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Editor's Note
♥ Now with FRONTEND VIEWS by the display app!

State of the art form creator with built in app system.
Proforms is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with extensive professional functions.
Proforms is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.
This extension is also available in a FREE basic version:

Test the FREE version Proforms Basic:


★ Display records at the frontend by the Display App ★

Display demos:

★ Most easy to use form component
★ Modular form creation (form templates) with layout system
★ Forms can be made out of multiple form templates
★ Built in App System!
★ Database support with excellent records manager
★ Export of db records in CSV and Excel format
★ Double-Opt-In which complies to the law.
★ Mass email manger
★ Secure - 5 Captchas inluding reCaptcha, Spamtraps, sending time review.
★ PayPal forwarding(simple)
★ Custom HTML between form fields
★ AJAX and server side form validation.
★ Embedding custom code (HTML/JS) at the end of forms and thank you text.
★ Editing the CSS at the backend.
★ Easy backup function
★ SEF support
★ Forms can be wrapped into fieldsets with legends
★ Using form categories
★ JS Framework for comparison validation e.g. for password confirmation

★ Easy multi language plugin
★ Form in content
★ Form search
★ Admin Access Control (simple)

★ Form in iFrame module
★ Form listing
★ Drop selection

Standard Apps:
★ Scroll down to confirm reading
★ PHP scripts per form
★ Executable SQL statements per form
★ Extra Mail and Extra Mail Plus

Additional Apps (most popular):
★ Frontend Display (Demo links see above)
★ AJAX User Registration
★ Destination (User selects recipient)
★ Preview (Summary)
★ Unique-ID per form (Ticket Code)
★ Custom CSS file per form
★ Modify Emails per form
★ Bad Words per form
★ Param Takeover App
★ Password App
...altogether 18 additional apps!

More information about Apps:

2014-01-08 Inclusive App Extramail(180 + 365 days package) updated to v3.0.

2012-11-05 Patch 4 for V1.3 Build 111
Get it here:

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Reviews: 1
I've tried no less than a half-dozen extensions to make a complex form (think along the lines of a job application - but more in depth). I've tried free ones and I've bought at least 3 (can't remember). I've been trying to get this finished for going on 3 months now (I do not work on it daily).

My frustration level with other form extensions got me to a point that I was working on just a fillable PDF because I'd had it.

I was skeptical about trying Proforms, I fully admit it - and I was not prepared to purchase anything other than the bare minimum (tired of wasting money you know).

BUT - I am SO loving it!! I've done a lot of back & forth to make the form "perfect" but it's so freaking easy once you understand the concept of building the form on templates.

I explained it to my husband like this - think of it like Legos.
But, with these Legos, you build each Lego block yourself (template), then you use the blocks you made & build a Legotastic creation (the form)

I had a question that I could not find the answer to in Proforms wonderful helpdesk feature - so I submitted a request (I was hesitant because I hate to ask for help, and I hate to appear stupid) - they got back to me pretty quickly with a straight forward solution to my dilemma.

All 'round would recommend this - I'm going to upgrade to the 365-day package!
Reviews: 1
I purchased their product and had a question the same day. First I hesitated and thought I can't ask them the first question right after I bought something from them. But it was urgent so I sent an email to support. And I got an answer immediately! Even more, they helped me with other issues and so I was able to move on with my project. Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 3
The Proform extension makes is easy to create different kinds of forms. I've been using is for a couple of times now.

In our latest project our customer asked for a "very simple order form" with a unique number. I've asked the Mad4Media team if this could be developed and integrated into the form.

I was surprised to hear that, overnight, they created an app to solve this.

What a great service !!

Thanks to the team.
Reviews: 1
Starting with the basic version I was surprised of the easy form creating. Because I need confirmation emails I decided to buy the pro version.
It is worth the money and has man extra features.
If you need a special feature you can use apps. And if you give the developer suggestions like me maybe you will get your own app within two days :)
Reviews: 1
I have been using free and paid versions of Proforms for a few years. The quality of support is quite impressive, although the application is immensely useful and flexible. While there are many great Joomla extensions as this, not every extension provides dependable support. Day, night, weekend or weekday, I always get a reply almost instantly from mad4media. To me, this matters a lot and I give them A+.
Reviews: 1
I have been doing web development for over a decade, and am very familiar with HTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. However, I am brand new (rms has been fantastic, far exceeding my expectations. It is a great extension, with a lot of flexibility and is very easy to use. I did experience one bug after my initial install, but after contacting customer service they were able to correct the problem within 24 hours, and were very friendly and pleasant to work with.

There are some features that I would like to see added to the extension (isn't there always!), but on the whole it is very flexible and does offer a lot of the basic options that one would want from a form-building tool. I look forward to seeing additional releases, updates, and other extensions from this group in the future.
Reviews: 2
The forms extension makes it easy to create many types of useful forms, validate data entry, store form data in the database and access/export it, send confirmational emails to the admin and to the user, etc. The forms display very nicely by default. The template facility makes it easy to create form segments that can be reused in multiple forms - really a time saver!

