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ALFContact Component

ALFcontact is a small 'Contact Us' form.

The purpose of ALFcontact is to provide a contactform with enough features to make it usefull and appealing whithout making it overly complicated.
Basically the form gives you the option to send messages to different aliases based on your accesslevel and/or language (J3 Only), these aliases are defined in the administrator section, each with their own set of options.

E.g. create aliases for Sales or Billing or Webmaster, add a prefix, custom optional field(s), default subject and/or redirect as you like and you're set.
If the user isn't logged in it will show inputboxes for adding reply info, once they're logged in, details can optionally be pre-filled.

Captcha security is included with a choice between reCaptcha and

Latest J!2.5 version: ALFContact v2.0.8
Latest J!3.* version: ALFContact v3.1.7

ALFContact supports around 33 languages at the moment and the number is growing, check the website for the latest information.

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Reviews: 1
I ran into an error running this extension on WAMP server 2.2a (64-bit), Alfred was quick to reply and took the time to sort my problem and even sent me an adjusted version to suit our setup. He couldn't have been more helpful. Fantastically simple extension to use, and excellent support. 5/5 Keep up the great work Alfred! -Chris M.
Reviews: 3
I’ve used ALFContact on 4 of my sites and I love it, but I just decided to start using Joomla! 1.7.3 stable (was using Joomla! 1.5.2x)and loaded up the newest ALFContact version 2.0. I had an issue that in the end turned out to be permissions related on my end. I couldn’t get rid of the “Extra:” lines and was receiving the “Need to choose a mail recipient…” error after sending an email.

Their support answered my email within 5 minutes (Alfed you’re the da man!) and helped me for over 2 hours narrow down my problem. He even accepted my back end Joomla! and FTP access invitation to help troubleshoot. I had to get on the phone with Godaddy to work out some permission issues that seemingly weren’t changing, and actually had given up temporarily (to no fault of ALFContact). I was in the process of setting up the standard contact form when Support (Alfred) contacted me again to follow up and he noted that I (not really I) had fixed the problem. There was a delay in the permissions changes I did, so I hadn’t noticed it was working.

I’m donating to ALFContact, not because anyone asked, but when do you ever get free support that’s so thorough and timely? The answer: Not very often.
Owner's reply

Thanks for those kind words!
I can't promise a response time that fast every time ;-)

Reviews: 9
Everthing very cool and nice implemented.

Support is great, and for IE8 users ;-) call Billy ;-)

The only thing is really that the build in Captcha is not really working well with templates made with Artisteer.

Otheer than that .. easy install .. evreything FREE ;-) so really an excellent tool !!

thanx !!
Reviews: 1
Nice and easy to conf.
Reviews: 8
Tried different contact forms. This one is easy to use, has captcha, can set different contacts in a pull down menu, can add 1 optional field, all setup within 3-4 minutes.

Cant use it on multilingual sites though. My first choice for a 'contact us' in most of my sites when a complex contact form is not required.
Reviews: 2
a great work..easy to install and work with but the captcha image doesn't seem to appear at my end although installed the bigocaptcha plugin but can't figure out why is it happening.
Found this issue reported by several users in the reviews but not found any sufficient answer to it. Developer Team please look into it.
Owner's reply

Pls contact me by email to resolve this issue

Reviews: 3
It exactly what I needed.
I was trying to use my module positions with a custom HTML function to display other information on the contact page.

With ALFContact, I easily just pasted the HTML code in header and footer with ease. I even used some custom CSS entries and it parsed them. How awesome is that?

Keep up the good work!!!

My 2 Cents for Changes:
- I would have ability to change the field labels.
EX: Change "From:" to "Your Name:".

Not complaining but everything needs constructive criticism!
Reviews: 2
I've used this component on multiple sites, and it always works fine ! The reCAPTCHA integration works perfect. Nice, simple, clean, fast and secure. Thanks !
Reviews: 2
I'm still giving 5 stars, since it's possible (even likely) that my inability to override the output is due to my own lack of understanding. The component doesn't seem to comply with the standard MVC arrangement of other core components. That said, the alfcontact.html.php is easy enough to tweak to suit my needs. I just prefer overriding in the template.

That aside, it's a great extension that just works.
Owner's reply

The new Joomla!1.6 version will be fully MVC, however it isn't finished just yet.
Templating is high on the todo-list.
Thanks for the 5 stars despite the fact these things are lacking for the moment.

Reviews: 1
This is a great way to add a simple contact form to a Joomla site, the configuration is very simple.

This component does exactly what the developer states in the description, a component that delivers what it promises. *thumbs up*
Reviews: 12
As extensions go I like it. It was simple to install and make work, including the captcha api, etc.

For what I need it wasn't quite enough, even though I could create multiple contacts. Besides the contacts it wasn't very customisable.

Regardless what I need though this component provided a simple effect secure contact form, and when I require a simple secure contact form down the road for another project I'm sure I'll use this one.
Reviews: 3
Works great! Quick, easy setup.

I installed with bigo captcha plugin since recaptcha is almost illegible.

Only issue is when an incorrect captcha is entered the data for the subject line is lost. All other fields including message body remain populated which is nice.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this component. It's what I looked for my website. I gonna translate it in french.
Reviews: 3
Used ALFConta an excellent Component; easy to install, simple to use and does exactly what it says on the box :)

Well Done. Thanks very much and God Bless.

The Alpha
Reviews: 2
This extension do exactly what it tells, it creates a simple Contact-Us form that have the most important forwarding options.

Simple. Nice. Adjustable... I don't need anything more.

Thanks guys, keep it up ;)
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension. It's easy to install, easy to use, does exactly what i need. Love it.
Thank you for the good work.
Reviews: 11
This is an excellent extension. Fast, simple, works great... It may replace my other favourite contact solution "AIContactSafe" after I start styling it.
Reviews: 4
A fine contact extension! Thanks
Does the job hassle free and was particularly pleased to find html content can be added above and below the form. Also appreciated the optional extra field for different contacts
Reviews: 3
Great extension...Easy to install, easy to use...I love it.
Merci Beaucoup à Alfred Vink
Reviews: 2
I tried a lot of contact extensions, but some are to complex and some are to simple but neither one is like Alf Contact.

Alf Contact is just wright and it has also a beautiful design.

For one year I have used this component on all my clients websites.

Thanks dude, you are the king of Contacts Form for Joomla.
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