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eXtroForms lite Component

Like Joomla 2.5, eXtroForms will reach its end of Life at 2014-12-31.
Currently, we are working on a replacement product!

eXtroForms lite - the free form component for Joomla 2.5

As a lite version of eXtroForms, you're allowed to create 3 forms, which can contain any number of input fields.
The entire range of available HTML input fields was mapped to eXtroForms lite.

An input field can be created in the backend as easy as writing a standard Joomla article, then you determine the position at which it will be displayed on the form and that's it. For this there are 5 different display positions.

Of course you can copy the fields, delete or rearrange them if you are not satisfied with the original arrangement.
A preview function in the backend ensures that you can preview your form at any time, without the hassle of sharing it in the frontend.

In the front end 4 different output options are available: static tooltips, instant tooltips, tooltips with sliding effect or bubble-tooltips. The layout can be customized via CSS in the backend, every single form has it's own CSS style sheet, so that maximum variability is guaranteed. The meta-information (description, title and keywords) can also be specified separately per form.

If a user has filled in the form in the frontend, he can receive (depending on the settings in the backend) a confirmation email and be forwarded to a selected thank you page.

eXtroForms lite is also perfectly suitable for multilingual sites: From Joomla 1.7, the forms can be translated natively without an additional component.

Your form is secured against misuse by built-in security-mechanisms by If a filled in form should still be spam then this request will be filed automatically under suspicion of spam. You can view this folder in the back end separately, and if you decide that an inquiry is not spam, you can move it with a single click to the normal requests.

You can view all queries in the backend.

eXtroForms lite was built completely from scratch according to the Joomla MVC design and is based on the Joomla Framework.
It produces no so-called spaghetti code in the frontend, is XHTML and CSS3 compliant and accessible through the renunciation of tables and is therefore ideal for users and search engines.

Quick Overview

3 forms can be created
Any number of fields
4 different layouts
Anti-spam mechanisms
Can be used as autoresponder
Simple operation
Joomla MVC compatible
Easily adaptable

New in V1.12:
- fixed the email message in the frontend
- nicer css styles have been added for the default view
- now you'll get only the results of the fields that have actually been filled in.

V1.12-2 is a bugfix release.

Please note: V1.14 of eXtroForms lite is only available for Joomla 2.5.x. It now also uses the Joomla Updater.


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Reviews: 11
I search for a free contactform and i think this is a good extension.
After a problem on my Site, i got very fast support, although the extension is free.
cool extension, Stay Tuned!
Reviews: 9
This is a great forms component for those who don't need a super powerful forms creator.

Although it's simple, it really has some great features - like file uploads and exporting results to Excel or XML, forms can be emailed to multiple recipients, and all the main fields you need are there. It looks good and loads fast.

Well done to the developers, I look forward to seeing your success.