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ALFContact Component

ALFcontact is a small 'Contact Us' form.

The purpose of ALFcontact is to provide a contactform with enough features to make it usefull and appealing whithout making it overly complicated.
Basically the form gives you the option to send messages to different aliases based on your accesslevel and/or language (J3 Only), these aliases are defined in the administrator section, each with their own set of options.

E.g. create aliases for Sales or Billing or Webmaster, add a prefix, custom optional field(s), default subject and/or redirect as you like and you're set.
If the user isn't logged in it will show inputboxes for adding reply info, once they're logged in, details can optionally be pre-filled.

Captcha security is included with a choice between reCaptcha and

Latest J!2.5 version: ALFContact v2.0.8
Latest J!3.* version: ALFContact v3.1.8

ALFContact supports around 33 languages at the moment and the number is growing, check the website for the latest information.

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Reviews: 11
You did a great job here. I've worked with alfcontact for some time now. It great to have it for this version of Joomla.
Keep on the good work
Reviews: 2
I would like to write a few words to say thank you for the wonderful extension and exceptional technical support that I received from the owner. I installed the extension and didn't set up the options correctly, so I got unexpected redirect when the contact form was submitted. I contacted the owner, and he was very willing to help me resolve the problem. A million of thanks for the extension and the support!!!
Reviews: 1
This is a needle in the haystack. I've tried out several free contact forms and I keep coming back to this one. Easy to configure, supports multiple forms, and the developer responds to questions promptly. PLEASE NOTE - If you are having problems with "optional fields" not displaying or receiving JavaScript error messages, know that JQuery may be causing conflicts.
Reviews: 11
this is an excellent extension all is working well good job
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says. A perfect example of how an extension should be.

I had a small issue with a javascript conflict but I contacted support and Alf responded within 5 mins and told me exactly what the problem was and how to fix it.

Better than 90% of all paid extensions
Reviews: 4
I love Alf Contact and have used it on most of my sites in the past, but I ran into an issue when I used a Rocket Theme template. Alfred helped me in near-light-speed time with a reCaptcha issue I was having with my Rocket Theme template. He knew exactly how to fix the issue with Rocket Theme's CSS and replied to my email within seconds, despite a +6 hour time difference (middle of the night I'm sure). For that, he deserved a donation and a positive review here :)
Reviews: 3
This is the only contact form that I was able to find that did everything that I wanted and it works great! The author worked with me to help identify and resolve a javascript conflict.
Reviews: 9
Having spent a frustrating day trying out several contact forms (and even paying for a couple of them), I finally came across AlfContact.
It works well, and looks pretty good too. Does not have drop downs or radio buttons but it does hvae the option of having a list of people the user can contact.
Worked well on Joomla 2.5.4.
I would be happy to pay for a pro version with drop downs etc.
Reviews: 2
First let me say this is a great extension and I love it except for the validation issues. I'm sure I could have edited the extension code to fix it but that's too much trouble for a client's site. If you enter custom HTML in the header and footer fields it is automatically wrapped in paragraph tags. While normally this wouldn't be an issue I was already using them so it errored and had to be corrected. Then the horizontal rules had to be removed. I had to use with inline CSS to get everything how I wanted it again.

TL:DR - This is a great extension but be very careful to check and resolve your W3C validation errors.
Reviews: 1
I choose this contact form because of the good comments on the support from the developer and I was very pleased. I had the extension up and running in few minutes but needed some changes in the layout. After emailing to Alfred he sent me a new version adjusted to my needs, which is really kind and oustanding support. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 15
Till now I was using AIContact Safe. It was good till I updated to Joomla 1.7. But after updating to 1.7 the email in my webmail started to show weird texts.
So I uninstalled AiContactSafe and installed ALFContact. In simple words, hats off.....
Reviews: 31
This is one of my all-time favourite extensions. Why? Because it does the job in a simple yet truly effective, no-nonsense manner. I've used it in Joomla 1.5 and now in 2.5, and it is still as amazing as ever. Nothing fancy, unnecessary or buggy - just pure clean brilliance.. And it's also amazingly resistant to spam!

A huge thank you to the developers :)
Reviews: 11
I'm surprised with all these good ratings... After installation, i noticed that the custom fields are always called "empty", as title in the contact form. Next, these custom fields simply don't appear if you choose one of the special theme of Alfcontact.
Next those special fields aren't send in the email.
Next the prefixe, which is defined in the contact parameters isn't use in the email subject...
Owner's reply

Hi Walkyrie,

Sorry it doesn't meet your expectation yet, it is all due to one thing, a js conflict,ost likely due to the template in use.
Pls try v2.0.3.
Else contact me by email to sort this out.

Reviews: 2
I'll remember to anybody of you that this is a FREE extension.

I had an issue with the form on my webpage, so I mailed Alfred to have support. I expected to wait for some day, but he replied in some minutes and at the first try he's been able to solve my issue.

I currently use ALFContact on two websites, it's very easy and fast to install and even easier to use. I love it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words, highly appreciated.
As was your donation !

Reviews: 2
Easy to install and configure. Nice It just works. Nice, simple and clean.

There are good instructions (for joomla 1.5) in the form of videos, although this is almost unnecessary because of the component's simplicity.
Reviews: 8
This is a perfect contact system for your Joomla. Very simple to use and customize. Excellent work!
Reviews: 3
Simple and useful. Easy to use and integrate
Reviews: 2
I can't say a bad thing about it. This is a great little subsitute for the default contact form. Simple, configurable and functional, what more do you need?
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a contact extension with a drop down list for all the contacts. This was the best looking one I could find but I had a slight issue that we have a common user log in for our site and this extension auto filled the user name and email if they were logged in. Normally a very good addition but in our case it wasn't. I empaled Alfred and within 24 hours he emailed me a fix that worked first time. All this from a FREE EXTENSION. You don't get this service from some of the paid ones.
We need more people like you Alfred. Top Notch Sir
Owner's reply

Thanks for all the kind words!
Your question has made me realize that this feature was not suitable for all situations, so it will be optional in the next version.

Reviews: 8
How is it I never found this before? My loss for sure, as this is an easy to use, easy to configure component which saved me tons of time and effort; even thought I had a problem and wrote ON A SUNDAY and got a response really quick - turns out the issue was my oversight too! Like all ya'll I use quite a few extensions and this one is a keeper - I'm checking out Alfred's other work too, got my eye on a couple candidates, yup.

Thanks Alfred, you rock man!
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