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2.0.21 is a security update. Please update your site as soon as possible.

An AJAX driven Joomla! 1.5.x component to place a contact form anywhere on your web page with any number of custom fields of different types, including attachments.

In the component pack you also get:
- mod_aiContactSafe : a modul to display the contact form in any position of your template
- plg_aiContactSafeForm : a plugin to place the contact form in an article.
- plg_aiContactSafeLink a plugin to place a link to the contact form in an article.
You can install and/or upgrade any of them from the Control Panel of aiContactSafe and see more information about all of them in the articles of

Some of the features of aiContactSafe are :
- CAPTCHA with the possibility to specify code words for each language or random strings, easily integrated in your design by settings the colors and background color to use
- profiles ( multiple forms with different custom fields )
- unlimited custom fields of different types ( Textbox, Checkbox, Checkbox list, Combobox, Radio list, Editbox, Date, Email, Email list, Hidden, Separator, Joomla contact, File )
- add a prefix or suffix to the field
- redirect to specified page when the message is successfully sent
- any number of attachments working with or without AJAX
- SEF support through ARTIO JoomSEF or sh404SEF, or you can use the Joomla's native SEF
- multilingual support ( language files & Joom!Fish )
- language files for English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian (Cyrillic), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian ( some not completed )
- specify contact information with a WYSIWYG editor
- detailed instructions for each administration page in English ( and some of the translation mentioned above )
- block users by IP
- block messages that contain words from a list you can define
- automatically ban IP that sends messages with blocked words in a specified period of time
- record the messages in the database with the IP from which they've been sent ( can be disabled from Control Panel )
- extended configuration capabilities
- MVC architecture
- email templates
- order the fields for each profile

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Reviews: 2
I just installed it and in a few minutes my first form was already working perfectly on my site.

It is also very well documented and supported.
Reviews: 5
I have used this in a couple of my websites with absolutely no problems.
Then I installed it on another website and the captcha did not work at all. Later I found out that it was due to a javascript issue. I found out the template that it worked with and made the component to use this new javascript library which worked fine.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for creating an easy to use contact form. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 9
Really good component.

Works great out of the box. Easy to configure and use.

Since it is already so good compare to others (paid and free ones), i will only make little/unimportant comment.

In the admin interface, i would simply use the default Joomla! icons for: new, publish, delete etc. So it looks the same. Makes it visually easier as any heavy Joomla! admin knows these icons.

The text area where you can enter your css or html template should be wider and taller.

it's just for user friendliness. That's all i have to say cause the rest is simply working fine!
Reviews: 1
easy to install and configure. works perfectly.
Thank you!
Reviews: 2
This has to be one of the best extensions around. It has done pretty much everything I wanted of it, and some minor glitches caused by my template were sorted out by Alex within hours. This level of service is much appreciated.

The extension has been well thought out and very well put together. Full marks!
Reviews: 2
Everything I need is on this component. Very good. I would recommend this to my friends.

However, I don't know what's wrong with the one I installed. Whenever I go to profile, edit one profile and click save or apply, it logs out. Is there anything that needs to be configured?

Thanks again and more power.
Reviews: 3
I tested it extensively and aproved. I'm using now in my site with 5 different profiles. Had a problem with captcha that was quickly solved changing some configuration when I talked to Alex in his forum.
I had problems using it with cache enabled (both types of cache) but it's clear to me that it's a problem due to Joomla's framework instead of aicontactsafe. I solved it uncaching Joomla and improving client side caching (try mod_expires instructions inside .htaccess).
It's very important to be sure you are using the latest version.
Reviews: 1
I installed this awhile back and have had zero problems. I only wish they had a forms component as simple and effective as this contact com.
Reviews: 9
This is one of the best thought out Components I have come across. Intuitive and easy for the novice, with good help prompts. Truly the best!
Reviews: 3
Incredible, this extension. So versatile, and yet - for free. Don't look any further; this is it.
Reviews: 7
It is very easy to integrate it in the every place you want. Because Ajax eliminates conflicts in my websites I choose this as a must in my Joomla everyportal KIT.
Reviews: 10
great component. lots of options. good documentation. instant support in the forum. If you are still using it, get rid of the legacy cb contact component and trade up to ai contact safe
Reviews: 1
Is it possible to integrate this amazing component with my login system (in particular the CB, but the matter is the principle). I would like to automatically fill in the fields user and email for example? Hope you have a solution to this issue, but even if it is not possible would not have refused to use it!
Reviews: 4
It's a bit of getting used to how it works (making a list of fields first, then make profiles in which you choose what fields you want to use and in what order), but it works great.

The only option that I'm really missing, is to send an email to its destination AND a different email to the one who submitted it. There's a workaround that, though, by just adding a "hidden email" field to make sure all the email addresses get the email with the form results, but it means that sender and destination will both get the same email.

Another small bug I have noticed: when in a contact "profile", you want to change the order of the fields, the ordering system suddenly disappears. This appears to be a problem specifically related to IE browsers, because when I try in Chrome it's not an issue. Usually, webmasters have more than one browser installed anyway to properly test their site, so if you just use another browser for that (who needs IE anyway? lol) then it won't be a problem.

All in all, I certainly recommend this extension and I'm glad to have found it!
Reviews: 4
I use this one for all the sites I make. It's very easy to install and configure. The css is also easy to adept to your whishes.
Reviews: 1
just one word: EXCELLENT!!!!!
Reviews: 1
Perhaps this is because I'm new to joomla, but ... I was trying a lot of "contact-form" plugins, even those commercial and NO ONE of them filled my expectations. Most of them simply not worked (probably because I was too stupid to make them work), and the rest was too complicated or too simplified.
aiContactSafe is a real diamond. It has ALL functions I need, provided in very straight way. I didn't have any troubles to configure the thing, cause each option was precisely and clearly described. I was able to create a huge submit form with mp3 and avi attach with thx-page, fill and send it to myself ... in no more than one hour after installing.
The program works splendid. I'm so impressed, that I'm going to try at once more things by the author of aiContactSafe.
Thanks & Respect
Reviews: 1
10 minutes from download to having a good contact form on the site.

I like that it keeps track of the messages in the back end.

Nice work.
Reviews: 1
I tried quite a few other forms before this one, none displayed as nicely on the page and this was the only one that didn't require a promotional footer. It was really pretty easy to set up, you can add custom fields, and do a lot of customization really easily. Really happy with it, thanks!
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