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Editor's Note
♥ Now with FRONTEND VIEWS by the display app!

State of the art form creator with built in app system.
Proforms is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with extensive professional functions.
Proforms is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.
This extension is also available in a FREE basic version:

Test the FREE version Proforms Basic:


★ Display records at the frontend by the Display App ★

Display demos:

★ Most easy to use form component
★ Modular form creation (form templates) with layout system
★ Forms can be made out of multiple form templates
★ Built in App System!
★ Database support with excellent records manager
★ Export of db records in CSV and Excel format
★ Double-Opt-In which complies to the law.
★ Mass email manger
★ Secure - 5 Captchas inluding reCaptcha, Spamtraps, sending time review.
★ PayPal forwarding(simple)
★ Custom HTML between form fields
★ AJAX and server side form validation.
★ Embedding custom code (HTML/JS) at the end of forms and thank you text.
★ Editing the CSS at the backend.
★ Easy backup function
★ SEF support
★ Forms can be wrapped into fieldsets with legends
★ Using form categories
★ JS Framework for comparison validation e.g. for password confirmation

★ Easy multi language plugin
★ Form in content
★ Form search
★ Admin Access Control (simple)

★ Form in iFrame module
★ Form listing
★ Drop selection

Standard Apps:
★ Scroll down to confirm reading
★ PHP scripts per form
★ Executable SQL statements per form
★ Extra Mail and Extra Mail Plus

Additional Apps (most popular):
★ Frontend Display (Demo links see above)
★ AJAX User Registration
★ Destination (User selects recipient)
★ Preview (Summary)
★ Unique-ID per form (Ticket Code)
★ Custom CSS file per form
★ Modify Emails per form
★ Bad Words per form
★ Param Takeover App
★ Password App
...altogether 18 additional apps!

More information about Apps:

2014-01-08 Inclusive App Extramail(180 + 365 days package) updated to v3.0.

2012-11-05 Patch 4 for V1.3 Build 111
Get it here:

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Reviews: 1
I accidentally lost my install file, and download period has already expired. Wrote to Support Team, 2 days later I got the installer. That's what I call support!
Reviews: 1
I needed one more setting for this extension, and wrote this to the Support Team. Short time later, I've got a specially APP for my needs. Great support ... Thanks
Reviews: 1
What I like most are the various apps.
I tried some other forms but none of them used to have turnkey solutions as Proforms.
e.g the registration and display app are a must have.

Worth every cent.
Thanks to the Mad4Media team.
Reviews: 1
I use Proforms since 3 years.
I use it on all my projects and hadn't ever a real error but some CSS stuff. Everytime I needed to configure the CSS I got perfect support.

Thanks to the Mad4Media Team.
Reviews: 1
It is definitely a tool worth buying!It is very easy to use and helps you save a lot of time and energy. On top of that, the service is also very good.
Reviews: 1
This extension is really easy to use and includes everything to create forms.

I got my forms up and running in a fraction of the time that it would have taken without this extension.

Thumbs up and thanks for the nice and fast support.
Reviews: 2
A very usefull and intuitive extension. Expandable with many addons. Very pleased to purchase it. Supporting team is also very good...if you have some question or doubt ask them!
Reviews: 1
I purchased a licence last year. Unfortunately, one proforms app I had on backup became corrupt. I asked developer and they sent me a copy without question. A+ . I'm using Proforms for dozen of forms on my site. You guys rocks! Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
Great Tool !!!

Great Support Team !!!
Reviews: 1
I've been using this extention for some time now on our old 1.5 Joomla site.
We've migrated the site to Joomla 3.1 last weekend and the Forms gave an 403 error.
I've opened a case and this morning I already had contact with the help team who solved the problem in minutes...
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased this extension and was very impressed with its functionality and versatility. it took me a few minutes to configure and go live, and im by no means a well versed developer. recently, i noticed a i needed an app for extension but my subscription had just run out, so i contacted the mad4media guys and told them about the app, and the just sent it to me and said that no payment was necessary, there after market service is exceptional and i love dealing with them!
Reviews: 1
I've tried almost all form components for Joomla and I must admit that ProForms is the best. Easy to install, quick to configure and create forms. The interface is different from Joomla but it ease the work. I wish it could have more payment plugins but that's not a big problem at all.

I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I use Proform as an order, and I am thrilled!
It will offer a great service.
Keep it up :-)
Reviews: 1
I tried several form extensions.
Proforms is the real deal.
I am using it for booking form at a famous hotel located on the balearic islands.
It works great.
I had a problem. Contacted the guys from mad4media and they helped me out very fast.

I will use this form extension for all my customers now.
Reviews: 3
Ran into a print problem and mad4media support staff was wonderful helping me get it solved. Only problem was the time difference they are in Europe and I'm mountain time in the US but am extremely pleased with the level of support that they gave me regarding this.
Reviews: 1
Thank you, Mad4media-Team for a comprehensive forms-program and an outstanding support (even on holidays!)

recommended without restriction!
Reviews: 1
Wonderful program. My colleagues can finally create your own forms. I as an administrator does not have to do everything alone.

Many Thanks for everything
Reviews: 1
The mad4media team are real pros.
I'd a problem with my template's css that had broken the forms layout.
They just asked for admin login then in 30 minutes everything was fixed.

Kudos to the team.

By the way proforms is the best form extension I worked with.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
After a long search, I decided to try out PROFORMS.

PROFORMS is great.
Every disire on creating forms is accomplished by PROFORMS.
The usage is intuitive and easy.
Additionally the big bunch of setting functionalities after sending the forms admit a comfortable workaround.

The SUPPORT is awesome! My question was successful answered the next day.

Great Thanks for this plugin.
The best I aktually know!
Reviews: 1
My name is Scott I live in PA. I had damn complex project due in five days. RSForm claimed that they could do what I wanted but I went with Proform based upon a recommendation from a veteran Joomla designer that I know.
I took the plunge and purchased the MOOJ Proforms 365 offer. My deadline gave me one week to pull off the job. Support was terrific. The guys live in Germany and turnaround on support tickets reflects the time difference but its no big deal. They are very consistent on response time.

On Wednesday night (deadline was on Fri) I was having trouble and I needed help understanding one of their APPs I sent in a ticket and a response came back that Mad4Media was on holiday till Monday. When I received their message it was like getting punched in the gut. I lost hope on the project. Then on Friday morning the support responses started poring in. They answered my tickets while on vacation!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! Mad4Media ROCKS! Trust me, these guys are the best.
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