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Editor's Note

Now with FRONTEND VIEWS by the display app!

State of the art form creator with built in app system.
Proforms is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with extensive professional functions.
Proforms is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.
This extension is also available in a FREE basic version:

Test the FREE version Proforms Basic:


★ Display records at the frontend by the Display App ★

Display demos:

★ Most easy to use form component
★ Modular form creation (form templates) with layout system
★ Forms can be made out of multiple form templates
★ Built in App System!
★ Database support with excellent records manager
★ Export of db records in CSV and Excel format
★ Double-Opt-In which complies to the law.
★ Mass email manger
★ Secure - 5 Captchas inluding reCaptcha, Spamtraps, sending time review.
★ PayPal forwarding(simple)
★ Custom HTML between form fields
★ AJAX and server side form validation.
★ Embedding custom code (HTML/JS) at the end of forms and thank you text.
★ Editing the CSS at the backend.
★ Easy backup function
★ SEF support
★ Forms can be wrapped into fieldsets with legends
★ Using form categories
★ JS Framework for comparison validation e.g. for password confirmation

★ Easy multi language plugin
★ Form in content
★ Form search
★ Admin Access Control (simple)

★ Form in iFrame module
★ Form listing
★ Drop selection

Standard Apps:
★ Scroll down to confirm reading
★ PHP scripts per form
★ Executable SQL statements per form
★ Extra Mail and Extra Mail Plus

Additional Apps (most popular):
★ Frontend Display (Demo links see above)
★ AJAX User Registration
★ Destination (User selects recipient)
★ Preview (Summary)
★ Unique-ID per form (Ticket Code)
★ Custom CSS file per form
★ Modify Emails per form
★ Bad Words per form
★ Param Takeover App
★ Password App
...altogether 18 additional apps!

More information about Apps:

2014-10-24 Proforms Version 1.5.5 released!

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Reviews: 5
I've tried a bunch of Joomla form generators and this one is quite excellent, with the ability to add in HTML elements to the forms it really makes it quite versatile, the support I received was on point as well. A+
Reviews: 6
This is a great component for beginners. I have some specific issues with the implementation, mostly due to the fact that their display method is rife with HTML table calls, which makes it almost impossible to customize the look and feel and add anything AJAX-y - jQuery, etc.
Also, most of their code is fake MVC - it has the folder structures for MVC, but there is a lot of code that is simply flattened into big PHP functions, without extensibility or true use of model, view controller logic.
I bought this with the intent to customize it, and their work in the component is clear - Mooj obviously spent several years on it.
Unfortunately, it is a half-step to capable extensible web development and probably won't pass muster for future code releases or real customization.
I wish coding practices and half-truths about MVC were not the norm in the Joomla landscape, but I applaud Mooj for their hard work and the work so far - hope my "donation" keeps them moving toward a more capable code base.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
But we can not accept the “Great for Beginners” statement.

If you are advanced enough to write own code and want to alter the views of a component you don’t need a form component at all. You can write your own form extension.

A form component is made for people who like to create a form easily via user interface.
You can also create complex forms with Proforms but need to follow our software design and logic.

♥ Why does Proforms not use Joomla MVC?
Because the Joomla MVC is not enough to cover the complex functions of Proforms.
If we would use the MVC the view would have a single command which is not the role of a view. It doesn’t make sense for us to use the Joomla MVC.

♥ Why does Proforms have a table structure?
The table structure is the best way to structure the layout without overhead.
It also helps to fit the layout in many “difficult” Joomla templates. The “tableless layout” philosophy is obsolete since the browser- and search engine technologies have been improved significantly.

♥ “…which makes it almost impossible to customize the look and feel and add anything AJAX-y - jQuery, etc.”

So, how can we? We use JavaScript validation and other AJAX techniques by default and it works like a charm. E.g. the registration app does use an eyecandy AJAX interface for checking information.
The fact that we use dojo framework, allows conflictless working together with all other JS frameworks. If you have problems to include jQuery than you have a conflict with Mootools or another pre-installed JS framework but not with dojo.

