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Flexi Contact Popular Component

FlexiContact is a simple but flexible contact form. It is very quick and easy to setup, but has lots of options.

* Responsive CSS-based layout (or the original table-based layout).
* Configurable page header, top text, and bottom text.
* Up to five additional user-defined text fields.
* User-defined list field.
* Main message field is re-sizeable.
* All fields can be optional, mandatory, or not shown.
* Optional simple captcha system. We don't want to discourage potential customers, so we use a simple picture based system, "Please click on the cat/dog/etc". You can easily add your own pictures to the image library.
* Optional "magic word" system. The user must find and enter the correct magic word to send a message. You can make the magic word easy to find, or difficult.
* Optional auto-fill of email address and name or username for logged in users.
* Optionally logs all contacts. The log is viewable in the back end and includes the browser type and IP address of the sender.
* Multi-language with many languages. The user guide explains how to add your own language.
* Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content and format.
* Built-in editor to easily edit the front-end CSS styles.
* Option to not show "Email a copy of this message to your own address"
* Option to require agreement of a statement and/or linked article before the send button is enabled.
* Option to send emails as HTML or plain text.
* Option to redirect to a link after sending a message.

In case you need help there is also a full pdf user guide.

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Reviews: 3
Flexicontact is perfect. Nice and easy. GREAT captcha!
Thank you VERY much!
Reviews: 2
i have tried the custom fields language translation as mentioned in the manual and it is not working at all.
Owner's reply

It does work. I did receive your support request but I am very sorry that we are not able to provide free support.

Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and use. Everything up and working within minutes! Only thing I miss is the ability to have selectable email forward adresses, i.e: the ability to include additional email recipients in the List configuration like:

"Select your country, Denmark[], England[], USA[]" and so on.
Reviews: 33
This extension is easy to install and configure to suit whatever contact details you wish to provide. Being a separate component, it does not conflict with the built-in contact feature so you could provide minimal contact for guests whilst having an extended contact page for registered users. The free-text layout gives it flexibility and I love the image based spam filter. I am happy to recommend it and like another reviewer exclaimed, stop reading reviews and just install it with confidence. Thank you for an excellent extension.
Reviews: 3
Stop reading the reviews and just get this product. Its brilliant! 1000%
Reviews: 6
I´ve been fighting with forms for 3 long days now, most of them had conflict with a chat module in javascript, finally this one worked just fine, thanks.
Reviews: 1
In 5 minutes, including the download time, I had Flexi Contact running on my business site. The image alternative to the standard CAPTCHA is very welcome, but the main thing is that this is simple, lightweight and just works. A fine addition to the library of extensions -- I'll be using it in the future.
Reviews: 12
I have been using this component since I started with my own Joomla website and it is a great asset with many options, thank you very much!
Reviews: 2
This is a well designed and well built extension.
It's straightforward to integrate with intuitive and well thought out user options.
Should be a benchmark for all extensions.
Reviews: 14
I've used Flexi Contact for years, and am still impressed at how wonderful it is. Site after site our company produces, we always stick with Flexi. Never a single problem, always works flawlessly. Flexi is by far the best contact forum, non-commercial AND commercial! Love it!!!
Reviews: 4
I love the app. Easy to use, install, set-up etc.

I downloaded version 5 and while I do see the more traditional component interface and improvements as mentioned above and on your website... I can only seem to make one form now??

Ver 4 allowed a basic form; i.e. name: - email - comment.
And as many other forms that you might need. With different fields : phone numbers - drop-downs - address - custom fields out the wazoo.
All with the ease of adding a new menu item.

Is version 5 a one trick pony with a thank you page and logging or am I missing something? -

This is not a complaint (your hard work is appreciated and your app gets 5 stars)
Just a question for us version 4 long time users?
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use and it includes all I need for a simple contact form - flexible but not to tricky to use. Thanks to the dev-team
Reviews: 17
It has all thats required from a contact form.
Reviews: 2
Thank you SO much for a Joomla 1.6 compatible contact page. It's free, with MANY features, and the layout isn't all stupid like these others who charge...

Simply because it's free and it offers great features like this, I do not mind donating. MUCH appreciated!!! Everything works flawlessly. I thought I was screwed when I switched to Joomla 1.6 and ran across all those other annoying charging extensions.
Reviews: 3
Easy to install en works superfine! Translation was ok without doing anything.

I used it on a site that focuses on children so the nice captcha images are a nice extra!
Reviews: 1
Thank you, this was what I was looking for.
Easy to install, configure and use.

Many thanks
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a contact form where I can place a few customized field and this component is where the searching ended. A lot of choice for extra text fields, drop down list, variable length text area, top or bottom text etc. Kudos to the developer for same installation package for Both Joomla!1.5 and 1.6.

The form styles editting CSS option is very cool to play with. I had to contact support to suit the form with the look and feel that I've exactly dreamed and got replies very shortly. It would be a nice modification if a module or a plugin version is developed to be used within any article. IMHO, there is, already so much that a donation is worthy for those intelligent work and support.
Reviews: 6
This is the exact type of component that makes Joomla great. By that, I mean, it installs clean, looks clean and works clean. IMHO, too many components try to get overly complicated. While not too simple Flexicontact does exactly what it says it will do. Although free, consider sending Les a few $$, I mean, you're already getting Joomla for free, lets support great developer's like him! One suggestion, and really only my opinion, but move the options currently in the menu configuration (to email,, # of captcha images, etc) to the component configuration. It took me a couple minutes to figure out, but thats probably because I'm not that bright.
Reviews: 8
It has a lot of options, very easy to use, i have tried other forms but this one takes the first place from now on, awesome work.

Congrats to the dev. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 22
This is a very easy to use contact component. But it has all the essential features so I am not lacking anything. AND it has a built-in captcha that makes the user click on simple pictures instead of the dreaded distorted words. Definitely worth using for me! Thanks! The developer has other promising extensions worth looking at.
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