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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
2.0.21 is a security update. Please update your site as soon as possible.

An AJAX driven Joomla! 1.5.x component to place a contact form anywhere on your web page with any number of custom fields of different types, including attachments.

In the component pack you also get:
- mod_aiContactSafe : a modul to display the contact form in any position of your template
- plg_aiContactSafeForm : a plugin to place the contact form in an article.
- plg_aiContactSafeLink a plugin to place a link to the contact form in an article.
You can install and/or upgrade any of them from the Control Panel of aiContactSafe and see more information about all of them in the articles of

Some of the features of aiContactSafe are :
- CAPTCHA with the possibility to specify code words for each language or random strings, easily integrated in your design by settings the colors and background color to use
- profiles ( multiple forms with different custom fields )
- unlimited custom fields of different types ( Textbox, Checkbox, Checkbox list, Combobox, Radio list, Editbox, Date, Email, Email list, Hidden, Separator, Joomla contact, File )
- add a prefix or suffix to the field
- redirect to specified page when the message is successfully sent
- any number of attachments working with or without AJAX
- SEF support through ARTIO JoomSEF or sh404SEF, or you can use the Joomla's native SEF
- multilingual support ( language files & Joom!Fish )
- language files for English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian (Cyrillic), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian ( some not completed )
- specify contact information with a WYSIWYG editor
- detailed instructions for each administration page in English ( and some of the translation mentioned above )
- block users by IP
- block messages that contain words from a list you can define
- automatically ban IP that sends messages with blocked words in a specified period of time
- record the messages in the database with the IP from which they've been sent ( can be disabled from Control Panel )
- extended configuration capabilities
- MVC architecture
- email templates
- order the fields for each profile

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Reviews: 4
I am running 2.0.12 version and I really love it. Tested few non-commercial forms by now, but I can say I prefer this one the most and will use it from now on. Big thanks to developer and keep up with the good work ;)

Captcha feature works perfectly, you can even change the color of it into whichever you want!
Reviews: 4
First of all, it's great value for the money (free). Second of all, the developer is very responsive. Thirdly, this extension covers the basics of what you would expect from a contact form. My only gripe is that it is not so simple to control the layout of the fields. There are basic configurations that are easy, but you have to modify CSS code to position everything as you like if you're picky like me, and that is difficult to figure out for a CSS beginner. I wish this extension had a WYSIWYG editor for designing the form layout, then I'd give it 20 stars.
Reviews: 2
I love this extension, gives me all the power in my hands to configure the forms whichever way I want it!

I am satisfied and there is nothing else I need for setting up Contact forms on all my websites for my clients! :D
Reviews: 6
I am currently using aicontactsafe, one of the best and easiest product to install and configure. The support given by the developer is excellent and other developer should learn from him.

Very good work and keep up this excellent standard.
Reviews: 5
I spent hours reading, searching and trying modules to find one that I could use in my articles. Aicontactsafe did it with no problems. Realize before you try it that it is very powerful, therefore there is a learning curve. If you are looking to put contact forms within your article, make sure the plugin is activated and follow the one paragraph instructions!
I recommend this to anyone for any contact form requirement. My hats off to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I've used this extension on several sites over several versions of both Joomla! and aiContactSafe. All have worked correctly right out of the box. Easy to install and configure. Great features and FREE! You can use the form features for contact info collection, or even for other purposes using the custom fields, which is what makes it a fairly powerful tool. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use..Well done
Reviews: 2
We are using aiContactSafev.2.0.11.stable on our server to raise and answer questions about our product.
It works very well and offers exactly what we need at this time of the process.
Thanks algis!
Reviews: 5
The component looks complete, it allows to do almost everything (not to say everything) that you may need from a contact form.
The author is supportive on his website.
As the component (and addons) is very complex it needs some time to get used to it (at least for a newbie like me), but the learning curve is not so long.
One only minor issue is the translation in Italian, which is not complete and not really accurate, but that's really not important as the product is 100% and well done. :o)
I can help improving the translation if the author needs it.
Great work!
Reviews: 1
At be begining is maybe a little confusing to use, but when u get used to it, you will love it.

It works very, very, well and it's very practical.

It's free to use, and has also free, quality and very fast support.

What else can you ask?

Thank you for this component.
Reviews: 3
Excellent extension. Had no problem to register on their website. Exactly what I was looking for and even more. Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
No idea how or if the ext. works it requires a login and the registration form on their site is disfunctional. If they can't figure out how to get theit own registration form to work I have 0 confidence in their forms product. Dont waste your time trying.
Owner's reply

So you find the way to register here but couldn't register on although it is the exact same process ( Joomla's default registration procedure ) ?
And you say the problem is on my site ?
The fact that there are at this moment more then 23400 registered users on the forum is saying otherwise.

Reviews: 15
Just upload this extension and use it. Its really easy.
I searched for documentation but you really do not need documentation for a simple, safe and nice contactform.
Translation in Dutch was not complete but with help by forum I solved it.

Excellent work. Thank you
Reviews: 1
This extensions is just wow, I was able using it to set up a lead capturing system, and the support on the forum is even better than what u get for some paid extensions.

Thanks a lot Alex for your great work
Reviews: 1
Installed fine, good layout. For a while I had some trouble understanding just how to use it and nearly de-installed. Once I figured that out it was easy and versatile. I'm thinking there is still more flexibility to be discovered, but not sure where.
One example: I had to go through the forums to discover why my copy/pasting of the insert-code caused problems.
Suggest that a new help process for the start-up process be laid out; follow someone not familiar with the system, use their struggle. It's worth it, this is a good product, it just needs a more thorough attempt at beginner instruction.
Reviews: 1
This is a very helpful extension and I would recommend it to anyone.

I have to say the support/help for this extension couldn't be better. I was fortunate enough to have Alex help me with ContactSafe after a move to a new server. He went the extra mile to answer questions and resolve the issues I was having.

Two thumbs up for this extension and the support.
Reviews: 7
I had a site with 16 separate contact points and needed forms customized for each of them. This was a great solution!!

What's more, when I had a question about implementation or installation, tech support replied within an hour! No kidding!! Excellent product and support. Not something you always find. Glad I did.

Great job guys!!
Reviews: 1
After testing so many extension i found this greet extension it is really amazing Great job!!!
Reviews: 1
Love this extensions. Easy to use and style. Clients like how it works and looks on their sites as well.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, with an extensive and complete feature set. We will recommend it to anybody who is looking for this type of extension.
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