 3 sites now and have no hesitation in recommending it. Simple to set up, but with great functionality!! If developer adds a "download log as a text field option" it will be perfect
Owner's reply

Thanks, but please contact us with issues and enhancement requests.

Reviews: 5
This extension are the best contact form.
I use 3 extension from this company.
All 3 are great.
Support good as stackideas.

Highly recoment this company and this extension.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this extension a couple of weeks ago and immediately I bought the full version to set up several forms. Due my incorrect installed languages my forms only worked in my standard language. I mailed for support and they really helped me fast fixing it.

Definitely worth paying!
Reviews: 5
This contact form module is excellent and very good value. The user guide is very thorough and the support service very helpful too. Would highly recommend it.
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