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  • Free version displays a link to the developers site. Upon installation, users will be prompted for an optional validation code to remove the link.
Looking for a short form or a long one ? you are a Joomla starter or a pro ? need something to setup quickly ? or you need full control ? look no further!

Chronoforms is more than 7 years old, started at the early Joomla days, today it has a HUGE list of features and a very easy to use interface to help you build any type of form you may need, some of the features included are:

1- Drag and Drop or full custom code form builder, 3 form styles and layouts, including Bootstrap support.
2- Send emails to any number of static or dynamic addresses.
3- Full Client and Server data validation.
4- Store form data into database or Google sheets, you may also export it to CSV/XLS/PDF files.
5- Full security and spam prevention tools including Captcha, ReCaptcha, Security question and Honeypot.
6- Different Joomla functions. (Joomla registration forms, User Login or Article submission..etc)
7- Groups permissions support.
8- Payment Integration ( - Paypal Pro, IPN and PDT -
9- Others: File uploads, File downloads, date pickers, fields masks, Multi pages, Session read and write, database data loading, dynamic fields events, dynamic data sources, Auto completer, page redirects, cURL, Email verification, Email encryption, Meta data control and others.
10- The most modular design, build your own form processing routine or use the simple mode for quick setup.

1- Huge FAQs section covering all your common questions.
2- Free forums with more than 80,000 forums posts covering almost any question you may think about, We try to answer everybody's questions and comments on our forums or through private emails.

You are welcome to visit us :)

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Reviews: 2
1)Product is completely free to use
2)Support is better than any paid Joomla Extension I've ever purchased
3)It's an incredibly powerful product. I haven't found a limitation as to what it can do yet.
4)The developers are really nice & helpful. I received an answer to my question within hours of posting.
5)Chronoforms is a product I could see using on almost every website I develop.
6)Absolutely fantastic! Takes 1-3hours depending on your skill level to learn and understand the system. The time it will save you is incredible. One of the best extensions I've ever used!

The new version of (3.0 Stable) does need a bit of develop on the GUI -- such as the ability to edit the form after creation, as a few others have pointed out. That being said, for being new, it's a great first step. There is NOTHING else out there that is like this product.
Reviews: 1
I'm a novice php/mysql user and I've been exploring joomla for use in a few upcoming websites. I love the joomla structure and I was looking for a form component to round out my development site. I tried a few and even BOUGHT one.

They are all very confusing. Many might be quite good, but the documentation is often terrible and the interfaces are weak and not intuitive. They seem to assume a level of expertise that I just don't have. I'm sure they will get the job done, but seem to have a pretty steep learning curve.

I really think chrono forms might be the place to stop the search. The interface is nice, the product works as advertised. The documentation is a little light, but there is some good info in the forums, tutorials and FAQ. And it seems like the support response in the forums is good (unlike many other forums out there).

The combination of chrono forms and chrono connectivity looks like a real winner. I was entering form data in my database and retrieving it into a page on my site within 30 minutes. I'm pretty impressed with that and am looking forward to continued exploration of this product.
Reviews: 43
This extension has solved so many challenges for me in the short time I have found it and started using it.

I am fairly new to Joomla and ChronoForms but was still able to create a form so that people have to register before downloading a document and the forms output is sent to an email and also to the database. Fantastic! I could never quite manage this with Microsoft FrontPage - it would do the email or the database but not both at the same time!

I was also able to use ChronoForms to create a form where someone can enter their name and the email addresses of up to 4 friends and then an email is sent to the 4 friends letting them know about the web site - a great promotion tool!

When I needed help, I posted a question in the ChronoForms Forums and there were 2 solutions with a couple of hours!

Thank-you so much for providing this invaluable extension and also for providing it for free.

Neil Robertson - Chidlow - Western Australia
Reviews: 2
Load this up - looks great - go through the wizard - wonderful - all is good. Go back to edit - wizard is only for creation - once you are done you are in a mine field of backend crap - how hard can it be to have the wizard back to edit a previous form?
I'm not happy because I sent an hour creating a form but was auto logged off before I saved - why didn't I save? because the wizard is not for previously save documents.
This component has huge potential but the documentation and implementation are only so-so.
Owner's reply

Chronoforms is 2 years old and the wizard is 2 months old only (since V3.0), as you can see above its #14 in the features list, its for beginners to make a quick form but not to make a professional one, We have both video and text(PDF) tutorials on the site.

Reviews: 5
I love this form creator. There's a forms wizard if you don't want to get your hands dirty, or if you need more control over the way your form is set up and displayed, you can import/modify the HTML. That's probably enough for most users, but the additional ability to process php adds a ton of flexibility... even if your skills are only limited.

One other HUGE selling point: I have NEVER seen better response times or helpful answers on the part of a developer (and Bob) in a forum! It makes the component even more useful. Definitely worth getting the optional license if only as a way of thanking them.
Reviews: 4
While it did take me a few times to figure out the form wizard exactly, but since I have figured it out Chrono Forms has worked well. I have not yet tried the more advanced features such as file attachment, but for contact forms and clan applications, this component has been perfect. Thanks so much for making it and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I rarely write reviews, but since I use chronoforms a lot I guess I need to voice out my satisfaction like the rest of chronoform users did.
I make recruitment websites and to have a handy form component like this one really makes it easy to do resume wizards, employee / employer registration forms and a lot more. Plus, I dont need to bother about managing validations or spam protections.

