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CSLookup Plugin

CSLookup is a native Joomla plugin created for dynamically add a couple of drop down select list fields on any page and form for Country/State lookup. The Country list is automatically populated on page load, and when a user selects a Country from the dropdown list, the corresponding State dropdown list field will be automatically populated with the Country specific States.

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Reviews: 2
I'm using Community Builder and Community Builder Pro and this plugin works amazing. They provided me excellent customer support and Luigi was so nice and great in helping me. Thanks so much!!!! I would recommend this plugin and company to everyone.
Reviews: 1
I am a "newbie" requiring a lot of support. I am truly grateful for the developer's prompt support. Most importantly, it works! Thank you!
Reviews: 5
i could not use this plugin as the documentation is not so dummy friendly..however the developer stood by me in every step..and made it run.(btw its actually easy)
adding documentation or example scenarios would be more helpful.
Reviews: 1
To have complete country/state drop down list, this is an excellent plugin, easy install and super good service, thanks
Reviews: 4
I found this easy to install plugin trying to find a solution to double drop down box for country/state.

Worked like a charm in ChronoForms. Saved me from a big headache. -Thanks
Reviews: 2
Very interesting plugin but not useful (with JomSocial) because data is not kept on page load.
The user has to fill records each time he wnats to modify her profile.
Should be 5 stars without this problem
Owner's reply

Now you can. From CSLookup 1.1 it is possible to replace both "select" or "input" type, and this add compatibility with Community Builder. Moreover, now the plugin is able to preserve initial value, and this is essential for use in editing mode. Thanks for your constructive review.