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Rapid Contact. Lightweight, fast and easy, configuring a contact form, was never a pleasure before.

Rapid Contact is a FREE module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0.
It is a very simple contact form, for providing your clients a REALLY FAST contact support!

You have three fields: Email, Subject and Message. User submits data, you get a mail in no time.

Two simple steps.
1) Install,
2) change mail recipient and it works!

Additional Options:
* Anti-spam question-answer!
* Thank you page Redirect
* Custom Text

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or by contacting me in my site ...

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Reviews: 2
with the new (sucky) joomla contact, this was a life-saver!!! many thanks!
Reviews: 1
A very nice and very configurable extension and the best of all it's free. A nice feature would be to have some antispam questions.... Thnx to the developer.
Reviews: 5
With the swish of your magic wand, you gave me a very simple, clean and working contact form that I could publish easily at the bottom of all pages. Great mod. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
Note: 100% free of magic, only PHP and HTML :)

Reviews: 13
Great module. Simple with nice options.

I Just had to modify a little the php to add an anchor; so it centers on the module on submit for "error" and "thank you" messages focus. (no need for ajax this way).

Thanks much
Reviews: 1
Very nice module. Simple and fast, and supports Latvian language. Tnx
Reviews: 1
Very nice module, instalint and configure for 2 minutes! But, really doing this module on Ajax? Very need this function!
Reviews: 2
Super easy install & configure! Very nice job, developer! Keep on coming! Simple extensions make life easier!
Reviews: 5
Ease of Installation, Simplicity Personified, Perfect Customer Service, Works Great!
Reviews: 4
Easy to install and did exactly what it was supposed to to. Really pleased. Thank You.
Reviews: 4
Great extension, worked right away and was easy to configure.

The only thing I wish is that it had, along with the existing "subject", "email" and "message" field, a field for "name" so that you know the name of the persons that is contacting you.

Otherwise, great job!
Reviews: 2
This is a great contact module - very quick and easy to install, very easy to customise and it works a treat.

Thank you very much :-)
Reviews: 6
I had been testing a dozen of other modules, but nothing really worked. I also needed something simple and easy incl. Anti-Spam function.
So this module is perfect. And it is the one and only which I was able to set on a specific module position w/o any problems and further customization.
Thanks a lot. For a future version , if you have time, you may consider to add a checkbox with a text "Send a copy of this mail to myself".
Reviews: 2
Have been looking for an easy extension that worked the first time. This one did. A big thank you
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this highly customizable module. I was able, thanks to that, to have the field names displayed in Hungarian. Many of the other similar modules, do not give any possibility for language customization.
Reviews: 1
A very good, simple, module. Easy to intall. I have it working in about 10 minutes. I appreciate that it has the captcha included to help stop spamming at our website contact form.
Reviews: 21
but if you enter the wrong anti-spam answer and press send, you lose everything you have entered in the other fields. Not good if you have just written 5 sentences in the message area.
Owner's reply


You're either using some other version - not downloaded from, or you have some other issue.
You can try it at my site to see that it does keep the field values.

Too bad you didn't ask me first.

Thanks for the review anyway.

Reviews: 2
This is really easy to use and once it is installed, it is up and running in minutes. It can be set up as a "normal" contact form within an article using the {loadmodule modulepositionname) option and it works without any mail settings issues. Just fantastically simple! Thanks for creating it!
Reviews: 3
It works perfectly even using browsers without Javascript support.
This is an important achievement, because about 15% of my visitors have no javascript support.
Reviews: 1
Very satisfied! up and running in les than 5 minutes on joomla 1.6.3
Reviews: 1
Works as advertised, but description says it offers a thank you page URL redirect, but not in 1.6 apparently.
Owner's reply

Yes it does, it's the Fixed URL parameter.

You could have sent me an email and I would have told you, before reviewing.

Thank you.

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