Support team was very helpful to me, answering my questions in a timely manner. My client had some unique forms requirements and support helped me create the forms my client requested.
Reviews: 1
Yesterday I started using proforms for a form on our company homepage. We are offering jobs and i needed a form system, that works failsafe. After a few minutes i had created the form easily. One or two smaller problems (one of them was a editor prob, no proform prob) were solved immediately. I can recommend this tool without limitations

Greets Frank
Reviews: 1
I am using Proforms since it has been published. I used Mad4Joomla before.
With the new version 1.1 Proforms has made a big step into being one of the most professional and important Joomla extensions.

1. The new double opt in and mass mail functions are thrilling. I tested and used several newsletter components but not one of them gives you the freedom such as these new innovations. These two are converting Proforms to a full newsletter component.
Yes; Proforms is two in one now. The mail manager is so great that I’ve sent newsletters in half of the time.
2. First I was wondering what this app thing is about. But there is nothing to wonder. It is the same as for smart phones. Small add-ons providing exclusive functions. And the good news is that all of them are free for the one year service package. I believe this innovation will become the leading unique feature of Proforms in future.
3. More usability improvements making it more user friendly as it has already been.
If you are providing Joomla services, your customers will be amazed. I’d even not one customer who had problems in using this component.

But there is one thing I really don’t like!

If one also provides Typo3 service like me you will sorely miss Proforms.
Please convert it to Typo3 :)
Reviews: 1
Proforms is an excellent tool for my website. The features listed are up and running in no time.
During setup and upgrade this component I ran in to some little problems/questions which where solved almost immediately by the support team. Great support.
Reviews: 8
If you are looking for a form extension that is as simple or as complex as you want it to be this is it!

I have looked at nearly a dozen different similar extensions... some were ok... none were as good as Proforms. Very straight forward and very customizable. I love it.
Reviews: 2
very professional support! Perfect.
Reviews: 2
Faster than light support!
In just 1 day from the purchase I set up 6 forms with different templates and layouts, captcha system and mandatory fields.
Right what I was looking for.
Reviews: 2
GREAT form-extension, does everything as described...
Super easy to use!!

Tip: Do everything you need from the service desk within your subscription period... after it expires, you'll not have access to any documentation and/or downloads...

A public forum and/or public documentation is not available...
Reviews: 1
MOOJ ProForms gets our highest rating! It allows our team to quickly create forms for our websites! We can create absolutely great looking forms of all kinds for our site and send the form information to any email address we choose, as well as save it to the database for use later on when displaying some needed information (from the submitted form) on the sites.

I really did not expect this good of a form creation component ... but am very happy to have gotten it!

Gotta Love the Form Page Templates that can be created and used again and again in subsequent forms that we create! A real time saver! Existing Templates can even be copied and then slightly changed to work in the next form... again a great time saver.

We LOVE this component and think that you will as well. We do recommend that you give this one a shot!
Reviews: 1
It is so easy that my 7 years old son can create forms.
This is no joke I've tested it. I like the structure of creating form templates first and then creating the form out of the templates most.
The only thing I would suggest is to be able to export single form templates.
Nevertheless it is a perfect form extension.
Reviews: 1
I started with Mad4Joomla and just wanted to get rid off the copyright link.
This is why I bought Proforms. But after buying I was so surprised.
The two components can not be compared. Proforms is much easier and more
versatile. It is more stable and you can do so much more.
This extension is worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
Proforms is a jewel.
Can be installed infinite with no restrictions.
I use it for 8 customers and they are all satisfied. It is very easy to use and the support is excellent too.

5 Stars from a very happy user.
Reviews: 1
What a fantastic extension, Does exactly what is says; even an additional free plugin to aid in deployment. I did however come a cross a few difficulties but this just to my lack of knowledge about web design, after all I am accountant! After a very rapid reply on a few issues with the support team about the calendar, which the problems were mainly down to the template I was using and the CSS dominating the extension I was away. The forms are very easy to create and The level of support on this extension is so worth the subscription should you choose and the quality in response most impressive. Thank you.
Reviews: 5
When I first started using the Proform, I found it easy to use and the forms themselves look great.

The only problem I am having and it is huge is that there is no way to list a form in a category under a menu without the other forms from another category appearing. The proforms menu only allows for one option in Joomla, and that really hinders its ability.

I did try to get assistance, but when I try to connect to service it does not work. My purchase and service key are less than a week old.
Owner's reply

Here is the proof:
Our contact form is made with Proforms and is directly accessible via the top menu.
If you click to contact it appears directly without listing other forms. Furthermore we also provide a form in content plugin.
This user hasn't read any manuals (we provide a very informative section at the helpdesk called "Getting started" ) or asked for assistance.

If users can not reach the helpdesk of whatever reasons we advice them to send an inquiry via the normal contact opportunities at the contact form mentioned above and the contact form at the shopping cart:

If someone doesn't know how to connect to the helpdesk we give assistance at the faqs of the shopping cart:
and at the service description at :

This review is lie!

Best regards,
The Mad4Media Team.

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