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Rapid Contact. Lightweight, fast and easy, configuring a contact form, was never a pleasure before.

Rapid Contact is a FREE module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0.
It is a very simple contact form, for providing your clients a REALLY FAST contact support!

You have three fields: Email, Subject and Message. User submits data, you get a mail in no time.

Two simple steps.
1) Install,
2) change mail recipient and it works!

Additional Options:
* Anti-spam question-answer!
* Thank you page Redirect
* Custom Text

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or by contacting me in my site ...

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Reviews: 3
This could have been an excellent addition to my site and almost exactly what I needed... but one thing bugged me. Once the message was sent, a nice (customisable) message appears in the module and replaces the form itself. This effectively prevents the form from being used more than once in a session on that page. I want it to be able to be used multiple times so users can submit review ideas based on the page content... but right now I can't do that without having to navigate away and back again each time I want to submit a message.
Also... I think it would be VERY cool to have the option to allow the form to auto-populate the email address field for registered users based on their login credentials.
Good module though... just not quite 100% there for me - yet :-)
Owner's reply


Thank you for the review.

You could have contacted me to learn that there is a custom version that shows the form again, after submitting a question.
Moreover, it is quite unusual for a user -not a tester- to submit the form twice on a row.
Why would he do that, other than spamming?

The feature for the auto email is a nice idea.
Thanks for that.

If you'd like to contact me and get these two features, please do not hesitate to do so at

Reviews: 1
Thanks for making this so simple. A lot of other producers of these sorts of things seem not to realise that, when a contact module is concerned, simplicity is the key.

The only thing that stops me from giving it 5 out of 5 is that I had such a difficult time styling it! I actually gave up and styles everything else around it as best I could.

Thanks again
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.

Rapid Contact inherits the template's css for inputbox, button and textarea.
It also accepts custom module class suffix.

You could have contacted me about styling the form, as many others do, and you could have also visited the forum section of where there are many SOLVED questions for Rapid Contact styling.

Thanks again.

Reviews: 6
Straightforward to install and set up, within 5 minutes of download I'd tested and received the email.

Tried the recaptcha version afterwards but couldn't get it to work so ditched it in favour of the official release. As this is an independent creation it would be nice if the two developers could work together and make it official for us (please).

Great extension - thanks!
Reviews: 5
I have used this module for some time now without issue. But recently when setting up a website for a client I ran into an issue and Christopher responded to my email very quickly and worked with me on the problem until the problem was resolved. I highly recommend this module due to its ease of use and outstanding support!

Reviews: 1
The whole thing is easy to install, has internal fields for direct translation and even allows for an anti spam question.

Any questions placed were answered quickly and in a very helpful manner. Great product and great programmers.
I fully recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Very easy to install and configure as long as you have the host's smtp configuration.
Very good support, I had an instant answer to my mail to the developer.

Thans Christopher!
Reviews: 1
Works perfectly on a church website I administer. I use it for two different distribution lists submission pages.

Would rate it 5 stars if you could require it to send using the logged in e-mail address only. Better security/tracking option, for my particular use anyway.

Reviews: 3
This is in my Joomla! Essentials folder. I probably have it on 20 sites with no problems. Thanks!!!
Reviews: 4
Its so simple and easy to use, the only thing I would apreciate is the use of captcha on it.

Thanks and congrats!
Owner's reply

Thanks for reviewing.

There is a version with ReCaptcha, added by a user. You can contact me at if you wish to get it.

Reviews: 1
Easy to install, simple to use and it works just as it says. If you need a simple contact form, without any bells & whistles which would add complexity in the setup, this is for you.
Thanks Christopher for this nice contact form!
Reviews: 14
I was looking for a contact form to insert into a project when I came across this component. It is rapid by name and rapid by nature :) Website support is great with forums and samples. I had a question for the site and so sent an email which was answered within a day, this alone was amazing.
Reviews: 3
Easy to use.
Great support.
Do exactly what it says.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to developer Christopher!
Reviews: 10
All i can say the module is awesome without all the unnecessary fuss. Support is great. Highly recommended A++++
Reviews: 3
Superb extension. Easy, simple an working!
I just neeed more options for customize look of the form (specially vertical sizes of fields and their order).
Great job!
Reviews: 2
This is great. No problems,Its super small, and works. What more could you ask for. Big thumbs up to you developer!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what i need for, simple and useful. Hassle free.

Thanks for the developer
Reviews: 2
Nice module, fast and simple.
Thanks a lot, Christopher!
Reviews: 1
Very nice plugin! I was looking for a simple plugin to replace standard Joomla contact form as it was not working. This plugin does exactly what it says and is very easy to configure. Also with Modules Anywhere plugin you can include Rapid Contact anywehere you want.
Few tips for developers:
a) Let users change anti spam error message in settings.
b) Let user create several anti spam questions that would rotate randomly.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.

Only one developer here - me. My name's Christopher.

Thank you for your tips.
Keep coming back to see when those get implemented.

Thanks again!

Reviews: 1
I was having problems with the standard Joomla core contact form. Something I did not have time or the patience to figure out. Using rapid contact got me up and running in minutes. It is also nice to be able to have an anti spam feature - something the core contact doesn't offer. Thanks for this nifty module!
Reviews: 5
Thank you for this module. It works fine.
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