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JM Contact Module

JM Contact Module is a very simple Joomla Contact form
- Two layouts to choose from (Personal and Business).
- Enter multiple email addresses to email the form to:
- Option to enter CC and BCC email.
- Option to edit the subject of email.
- Option to edit the Thank you Message to be displayed after the submission.
- Option to Display ‘Copy Me Checkbox’
- Enable/Disable ReCaptcha

Personal Layout Features:
Fields included:
- Name
- Company
- Phone
- Email
- Mobile
- Website
- Message
- File Upload
Option to change label for any of the fields or hide any of the field or make them required.

Business Layout Features:
Fields included:
- Name
- Phone
- Email
- Mobile
- Website
- Message
- Custom Field # 1
- Custom Field # 2
- File Upload Form

Version 1.0.1 released

Version 1.0.2
Added Ip Address of user in email

Version 1.0.3
Clean up!

Report Extension



Reviews: 9
real good module,
simple and make the work.

Reviews: 2
I was looking for a contact us page that fit with our needs. I downloaded three before this one, and the others wouldn't let me customize the questions for the customer. Or wouldn't connect to an e-mail. I've got enough inboxes. EASY EASY EASY to customize! Awesome and thanks again!
Reviews: 1
I would recommend this to any serious website. I used this about ten minutes ago and for a novice like me to be able to configure this in under 5 minutes, this is gr8. it is clean, the file attachment works gr8, the email submission is perfect and in time. Bless you jm-experts
Reviews: 1
This is a very good module(I haven't tested it online tho), but it is causing problems on IE, I manage to isolate the reason. The submit button has id and name, apparently IE doesn't like that, I'm not sure if the module still works with those properties removed from the submit button hope someone can test.
Reviews: 1
A very nice and simple to use module. Although I had problems using it on the same page, joomgallery was. May be caused by the captcha but found the solution via google. Keep up the great work J
Reviews: 12
I really liked this module extension - on paper it gave me everything that I wanted - and included an attachment feature which the core component doesn't.

So I set it up, got it on my contact page, but you can't type in any of the fields - its like you have a picture of the boxes.. not the actual input boxes.

No matter I think - I'll just log in to the forum and ask for help. I tried to register, but the forum states (paraphrased) " you are not allowed to register".

pro - looks great
con - can't enter in the fields and forum wont let you in.
Overall not the best I'd say!
Reviews: 3
Form is working fine. I have one doubt about the Re-Captcha. I enabled both public and private key. In front end, unable to preview the recaptcha image but recaptcha field name is visible. Re-Captcha field is white background(blank). Please help me on this issue.
Reviews: 1
I needed a simple contact form that included the possibilit to send an attachment. This module does it in a very clean and easy way. It works perfect! Thanks!
Reviews: 8
Great module, the only minor complaint are the size of comment box you opted to use. Yes, it can be stretched, but it's way to small by default. It would be nice to be able to control the size of the email/name/phone fields too. I made them all 40 and made the message box 100x10, a much more reasonable starting size.
Reviews: 1
Well - we needed to create a custom contact form for our contact page and wanted to have something for free. This extension actually works and makes things possible. Great Work guys.

A tip though. how about adding new styles to it... so that the button and input boxes will change according to CSS style selected on the backend??