MVC is not a dogma. Special technologies require special software design patterns.
If you insist on MVC feel free to use one of all the other excellent form extensions on JED.
If you like to use Proforms with all of its benefits you need to learn Proforms’ software architecture, when you like altering the source code.

The reason why over 140000 sites are using Proforms is not buried in the fact that “cracks” can alter the software as desired, but that also designers and beginners are capable to customize it to their needs.

Proforms will always focus on the best possible usability and security.

Reviews: 1
I have used this extension for about a year and I can confirm that it is functional and easy to use. There are some limitations, e.g. currently reordering form items is cumbersome and it is not possible to publish submitted data in the frontend, but the developers are aware of this and promise that in future releases this will addressed.

The customer service is indeed fast and helpful.
Reviews: 1
This is without doubt one of the best Joomla! Form-Module to get. Had some small issues at the beginning, but thanks to a great support. Was fixed immediately. Thanks gus for your great work.
Reviews: 8
Why or why didn't I try this form extension before wasting my time with several others? It is absolutely top-notch and had everything that I needed. I had used the related MadforJoomla form extension for other 1.5 sites and I didn't realise that it was from same people or I would have chosen it right away.

Reviews: 1
It seems, that it is all written about this phantastic component (easy to use out of the box) and this awesome service (2 mails written - response after 5 min.).

There are MUCH more expensive components with less functions and when you have a question... you´ll wait and wait and wait for a response.

Guys - you´ve shot the goal: perfect functions, easy to use, top service and the price is really not too much for this fantastic working component.

You give the old "Made in Germany" standard a new meaning.

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 6
This company sets the standard in how "all" companies should handle their business.

I am extremely pleased with this component, how it operates, and the customer service is AWESOME!

This will be a standard install for all Joomloa sites I build!

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
the component was great......i was using the free version and it was so good that i liked it very much...easy to use and understand......great work mad4media......i plan to use the pro version but cant get i am looking for someone to donate it to my mail at
Reviews: 1
Proforms is quite a complete and valuable product.
About Mad4media, very nice and courteous people, a more immediate help.
Reviews: 1
This is the fastest and most efficient support service that I've ever met. The Mad4Media Team really made a great effort to their business.

And I was told I'm the first person who get this drop select module. It's my pleasure!

This component saves a lot of time to develop a complex forms by programmer and even non-programming background people will get used to it easily. It's like children playing with building blocks - easy and fun!

I like the ideas in both design logic and business model. I do support them!

Sorry for so much praise...
Reviews: 1
I just wished that The Mad4Media Team created more than just form plugins! It’s not just that their company philosophy is phenomenally though ought, structured and conceived, they bring that same process to their products. If every company on this website ran their business like this and created their products in this manner, there would be no need for a customer service department because their products are perfect.

Thank you for your contribution to the Joomla community.
Reviews: 3
I purchased the full version of the software - worth it in my opinion. But I have to say, I'm a little disheartened by how defensive the programmer is to constructive criticism. Just my 2 cents (i'm sure I'll get 'some' sort of response) but if I had read these reviews before purchasing, the attitude would have turned me away as there are numerous form builders for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
Very nice and courteous people, a more immediate help.

Keep it up!

Reviews: 2
The extension easy to set up and has a very professional, clean look. Best of all, the support has been incredible! Within minutes I get a response and they are more than happy to help. I can't ask for more in a form extension.
Reviews: 1
This component works like charm, so friendly and easy to use...great options...simple perfect!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for this extension. It is really easy to use. Support is also great. Thanks guys for coming with a nice extension.
Reviews: 1
Great job. Can only recommend this extension. Had I purchased the Pro version 1.7 and since it ran perfectly. Even now when upgrading to the 2.5.1 version of Joomla, I was well helped by the team. Just good work. Very easy to understand and the menu system is very straightforward. Thanks again for the great support.
Reviews: 1
This is the best form component for Joomla that I have used. I strongly recommend this product... Thanks again for the great support.
Reviews: 1
I compared many form components and this one really did it for me! Great tool and also a fast and reliable support with two tiny problems I had. Thanks and keep up the good work guys.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and performs perfectly. Prompt and generous support. Much appreciated!!
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