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Flexi Contact Popular Component

FlexiContact is a simple but flexible contact form. It is very quick and easy to setup, but has lots of options.

* Responsive CSS-based layout (or the original table-based layout).
* Configurable page header, top text, and bottom text.
* Up to five additional user-defined text fields.
* User-defined list field.
* Main message field is re-sizeable.
* All fields can be optional, mandatory, or not shown.
* Optional simple captcha system. We don't want to discourage potential customers, so we use a simple picture based system, "Please click on the cat/dog/etc". You can easily add your own pictures to the image library.
* Optional "magic word" system. The user must find and enter the correct magic word to send a message. You can make the magic word easy to find, or difficult.
* Optional auto-fill of email address and name or username for logged in users.
* Optionally logs all contacts. The log is viewable in the back end and includes the browser type and IP address of the sender.
* Multi-language with many languages. The user guide explains how to add your own language.
* Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content and format.
* Built-in editor to easily edit the front-end CSS styles.
* Option to not show "Email a copy of this message to your own address"
* Option to require agreement of a statement and/or linked article before the send button is enabled.
* Option to send emails as HTML or plain text.
* Option to redirect to a link after sending a message.

In case you need help there is also a full pdf user guide.

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Reviews: 8
incredibly fast dl and installation, works like charm.
configuration is easy - especially with the well done documentation.
managed to solve all the issues i had with other modules...

Reviews: 10
Interface is a little bit rough, but dev are pretty cool and they do a good job.
Reviews: 1
Great Extension, easy to use, easy to implement with no annoying watermarks or author text display. Has many customizable options. Would highly recommend!
Reviews: 2
I had an issue with the selection of the pictures and asked the support (bought the plus version too, to have the option to download all the nice pictures) and was impressed about the fast response and the clear answers, which solved the problem very fast ...

Many thanks for such a strong helping support

Reviews: 5
This contact form just works like a charm, easy to install and set-up!
Thanks a lot to the developers!
Reviews: 18
this plugin must be renamed to eazycontact! installation is a breeze, you define the fields and boom it's just simple as that! no backlinks or what ever!

thank you developer!!
Reviews: 1
Awesome SIMPLE FREE form functionality. But the 9 euro spend on FlexiContact Plus were the best ever spend :-)

Thx guys!
Reviews: 14
Simple, easy, stylish... Loved the pack of new icons for about $3....
Very easy to set up, is easy to use...
I have put it into every client's site so far....
Reviews: 2
Boy, that's easy to make multiple different contact forms! I used something called JForms for Joomla 1.5, but it was a bit of pain to make one (too much reliance on a purdy drag-drop interface) and needed something handy for 2.5.

Glad I stumbled on this one! More than worth the token price asked for.
Owner's reply

Thanks for that, although I suspect this review was intended to be for FlexiContact Plus, as the free version does not support multiple different forms (and is totally free).

Reviews: 14
For me it's the best component about contact system! Install, set quickly and work good! Congratulation to programmers! Ciao!
Reviews: 3
Simple to install, easy to customize (like the prepped css file), easy fer the user, comes w language, easy on the resources, and most important: saves me the time and trouble o'coding from scratch.

Cheers to the dev. Recommend to any and all.

Uh, oh! I almost forgot - it's free, and the user manual is made so kids could make this mod work.
Reviews: 2
This extension is very simple to use. There is a very useful log for storing the received message. The only restriction is that the form can have up to 5 more additional fields of simple text (no text area, no combobox, ...).
Owner's reply

FlexiContactPlus has more fields and field types.

Reviews: 5
The Extension is good bu could be perfect if it is possible if an automatic confirmation email message could be send back to the submitter of a message in the contact form.

Regards, Fred
Owner's reply

You can configure that in General Configuration, "Email to User". It's also in the user guide, at the top of page 8.

Reviews: 3
I wanted a simple contact page.

I got

A simple contact page!

It works very well and I love the captcha, highly recommended. If you want multiple forms pay for the full version.
Reviews: 12
If you need to create multiple forms, this is not the component for you.
Nevertheless I give five stars for its simplicity, flexibility and its captcha system.

I’ve worked with bigger, good components, but they may too complex for particular purposes.
If you need a simple, yet flexible form, go for this one!
Reviews: 1
This is a very great contact-component. The captcha-System ist awesome :-)

But you cannot have only 1 contactform. Multiple forms with different fields would make this extension perfect!

(ps: Logging to database is great!)
Reviews: 5
Yeah this is what I needed. You can do everything with the contact form page and it is very user friendly.

If I was you I should display more examples of contact forms that you can make.
Reviews: 4
A very good free extension.
However I have had to work the styling which is not flexible enough.
Also, the extra fields can be text only which is a limitation.
I wasn't able to add an file attachment for example. FlexiContact uses the Joomla mail library which supports attachments, therefore it would be useful to include this type of field.
Owner's reply

There are many security implications when allowing public users to upload files to your site. There have to be rules, filters, and limits. It's not a quick job to add this feature securely. You expect a lot for free!

Reviews: 13
I last tried Flexi Contact over a year ago and wasn't very impressed. I didn't like the interface and things just didn't look very good.

I decided to give the extension another try this week to see if it had been improved on.

What a difference!!
Everything you could want from a Contact component is now in there, and it's very easy to customise to your own needs.

Top marks!
Reviews: 8
Having no Forum to find out more about issues is not helping.

1. The send button is not supposed to be enabled if checkbox / captcha images are not selected. But it is always enabled but no action if clicked. Once clicked, send button works.

2. The autofill fields are not locked. User can easily remove and replace it with something else not authorized.

3. The Send Button does not disable if checkbox / image not selected which is supposed to be per manual. No action nor message if clicked unless checkbox and image checked.
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