Great work guys (specially GreyHead), $25 is less compared to the benefits provided by this component.
Reviews: 1
Stability and support are my two biggest requirements. The beta product runs quite well and the support is outstanding. For being a non-commercial product, really, I do have to rave about how quickly questions are answered.

marcelectro, I've found that they are willing to work with you regarding the copyright. All you have to do is ask. :)

Regardless, after reviewing others, I'm very happy I chose this solution!
Reviews: 7
Great tool which saved hours of development in writing some pretty complex forms. Even easier if you need standard stuff. Great support from the forum, was able to overcome every issue from past posts. Our Joomla site is now exactly what we needed thanks to ChronoForms.
Reviews: 3
Great component. Works out of the box.
Reviews: 10
Wow what a great component, so easy to use. Forum very good as well.
Reviews: 8
I love Chronoforms---don't even mind paying that $25 to get rid of the promo link. The extension is flexible, functional, powerful, and capable of simplifying so many aspects of managing a truly interactive, community-oriented site.

Our only (wee) complaint is that CF is designed to work only in the main content position, so CF forms can't directly be published to module positions. While CF offers a workaround to this limitation, it involves a third-party extension (Place Here) that a) isn't well supported and b) has issues of its own.*

So, ultimately, we're a bit limited in how we can use CF. But within those boundaries, it's great.

* Specifically, multiple instances of the Place Here module appear to conflict with each other. So if, for example, you want to publish different forms via PH on different areas of your site, and those areas are associated with different collapsible menu trees, ALL menu structures for ALL areas in which PH is published will open whenever you access any given page with a CF/PH instance.

OK, maybe it's a narrow problem. But it's limiting if you want to use CF to publish forms that let users interact directly from various content pages (without leaving the page). The PH limitation makes that scenario a navigational nightmare for the site user.
Reviews: 4
I install ChronoForms in Joomla 1.0 and with the help of the people of ChronoForms in theirs forums I made a multilingual custom form, when I have another problem with anti spam and the same the people of ChronoForms give me the light for resolving it.
The component is easy to use, have a lot of options and more important I can use my custom codes and gadgets, to make my forms better and better.
Thanks this was the solution for my problem with forms.
Reviews: 1
though is marketed as 'Non Commercial' this extension is not 100% No Commercial, if you want the add removed you need to buy it.
Reviews: 3
This is my first review on an extension, as I'm a new Joomla user. I installed chrono forms with no problem, and was able to get it up and running with a few simple forms without any trouble. It also allows you to download the results in a spreadsheet format which is useful for other applications. The client whose site we're using Chrono Forms is also happy with the functionality and ease of use.

The real test came when I wanted the forms to perform a bit more... like use CB user info to prepopulate and use a custom form with 2 submit buttons for different actions. I am no programmer, but the support on the Chronoengine forum has been great and Max & Bob are helping me do this, which makes me look great (and smart! LOL)
Reviews: 2
Did my first steps with the new Beta v3.0 and had some questions which where answered fast and qualified. I like the concept of importing external form code (html, php, javascript). The posibility to test the form on a lokal machine, then backup the form and restore it on the production server is invaluable.

Good job! Awaiting v3.0 stable!
Reviews: 1
If your looking for a form component that wont waste your time ChronoForms is the one for you, quick and easy to setup, no template issues are found here like in other form components, just make a form how you want it, one of the best components ever made!
Reviews: 1
Okay guys and girls, after searching and trying every form component out there, and with so much help from the people who read my post (note sarcastic tone and grimace that follows), I have found exactly the component which anyone can use to create a very simple to an extremely complicated PHP scripted form.

It's called Chrono Forms.

Why does a total Joomla! novice like me like using Chrono Forms?

1. It's free!
2. Very very simple to use, even for more advanced forms, copying and pasting code is a breeze.
3. Technical support is great, with the webmaster replying in 30 minutes or less.
4. Advice is clear, concise and to the point. (I.e. no for the underlying value of the if statement the embedded object code must be inserted blahh blahh blahhhhh.)
5. Supports Joomla! 1.0 up until latest release.

To the webmaster at Chrono Forms, thank you for your support. You truly are a gentleman and a scholar.

To everyone else, stop what you're doing, yes, stop watching Windows defragment your drive and head over to
[url][/url] and download the Chrono Forms component.

Kind Regards

Keep on Joomla'ing!!!
Reviews: 3
This is superb component for Form processing i seen ever, I used it for 1.5.x, but i am sure it would be same for 1.0.x also.
Reviews: 4
Got a working form with all the bells and whistles in less than 20min and I am no developer!! Used Dreamweaver to create the form and pasted it right in. Even validation was easy as well as sending the user feedback that the form was sent out.

Only problem was that in Joomla 1.5, my global config server mail setting was not right and created an error so I changed it from PHP to sendmail and its great!

I am so happy!
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