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ALFContact Component

ALFcontact is a small 'Contact Us' form.

The purpose of ALFcontact is to provide a contactform with enough features to make it usefull and appealing whithout making it overly complicated.
Basically the form gives you the option to send messages to different aliases based on your accesslevel and/or language (J3 Only), these aliases are defined in the administrator section, each with their own set of options.

E.g. create aliases for Sales or Billing or Webmaster, add a prefix, custom optional field(s), default subject and/or redirect as you like and you're set.
If the user isn't logged in it will show inputboxes for adding reply info, once they're logged in, details can optionally be pre-filled.

Captcha security is included with a choice between reCaptcha and

Latest J!2.5 version: ALFContact v2.0.8
Latest J!3.* version: ALFContact v3.1.8

ALFContact supports around 33 languages at the moment and the number is growing, check the website for the latest information.

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Reviews: 2
I installed and set up the extension in no time. Totally intuitive.

Mine is a multi-language site (Spanish / English) and the language switching works perfectly... except for two details:

(1) The Custom Message in Redirect tab is global, and I think it should be an option for the Menu Item, attached to the language, so a different "Thank you" page can appear depending on the language.

(2) The Captcha language selection should also be an option of the Menu Item, instead of global, so the right language help text appears when clicking on the Captcha help icon, depending on the language of the page.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.
Your comments are appreciated and I'll work on an update with the suggested improvements.

Reviews: 3
This is a great extension if you want to use a contactform for multiple purposes.
It is easy to configure and very easy to use. A compliment for the developper.
Reviews: 1
The component is fantastic, easy to use and configure. one issue I have is that I'd like to see the ability to hide the category should there only be one available to the public.
Reviews: 3
Aft contace is perfect. Extremely easy to setup.
Works like magic.
Reviews: 2
It is really best free contact form with captcha.

I testing a lot of, but this is really free and with captcha and really easy to use.

I will spend money for this great extensions, because very very good work.

Reviews: 1
easy to use and have all the functions I need. The best component I have used this year!
Reviews: 1
Awesome extension and easy to configure. Also with Questions Alfred is responding quick and friendly and really cares about your issue.
Reviews: 3
I had many problems on my website...Alfred helped with many different ways! Was Not simple problems, very difficult i would say. However i finally using ALF Contact i do what i need succesfully. I wish every web author would be as Alfred. He worths many many thanks. And do not's FREE extension!
Reviews: 6
Easy to use. Recaptcha works fine. Good idea to have many recipients. I miss a "send archive" option.
Reviews: 4
Great job, simple, easy and free.
Keep up the great work. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 16
Lost for words. I am an IT entrepreneur and part-time web developer. As such, I have not and do not wish to invest time and money in starting a web dev company but at the same time would very much appreciate if the few awesome sites I make can bring in the odd client who admired my work. So how would I achieve this? I hate, simply hate and loath devs who force visible footers that compromise site security and appeal even if their service is free, it just not the way to go. So as a part-time dev, I would never want to leave a footer myself so the best course of action is to create a contact form where the site user can choose whether to contact support, sales, etc as well as web developer. Brilliant isn't it. So now, I can get an email should someone visit a site I made and wish the same.

Reviews: 32
this component is really a nice easy simple tool to use , no need to spend hours trying to understand this , thank you so much for this nice component and also for making it available for free
Reviews: 3
I don't usually write reviews on extensions. But, I feel this one really warranted some praise.

This extension is super easy to configure. Had it set up and working within minutes. Using it with modalizer for a very nice lightbox contact form.

Thanks to the developer for offering this and for free. If you are looking for a simple contact form that works flawlessly then look no further!
Reviews: 8
Unlike other contact forms, this doesn't take hours to configure.

It is simple but sophisticated in its functionality:

* Easy integration with Captcha;
* Painless addition of extra fields;
* Custom header and footer fields
* Customisable response page.

If only the core Joomla contact form was as good as this. In fact it has all the functionality the core module has but does it effortlessly and without having to use language and template overrides.

This is a joy to use.
Reviews: 2
If you need a simple contact form, this is the best choice you can work with.

I've applied this component on several sites and have worked very well. My favorite option is the choice to deliver what kind of subject you can set so it can be as flexible as possible to deliver certain kind of messages.

The small con y see on this extension is the limitation it has of adding 2 extra fields and not customize them for each language is implemented, thing than i have cheatd with a small trick on template override.

The componet is really easy o use but if you need to build something with more than 2 extra fields on the form you became limited on the form.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment.

The Joomla 3 version has unlimited fields and multi language support !

Reviews: 1
This extension was very easy to install and use. I was experiencing a minor glitch, and Alfred was extremely responsive, literally responded to my emails within minutes! He offered a resolution that worked in no time. I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
The contact form does exactly what I would expect. I can manage multiple contacts, get captcha and custom form.

Support, due to css problem in my template, was swift and helpfull and I lernead great deal as a novice in the joomla world.

The form is up and running, performing the tasks, I thought after looking at the demo, it should be performing.
Reviews: 1
The author's goal was to make a simple contact form that was easy to implement and customize and that's exactly what ALFContact is. I had a couple of issues with my own installation and the author and I emailed back and forth for the better part of a Saturday morning to get it resolved. Friendly, responsive service when it's needed!
Reviews: 3
100% Happy with this extension, Simple to install and setup. Can't wait for the future wish list to be completed (Module option and Attatchments).

Headers and Footer texts can be added, I use Articles Anywhere and place the tags in there. Additional fields, this has the lot. A+++++
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple to use contact form for my site recently upgarded to Joomla! 2.5 and come across this extension.

Simple to install, and even simpler to use. Had a small problem which got resolved within minutes thanks to the prompt response by the developer.
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