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Flexi Contact Popular Component

FlexiContact is a simple but flexible contact form. It is very quick and easy to setup, but has lots of options.

* Responsive CSS-based layout (or the original table-based layout).
* Configurable page header, top text, and bottom text.
* Up to five additional user-defined text fields.
* User-defined list field.
* Main message field is re-sizeable.
* All fields can be optional, mandatory, or not shown.
* Optional simple captcha system. We don't want to discourage potential customers, so we use a simple picture based system, "Please click on the cat/dog/etc". You can easily add your own pictures to the image library.
* Optional "magic word" system. The user must find and enter the correct magic word to send a message. You can make the magic word easy to find, or difficult.
* Optional auto-fill of email address and name or username for logged in users.
* Optionally logs all contacts. The log is viewable in the back end and includes the browser type and IP address of the sender.
* Multi-language with many languages. The user guide explains how to add your own language.
* Configurable email templates giving complete control over email content and format.
* Built-in editor to easily edit the front-end CSS styles.
* Option to not show "Email a copy of this message to your own address"
* Option to require agreement of a statement and/or linked article before the send button is enabled.
* Option to send emails as HTML or plain text.
* Option to redirect to a link after sending a message.

In case you need help there is also a full pdf user guide.

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Reviews: 1
I had tried other extension but this one is the best. It's very easy to install, use and modify.
Reviews: 1
A few days ago, i installed Flexi Contact.
It was very simple to get it working, and it worked without a problem, until yesterday....

Yesterday, it stopped working.

It kept saying that there was no email to adress.
Since it worked, i thought i did remove the "to adress" by mistake, but in the settings, the "to adress" was visible, so i don't know why it kept saying it wasn't...

I uninstalled the extension, since i could not find a solution for the problem.
Owner's reply

You could have asked us for help. If there are any problems we need to know about them!

Reviews: 2
It does what's ment to do.
Easy to use and configure.
Cons : it's not possible to have more than one choice for the email reciever (for a multiadministrated site for example).
Reviews: 1
It works just perfect, quick installation, configuration and correct support for Croatian language.

Reviews: 2
I was searching for a replacement for the default com_contact for a client and I've came across this extension.

It does what's needed and it was very easy to translate to another language.

This one should be integrated as the default Joomla contact form.
Reviews: 7
Great extension, very simple to install and use, exactaly what I was looking for, worth a donation! Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This is a well designed component for joomla that is not only easy to use from the Menu Manager, but is also easy for the end user, too. To simply click on a picture is a fun and inclusive spam filter, or "captcha".

Flexicontact is also highly configurable, from the "captcha" pictures, to the e-mail subject, to prefabricated questions. The fact that this is available free is awesome and allows a web developer to determine how well it works before they implement it. At that point, though, one should certainly donate because this is a fine way to offer a site's users to contact the site.
Reviews: 1
I exactly agree with all the positive feedback and disagreement with negative feedback. Simply the best contact form. Thank you Les Arbres.

Estoy en acuerdo con todos votos positivos y en desacuerdo con los negativos.Simplemente el mejor formulario de contacto. Muchas Gracias Les Arbres.
Reviews: 11
Simple to install, lightweight, feature-rich, blends seamlessly into existing templates, original captcha system, remembers field values on failed submit.

To summarize, the best contact form I found in the extensions directory.
Reviews: 2
Just Excellent ! It's very convenient to use menulinks to change your contact form, template and "email to" !!
Furthermore thank to that functionnality you can customize your form with very few and easy code hack !
Thanks a lot !
Reviews: 3
It is very very good component. First extension, which realized all my wishes without any problems and it is in Czech language :-). Thank you very much.
Reviews: 13
This is the only contact form I use now.
It is easy to install, configure and the images are a bit of fun.
Reviews: 1
This was just what I needed, an easy to use contact form, offering more fields than the contact form provided by Joomla. As a none-techy person I also found the User Guide a great help.
Reviews: 3
To tell the truth, this component is just amazing !
Very flexible as its name indicates.

Really a must have to make contact forms easily.

Thanks a lot ! Great great work !
Reviews: 1
Thank you, is really simple and very useful.
I recommend it to be a component you can use as many lines as you like menu, and also customize each contact.

Congratulations ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Reviews: 1
This component is really nice, easily customizable. Extrafields, image captcha.... if the developer will add a "required" checkbox it will be perfect! :P
Thanx for your work!
Reviews: 1
It has a lot of options for being a free component. It is super easy to configure - it is all in the Create a Menu Item area - super fast too. Thank you:-)
Reviews: 8
Simple, original, elegant and lovely. This is a great extension. Five stars :-)
Reviews: 2
Nice little Extensions for simple Contactforms. Works good with joofish. i changed a little bit:
i wanted the mailform writer to be the sender (with mailadress) and not the global joomlasite mailfrom. so i changed flexicontact.php line 406 to : $mail->setSender(array($replyto, $replytoname));.
Reviews: 3
just a couple of things that I can see are missing from this to make it perfect.

1. In drop down lists there should be a way to change the font (I tried using span in html but it didn't work for me.)

2. Icons on the mandatory field (I know it shows required fields after if they are not submitted but sometimes it's good to let people know the minimum they have to put in especially if it's a long form - could be an option tool)

Thanks for the extension
Owner's reply

Good ideas, but I really would prefer if people would contact me directly with ideas or shortcomings. Many thanks.

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