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OSE Webmail™ Client for Joomla! ComponentPlugin

Open Source Joomla Webmail 2.1

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

* After you buy the software, you can use it FOREVER (INDEFINITELY)
* You can download all upgrades within 1 year.
* You can receive our support within 1 year.

Features for OSE Joomla Webmail 2

Version 2 does not require you to be a cPanel hosting user, you can use this component on ANY platforms!

This component transforms the famous webmail client RoundCube to a Joomla component, and allows you check your emails through the Joomla platform. Detailed instructions are provided in zip pack, and more information about the component will be released soon.

Core features:

1. Ideal for webmasters who want to allow their clients to log into their webmail through their corporate website.
2. Check your email through this webmail component in the frontend.
3. Check your email through this webmail component in the administrator panel.


OSE Webmail Version 2.8.3 - 2.8.4
* Enhancement - Added an option in menu parameter to maximize the webmail window.
* Enhancement - Added the option to choose the Classic or Default Style in the configuration page

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Reviews: 3
I want to have a front-end email form inbox, sent, trash just like gmail.

But this component is not satisfied my needs. there is no views for users.

Good luck for all joomla clients.
Reviews: 2
I hit a snag during configuration, kept getting an smtp error.

Contacted OSE and Helix helped me. The guy was absolutley great, not only did he fix my problem and get a new release out but he did it in a manner that every company would and should be very proud off.

I only have good things to say about OSE and the way that they have helped me and the way that their product works!

Very easy software, that's the main thing.
Reviews: 1
I bought it, and i miss config at first time. So i opened ticket on support customer services.

They respond fast, and they take really care about my probleme.

Now everything is solve. Ose Webmail is a really good team
Reviews: 10
I firmly believe this extension would be useful for me. I've tried many times to get it but the message I always get is that it is not available for people from my current location. I'm in Nigeria. How can I get this extension?
Owner's reply

Hi kenny
I think you mean you cannot pay for it through Paypal? If so, could you please contact our support desk at: Our staff will assist you in purchasing the extension as soon as possible.
Best regards
OSE team

Reviews: 1
I really liked how the support was handle , excellent on every respect ! The component with the RoundCube integration work like a charm , keep up with this quality
Reviews: 1
This extension is easy to use and setup, and I had it going in a matter of minutes. We did have a minor problem, which turned out to be an incorrect configuration setting on our end. The support we received was excellent, and they worked quickly and diligently to figure out the cause of our exact problem.
Reviews: 1
I really hate it !!!! You know I am number 15 !!

I should be the who rate 6 STARs first !!!..

They are very kind and help, even on SUNDAY ! . They break their RULE ! :)

The OSE is a complete solution with very quality products and people. I love them all :).

Hope you wouldn't mind.

Zay Yar.
Reviews: 2
Product works and also brilliant support
Reviews: 4
i have installed it, it logs in to my email successfully, but after afew seconds suddenly logs me out of mail, and returns me to the login page again, i have unchecked the ip checking option in configuration page, but the issue still remains, what is the problem here?
Owner's reply

Hi meysam66

The issue should be that your session is encrypted by suhosin, and your server should have a php.ini setting in the webmail folder to turn it off. This is not a bug, it is a server setting issue, please send a ticket to and we will tell you how to add the php setting. Once that is changed, the issue will be resolved.

Hope this helps. :)
OSE Team

Reviews: 3
I bought this component for my client's projects and although is pretty simple to install and configure it, I had some problems, but the support was very fast and solved my problem in an easy way.

I give you 5 stars!!!
Reviews: 3
But still, people can not register their own mail boxes. If this option would be available, I think that this component would be super popular!
Reviews: 1
What OSE did was wrap the Round Cube Webmail client into a Joomla package and charge for it.
Reviews: 6
component installed very easily. a couple of problems configuring to integrate with my IMAP server. support was very swift and helpful.
product all working well now - great having mail integrated into websites. everything in one place for clients here on in.
Reviews: 2
This took two minutes to install. It adds an excellent feature to my clients' Joomla sites that they really needed. From now on, I don't need to have them go to a "special" URL with colons and numbers to get their mail, nor do they have to go to mail.whatever. This little feature has really pleased clients who don't have experience with desktop email clients. Worth every small bit of money requested for this. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Accessing the cpanel for email was proving difficult for some of my clients - This provides a very simple interface that enables them to easily access their email on the move

This is a very handy component and I whole-heartedly recommend this to fellow joomlers
Reviews: 3
Works as stated. Simple module.

Would be excellent if the webmail could be configured to open in a wrapper though.
Owner's reply

Good suggestion! Thanks! Will do in the updated version. Will be available next month.