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Flexi Contact Popular Component

FlexiContact is a simple but flexible contact form. It is very quick and easy to setup, but has lots of options.

* Responsive CSS-based layout (or the original table-based layout).
* Configurable page header, top text, and bottom text.
* Up to five additional user-defined text fields.
* User-defined list field.
* Main message field is re-sizeable.
* All fields can be optional, mandatory, or not shown.
* Optional simple captcha system. We don't want to discourage potential customers, so we use a simple picture based system, "Please click on the cat/dog/etc". You can easily add your own pictures to the image library.
* Optional "magic word" system. The user must find and enter the correct magic word to send a message. You can make the magic word easy to find, or difficult.
* Optional auto-fill of email address and name or username for logged in users.
* Optionally logs all contacts. The log is viewable in the back end and includes the browser type and IP address of the sender.
* Multi-language with many languages. The user guide explains how to add your own language.
* Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content and format.
* Built-in editor to easily edit the front-end CSS styles.
* Option to not show "Email a copy of this message to your own address"
* Option to require agreement of a statement and/or linked article before the send button is enabled.
* Option to send emails as HTML or plain text.
* Option to redirect to a link after sending a message.

In case you need help there is also a full pdf user guide.

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Reviews: 1
I used Flexi Contact on a number of simple sites I made for my friends free. As I judged their users as ones who would be discouraged by complicated captha systems, I choose this form. I am satisfied with the performance of the free version for these sites. For higher-level sites I will use the Plus version, or at least the extra image packs.
Reviews: 1
As a novice I have found this extension really really easy to use. The pdf instructions are very straightforward and clear. The extension itself is very adaptable and I am extremely pleased with the result. I would like to thank Les Arbres Design as it is these types of extensions that give start up websites a chance of success, benefiting everyone as success leads to upgrades! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I needed a simple contact form for my site(s). I found Flexicontact and installed it. Installation and set up was very easy. I ran into a strange problem with the translation, and asked for help. The speed and quality of the help I got from them was extraordinary! It turned out to be a simple thing to fix in the component's configuration. (Changing the message for the confirmation page into your desired language.) Thank you for the great help and component!
Reviews: 1
For me turned out to be the ideal solution: easy, fast and simple.
Very convenient design settings via css and much more.
Reviews: 10
When i used this component with joomla 1.5, i have possibility to make a combox field. But i think that is not allowed now of 2.5.
Anyway, it's a good job
Owner's reply

As we added more and more features to FlexiContact, the support workload increased, but donations didn't, and eventually it became clear to us that we had reached or exceeded the complexity limit for a free extension. The feature requests kept coming in, and eventually we launched the paid version, FlexiContactPlus, which includes all the advanced features that unfortunately can't be included in the free version. At the same time, we did, it's true, remove a couple of features from the free version that were responsible for the most support emails. We didn't do that to push you to buy the paid version, we did it to make the free version sustainable over the long term. One of the features that was removed in FlexiContact version 5.10 was the select list, and this is documented in the version history on our website.

Please consider carefully whether such a poor rating as this is really necessary as this is really very demoralising for us. A curious effect of the averaging system is that we now need 55 more 5-star reviews to recover the overall rating that we had before this review.

Reviews: 1
This is one of the best contact extension out there. So easy to configure. God bless the developers.
Reviews: 7
Great form includes a very nice antispam

Thank you very much, keep up the great work!!
Reviews: 4
I've used a lot of extensions some good, some bad, some very bad. Glad to say this is a good one. Simple to use - I had 2 forms within my articles very easily. When I came across a very minor issue support fixed it and uploaded a new version for everyone else within 30mins.

Very impressive :)
Reviews: 1
Nice and simple. Quick and easy.
Muchos gracias Les Abres!
Reviews: 2
I have tried several contact forms for Joomla 3.0 and this by far was easy to install, configure and work. I honestly have never posted before on a module/component but I wanted to take the time and say kudos for the work put into and making it free. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I use it on Joomla 2.5 and I'm quite satisfied.

Pro :
- Easy to use,
- Interesting anti spam system (images).
- Free
- Good user manual

Cons :
- I had to redefine the french translations, because it was really of a poor quality.
Owner's reply

We rely on the Joomla user community to contribute language translations and we maintain them as best we can for the benefit of our international users. If you notice an error in a language file, the correct response is to send us a corrected file, not to criticise the extension in a review!!!

Reviews: 1
This contact form just works,I like - easy to install and setup!
Thank you developer!!
Reviews: 1
Installed with no problems but there was an issue with not showing the captcha images. With help from Chris (he responded late at night within a couple of hours) the problem was shown to be related to the cache settings on my Joomla system. Setting to No Cache and cache handler setting to "cache_lite" and everything works fine. Very useful extension and good support too.
Reviews: 1
Very good contact form for a FREE one!
Needs a little tweaking to get it just the way you need but it's not difficult and looks great.
Thanks guys.
Reviews: 3
This is a very good contact form. The visual interface allows to setup the form easily. The support is quick and helpful.
Reviews: 7
Love it, easy to configures and works great!!
Reviews: 1
I'm a web developer and frequently need to set up contact forms on websites. Many of my clients detest regular captchas, and against my advice, would ask to "just leave that off" their web forms.
This extension solves that issue. With its 'choose a picture' and/or 'secret word' captcha system, eyeballs can now be saved. And my clients don't have to choose between spam or inflicting pain on customers.
Thanks for this!
Reviews: 2
This is excellent, easy set up no hassle, quick and simple and the best part its free! Kudos to the developer
Reviews: 4
Excellent extension, and free too. Was up and running very quickly; easy to customise even in free version. Recommended.
Reviews: 8
incredibly fast dl and installation, works like charm.
configuration is easy - especially with the well done documentation.
managed to solve all the issues i had with other modules...

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