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Now with FRONTEND VIEWS by the display app!

State of the art form creator with built in app system.
Proforms is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with extensive professional functions.
Proforms is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.
This extension is also available in a FREE basic version:

Test the FREE version Proforms Basic:


★ Display records at the frontend by the Display App ★

Display demos:

★ Most easy to use form component
★ Modular form creation (form templates) with layout system
★ Forms can be made out of multiple form templates
★ Built in App System!
★ Database support with excellent records manager
★ Export of db records in CSV and Excel format
★ Double-Opt-In which complies to the law.
★ Mass email manger
★ Secure - 5 Captchas inluding reCaptcha, Spamtraps, sending time review.
★ PayPal forwarding(simple)
★ Custom HTML between form fields
★ AJAX and server side form validation.
★ Embedding custom code (HTML/JS) at the end of forms and thank you text.
★ Editing the CSS at the backend.
★ Easy backup function
★ SEF support
★ Forms can be wrapped into fieldsets with legends
★ Using form categories
★ JS Framework for comparison validation e.g. for password confirmation

★ Easy multi language plugin
★ Form in content
★ Form search
★ Admin Access Control (simple)

★ Form in iFrame module
★ Form listing
★ Drop selection

Standard Apps:
★ Scroll down to confirm reading
★ PHP scripts per form
★ Executable SQL statements per form
★ Extra Mail and Extra Mail Plus

Additional Apps (most popular):
★ Frontend Display (Demo links see above)
★ AJAX User Registration
★ Destination (User selects recipient)
★ Preview (Summary)
★ Unique-ID per form (Ticket Code)
★ Custom CSS file per form
★ Modify Emails per form
★ Bad Words per form
★ Param Takeover App
★ Password App
...altogether 18 additional apps!

More information about Apps:

2014-10-24 Proforms Version 1.5.5 released!

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Reviews: 1
Very fast and easy to learn.
Excellent service and support.
Contains many good extras like Paypal.
Well designed form output.
Does have everything I and probably you need.
Reviews: 1
I found the free version (Mad4Joomla) and was pleased. Then I purchased Proforms and was flashed. There is a big difference between both versions. Mad4Joomla is easy but Proforms is much easier to use and has many additional functions.
I can recommend to test Mad4Joomla and if you like it to buy Proforms, it is worth any penny.

Finally the support: I had a small problem, wrote a ticket and got an answer within 10 minutes.
Reviews: 1
Infinite usage - cool concept - easy - integrated paypal - great support and works like a charm.
Reviews: 1
Finally, at last ... what a COM!
I tried few other things before, but there is always a downside, not this time!

The flexibility is amazing, the possibilities are enormous and the installation was a breeze.
Easy to navigate and self explanatory.
This com is perfect to help occasional web designer like me. (I run 3 businesses and creating forms is not my main focus)
Visual is very important in what I do, and once again, this com is very flexible and I was able to play around easily til I get what I like.
I created forms for my new website in minutes.
Paypal payments, Booking info. Contract upload.
Published and tried them. Working great...

I'm looking at their other products seriously as I found
Reviews: 1
I'm not professional for me it is always difficult to come to terms with Joomla.
Since I need a detailed contact form I have tested some components.
I'm stuck at Mad4Joomla and found what I was looking for in Proforms.
To me matters is that I get a software that is easy to use.
Proforms meets this criterion at best.
Reviews: 1
In many other components you have to bring experience in PHP and Javascript to solve problems.
This extension solves this as an application.
That is the reason why my customers love Proforms.
And if you encounter problems, you get fast and excellent support.
Reviews: 1
Very fast support and great extension.
Both versions (commercial and non-commercial) are nice and easy.
Reviews: 2
Got a conflict with the editor and the developers helped me out quick.
Once you work with this form component you won't work with another. It is very user friendly.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I had messed around with a few form extensions. Tried proforms. I wish I had found it sooner. Easy to use, easy to make a nice professional layout.

I had what was probably a stupid question regarding styling - submitted a support request. They came back with an answer with the specific tags I needed to edit and what to add, instead of vague answers as you see elsewhere at times.

SO, if you're considering Proforms... don't hesitate, it's worth it.
Reviews: 1
really good extension! Easy to use and very good support!
Reviews: 1
It´s easy to install and makes every imaginable form possible in just a few clicks. I Really like it (usage in a professionel context) and there is a great support option that can be booked. (Really helped me out with integrating the form into my messed up template index file) Summed up: thumbs up.
Reviews: 6
well done on a great bit of work, made my site everything I wanted it to be!!
Reviews: 2
I used Mad4Joomla about 1,5 years as I came to the point I needed more special functions like database support with export, custom emails and so on. I updated Mailforms to 1.2 and recognized that the pro version Proforms does everything I need. I must say this is a very very profressional solution. Especially the database functions are very easy to use and versatile. You can export the data with one click in the format you need (XLS, CSV with commas and CSV with semicolon). No thinking - just push the button.
This extension is worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
Proforms is a very good product and gives an excellent service. Thank You!!! Greetings from Bayreuth!
Reviews: 1
I tried many extensions for creating forms and finally settled on the Mad4Joomla (free version), as the easiest to use. After using it for a while I wanted the extra flexability of the paid version (Proforms). Definately worth the money, the easiest to use and the most flexability of all the ones I tried.

One thing I'd like to see in future versions would to be able to add a "print" button in the form. I know they can print the whole webpage (and of course they get an email that they can print) - but my users have requested (more than once) to be able to print just the submitted data from the web page.
Reviews: 2
I have several clients that need forms that are easy to edit and create and this is the best by far.
My clients are impressed...

Super easy to set up, create and edit forms with a professional look.

The PayPal function is just awesome and add even more functionality.

A big thank from me to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Easy to use tool to create forms. Competent and fast support (excellent)!
Reviews: 1
Incredible form solution for Joomla.
Easy to use and flexible.
Don’t need to edit CSS on your pc and upload it to the server.
CSS editing can easily be done at the backend.
Had a server issue and got prompt support.
The best … you get all these benefits low priced.
Reviews: 5
I think I've tried every joomla forms component out there and purchased several of the commercial versions. I always had some problem with each of them. Then I saw mooj proforms and decided to give it a try. It works a little differently than the others, but once you figure out the basic approach, it's very easy to use. I've used it on 2 sites recently with no problems. Love the simplicity and ease of use.
Reviews: 1
I had a small problem and got support exactly within 5 minutes.
This is incomparable. I tried a view form components, even the free version Mad4Joomla but none of them used to be convincing like Proforms.
A very very professional solution.
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