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Shape 5 Quick Contact Module

Editor's Note
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The S5 Quick Contact module is a simple way for your visitors to get in contact with you. Sometimes full contact pages are just too much. If you're looking for an easy way to stay in contact with your visitors this module is for you. The S5 Quick Contact module has fully configurable language settings, sends emails to a specified admin account, three forms of spam protection and much more! And of course it's free!

December 16, 2013 - A new version of this module is now out to address the following:

1. The spam protection has been greatly improved. The module now includes its own native captcha options, which replace the older spam methods of the module.

2. Mail functions are now sent via the default Joomla mail functions and not the module's own php mail() calls. This means the module will send mail based on the settings in the Joomla global configuration for better mail delivery.

November 21, 2009 - Updates:

We have a option which enables a spam box which asks the user to enter a spam protection code. If the code is entered incorrectly it will not submit the form. Also, the email address where the form is sent to remains null until the very end when all parameters are complete and it has passed all spam verifications; once it meets these requirements it then applies the email address that is entered in the backend of the module.

We have also added a params in the backend of the module where the administrator can enter "blocked words". If any of these words appear in the content of the email it will not be sent.

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Reviews: 3
Quick and easy to set up, you can set a field to your own language..I recommend :)
Reviews: 2
20 seconds download
30 seconds upload
1 minute setup
30 seconds test

It works well for me (on Joomla version 3.1).
Reviews: 1
I had to give up on this module after trying to resolve this with the developer. Where other php mail modules work without issue, I just have had no luck with this one.

However, it does fit nice on templates and looks good. But, it just does not work. Too bad.
Reviews: 1
i tried everything mentioned in s5 site and on other forums.. but the emails are not send to me.. as i am new here i would review this module not so good for new users
Reviews: 3
Nice module, but a big problem is, it doesnt show properly some foreign letters in the sended messages, like a german, polish or spanish.
Reviews: 3
The name says it all, its quick up and running in a snap.
Thank you very much, it can´t be much easier than this, and it looks nice aswell. Thank you again
Reviews: 25
Clean, easy to configure, nicely thought out, works and has a limited type of spam code checking and a list of words it will bar from sending in emails. Would be even better if it had a captcha. would then get an 'excellent' review from me.
Reviews: 1
... is there an option to add a "tick box" to the form? I was unable to locate such option. Otherwise, I'm really happy with this form so far!
Reviews: 24
I got spam mails in 2 minutes after installation. Developers, what did you mean with security code, that is always the same?
Owner's reply

Please contact our support before reviewing a product. The spam code is not the same every time, it is a random code that is different on every page load. There are several forms used to block spam and if all else fails there are params in the backend of the module where the administrator can enter "blocked words". If any of these words appear in the content of the email it will not be sent.

Reviews: 2
This is a great little module, exactly what I needed! Thanks Shape5!
Reviews: 10
I like this email module because it is very simple and effective. Different from the claiming there is only one form of spam protection by answering a simple question - that is ok but I agree with another user that a captcha would make the whole thing perfect, therefore only 4 of 5 point. Anyhow thanks a lot for this work !
Reviews: 12
This is an easy module to implement with formidable features. This combined, it is the best of the many I have test. The configurable text within fields makes it standout among the others.

The module's greatest drawback is the lack of spam protection. I have a relatively small site that receives approximately 15 spam emails per day and a larger site that receives over 40.
Owner's reply

We do want everyone to know that in the last week we have made some updates to spam control by enabling a spam verification question to this module. Spam, as we know, is a very serious problem for many sites and this recent update will help protect even more again these spam emails.

Reviews: 1
This module suffers from lack of spam filtration. It is useless because of this. Unless it is modified to include spam filtration, I would not recommend to anybody. Every morning since I installed the module, I have been inundated with spam emails.
Reviews: 1
After trying all contact and form extensions, i chose that one since it's very simple and quick. Thanks a lot for developing such an effective module.
Reviews: 5
This module is great, quick and easy to implement and works a treat. One problem is that the "three forms of spam protection" don't appear to work. Since installing it I've been inundated. This has rendered the form nigh on useless. Putting a captcha with it would resolve the issue I think
Reviews: 1
I've tried a couple of contact forms, and have had my little issues with each. Download to receivng a test message took less than two minutes!! I'm beyond impressed with this little thing!

One suggestion - A copy to self option would be really nice!
Reviews: 5
I'm new at this, so I appreciate the easy installation, easy configuration and easy customisation of this module! I just love it when a extension does what it's supposed to, without any trouble!