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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
2.0.21 is a security update. Please update your site as soon as possible.

An AJAX driven Joomla! 1.5.x component to place a contact form anywhere on your web page with any number of custom fields of different types, including attachments.

In the component pack you also get:
- mod_aiContactSafe : a modul to display the contact form in any position of your template
- plg_aiContactSafeForm : a plugin to place the contact form in an article.
- plg_aiContactSafeLink a plugin to place a link to the contact form in an article.
You can install and/or upgrade any of them from the Control Panel of aiContactSafe and see more information about all of them in the articles of

Some of the features of aiContactSafe are :
- CAPTCHA with the possibility to specify code words for each language or random strings, easily integrated in your design by settings the colors and background color to use
- profiles ( multiple forms with different custom fields )
- unlimited custom fields of different types ( Textbox, Checkbox, Checkbox list, Combobox, Radio list, Editbox, Date, Email, Email list, Hidden, Separator, Joomla contact, File )
- add a prefix or suffix to the field
- redirect to specified page when the message is successfully sent
- any number of attachments working with or without AJAX
- SEF support through ARTIO JoomSEF or sh404SEF, or you can use the Joomla's native SEF
- multilingual support ( language files & Joom!Fish )
- language files for English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian (Cyrillic), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian ( some not completed )
- specify contact information with a WYSIWYG editor
- detailed instructions for each administration page in English ( and some of the translation mentioned above )
- block users by IP
- block messages that contain words from a list you can define
- automatically ban IP that sends messages with blocked words in a specified period of time
- record the messages in the database with the IP from which they've been sent ( can be disabled from Control Panel )
- extended configuration capabilities
- MVC architecture
- email templates
- order the fields for each profile

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Reviews: 1
Great Extension, Easy to use, It's very easy to use and to configure.
Thank you.
Reviews: 9
I've used this extension on many sites and am always really happy with performance.

This is more than a contact form because it has many advanced features that allow it to create all sorts of forms to capture many different types of information. I especially appreciate the way messages are saved and stored in the database, this feature has saved my bacon a few times!

I recently needed to do something out of the ordinary and was very impressed with the service offered by the developer, Alex. It was then that it dawned on me why Alex asks people to register (with no payment required!) to use his extension, it made the enquiry painless. His service was very prompt, enormously helpful and very friendly.

Makes me feel so grateful to be a part of the Joomla community!
Reviews: 1
I love this component. It's so easy and effective. I just need couple of goodies from it though:

1. How do I receive the mail from the forms on site to multiple mail id's.

2. Is there any way by which we can use this form carrying values from "Book It" button that can fill one field on click.

Owner's reply

I hope your rating was not based on those two questions because you could had found the answer to them very easy if you had searched our forum or at least if you had posted them in it.

1 - Just add one Hidden Email field and define in it the additional emails addresses.
2 - You can use the plugin aiContactSafeLink to do that.

Reviews: 13
I wanted a captcha, ip address identification and banning, and a flexible layout. aiContactSafe gave me all that plus some functions I hadn't considered. There's a lot here, so take some time to look it over, read the explanations, consider the layout options. You'll be glad you invested the time.

As for support, Alex gets 6 stars. I ran into a problem when I got started, and I was a little cranky. Alex was patient, funny, and very helpful. He got us back on the right track and it was a very supportive interaction.

Great job!! Excellent, well planned extension.
Reviews: 9
aiContactSafe is a very feature rich product that does everything it says. It is by far the best Contact product I have found in Joomla!. It has a very clean and uncluttered look and can be easily tailored, if required, using the rich parameter set and css.

I had cause to contact support and the response was back within 30 minutes - it was my fault but it was reassuring that help was promptly there is needed. I thoroughly recommend this product.
Reviews: 6
if there is not this little bug of captcha in the newest version (2.0.15) (which is solved in the suport forum) it is simply an excelent extension ...
Thanks much!
Reviews: 12
Possible one of the best extensions that Joomla has available! Not only a fantastic free product that does all it says and more. It is very simple to install and the developer offer amazingly quick support. If you want a Contact Form that is easy to change and adapt to fit your own website the do not bother with any others, select AIContactSafe. It is simply the best!!
Reviews: 5
Great Extension: Clear Interfase, very well implemented, full of features and excellent support.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for wonderful contact form!
I'm not only use it for contact page, but embed in rokbox to create popup windoe on other pages.
Love it!
Thank you Alex!
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, although it has great level of customization.
Perfect integration with joomla!
Bug free.
Congrats to the developer!
Reviews: 3
This is in my opinion one of the best contact components for varied use in professional sites. Alex answers to questions immediately.I highly, highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 7
Great extension! Thank you very much to the developers. Hope the possibility to add dynamic combobox fields will appear in the next version as Alex Dobrin mentioned on their forum. Thanks again guys!
Reviews: 1
Aicontactsafe fulfilled all my needs on a large corporate clients site. The team over at Algis info group were also extremely helpful going beyond what most support teams would do! I highly recommend this extention!
Reviews: 3
it installed easily and i managed to do what i wanted. unfortunately an address, website amd an image appear where my form is at.... and i didnt fidure out how to remove it. is there a way to do that?
Owner's reply

Of course you can change the contact information. Just click "Edit contact" in the profile.

Reviews: 1
This extension is fantastic! It's VERY easy to use and easy to configure. If you know CSS, it's highly customizable. If you don't know CSS, it works right out of the box! The absolute best part of this extension is the first class support! The forum provided on their website is a cut above the rest. Answers to questions are posted almost immediately. Try this extension! You won't be disappointed!!
Reviews: 1
Easy to understand, many ways to add (plugin, module, menu...), really customisable.
Great job.
Reviews: 7
If you are looking for a component that is really easy to handle,and works right away than take this one... It is offering a lot of options, even it doesn´t look like. Lots of the possibilities are hidden, it takes a bit of time to figure them out. I like very much the way it is prepared...The fields where there are suppose to be. To cut a long story short... Even you are looking for something special, it´s possible. It takes you off the boring work of creating a structure etc etc.
The forum offers brilliant support...
Reviews: 7
Very easy to use. I needed some help w/algning the check boxes to their labels. 5 minutes after I posted the question on the developer's site, he replied w/the solution.

I plan to donate in a week or so.
Reviews: 3
I have tried a few contact forms before and this is the best, able to do many custom labels, it is what I'm looking for.
Tho I have some issues of setting up at the initial stage, but there are lots of information in the forum, which able to solve my problem without contacting support. Two thumbsup for Alex!
Reviews: 2
Wow! Setup was incredibly quick, and worked with with my Gantry based template without any problems. I wish all extensions were this easy!
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