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  • Free version displays a link to the developers site. Upon installation, users will be prompted for an optional validation code to remove the link.
I always needed to create custom forms for my clients websites, Or to migrate their old websites forms fast and easy to new Joomla websites forms, this was pain, as I was using other components for doing this, and create everything from scratch at web based tools. So I created this tool to let me copy and paste code from old sites or after making it in 5 minutes with any HTML editor (e.g: Macromedia DreamWeaver)

Chronoforms is about 6 years old, today it comes with a huge list of features with a very easy to use drag and drop interface to help you build any type of forms you may need, some of the features included are:

1- Basic forms features like fields creation..etc
2- Emails processing.
3- Data validation on form (client-side - JavaScript) and on server.
4- Data storage and management. (Let's you create a table for your form, save data to this table then manage it later) (ChronoConnectivity provides even more management capabilities)
5- Security with built in Captcha + ReCaptcha support.
6- Different Joomla functions. (Joomla registration forms, User Login or Article submission..etc)
7- Access Control to your forms.
8- Payment Integration ( - Paypal Pro -
9- More utilities for common stuff needed like CURL - Email verification - Confirmation pages..etc
10- endless control using an events based system which lets you control everything inside your form if you want to, plus the ability to use PHP code wherever and whenever you need.

1- Big set of free PDF tutorials covering most of the basic features.
2- Free forums with more than 70,000 forums posts covering almost any question you may think about, We try to answer everybody's questions and comments on our forums or through private emails.

You are welcome to visit us :)

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Reviews: 3
Easily the best and easiest to use form component out there.
Just copy and paste from dreamweaver and voila, instant form.
Could use a module to display the form, but there is a way around that with the content item module.

Overall, I feel you can't build a site without this component!
Reviews: 2
I really like this component, can wait for multilingual support.
Reviews: 2
This is by far the best form out there. I've tried others and this one is totally worth it. Easily customizable and great for complex forms as well as just simple forms. There were a few bugs when I got the new version for 1.5 however the support is top notch. I would receive multiple responses within hours. Definitely recommend this.
Reviews: 5
I just installed Chrono Forms and built a form submitting to a database, in under 15 minutes. I've even turned it over to a non-technical editor already. Excellent install, features, and functionality. Love it!
Reviews: 5
I used Facile Forms, RSForms, and Phil-a-form before trying out Chronoforms. Phila-a-form really is a lot easier to use (as is RSForms), but they are both commercial products. If you are fairly new to HTML Forms then you really may want to try one of those first (especially the new Joomla Forms component coming soon from Phil Taylor).

However, if you know how to create and use HTML Forms and just want a faster way of handling the data on submission, then this is a GREAT component. Unlink Phil-a-Form and RS Form, you can't create the form within the component (I used Dreamweaver), so that's a downside for a noobie, but for me it allowed my to use DW to quickly format the form the way I wanted it, and then I just plugged it into Chronoform and let it handle all the tedious stuff like creating the email and form validation and so on.

I would highly recommend this form handler IF you know your way around an HTML form. If not, give RS Forms a look, and if you need some major power and flexibility, look for Joomla Forms from Phil Taylor (probably the best out there but not the cheapest, 1.5 version will be out soon) or Facile Forms (steep learning curve).
Reviews: 4

I'm quite new with Joomla and I had to create several form for a project. I've installed and tried several proposed in this section... Finally, I installed ChronoForm and it just rocks!

The product is very good, not too complicated but still offering a lot of functionnalities.

Moreover, the support offered even if you haven't pay for the use is just fantastic. I had a very small problem, posted my question in the forum and less than 12 hours later, I got several email discussions and my problem was solved...

thanks again Bod for your help, it will be my pleasure to pay the subscription and to use your fantastic product!

Reviews: 4
One of the best free products I have used. Will give you 100% of the efforts as a paid member. But don't let this deter you from donating :-D

Easy to use and easy to setup!
Reviews: 1
This is great and powerful component... Thank you for this component...
Reviews: 1
I started using the free version and then paid for the registered version. This component is fantastic. The forms are so easy to set up and insert in content. Since installing a number of forms in strategic content locations our website inquiries have gone up 500%. And all those contacts are handily exported to an excel spreadsheet.
Reviews: 1
this component is great for building custom form
Reviews: 1
I needed a form yesterday. I tried using an extention that I had downloaded last year and never figured out and finally gave up. Then today out of desperation I came back to the Joomla site and found ... ChronoForms

I am so glad I did. They have a great site with tutorials. And their forum is top notch. What few things I did not understand, I was able to find very quickly on their forum.

To use this you will need to be VERY comfortable with HTML. I used Dreamweaver. I laid out the form in the way that I wanted with the fields I needed. Then I copied and then pasted the information between the tags into the Form Code tab in the Form HTML area.

I recommend viewing the tutorial videos and reading the text tutorials. I was confused a little on redirecting and the onSubmit code. You can't have both. I found that if you have any link in the redirect field in the Form URL tab, it will dominate. Leave it blank if you want to have a before email onSubmit and an after email onSubmit.

Creating my Email form was fantastic. The only thing I didn't experiment with - creating a table. I think that is how you store the data that gets submitted but I am not sure.

This extension has made a public librarian very happy!
Reviews: 1
Great component!
Great support!
Great for beginners!

Need a form ? This component should be your first choice.

Reviews: 2

I've used a few other form tools and this one makes Joomla forms that work. It is very flexible. I like that is does not try to provide a form creation tool and relies on my providing code.

Reviews: 1
I'm a beginner i have tried several form creating extensions , all of them was too complicated for me , but chronoform was very easy to use with enough documentation, it also reliable
big thanks to you guys.....
Reviews: 2
Chronoforms has allowed me to transfer our existing, complex forms to our new Joomla! 1.5 site with ease. It has a large number of features and makes form building extremely easy for anyone with a little HTML knowledge or a tool to help create the HTML for them (Eclipse, Dreamweaver or Quanta for example). They have a forum on their website where you get very fast, very friendly help and advise from knowledgeable people. By far one of my favorite, most often used tools on Joomla!

Reviews: 1
This extension has met all my needs for a complex and big form. the support is also very good. i recommend it.
Reviews: 1
It's been awhile since I've been outright overjoyed about a new Joomla extension, even with all the neat extensions emerging for Joomla! 1.5.

ChronoEngine's ChronoForms is a vastly superior form handling solution, and I strongly recommend it over the other entries in this field. Nothing else comes close for flexibility, ease of use, and back-end organization.

Yes, it's "commercial". But the paltry $25 fee allows up to five domain installs, and is a preposterously low price given the power it puts at your fingertips.

Major mega-kudos to a commercial 3PD who has made this incredible Enterprise-class extension available at a consumer/small-business price! This is the example that all commercial 3PDs should follow.
Reviews: 3
ChronoForms is a spectacularly robust forms generator - and much more! Many thanks to the Chrono Man!
Reviews: 10
I really, really like this app. I have been using Jommla for about a month now and before that did everything the hard way, by trial and error.

No more having to get and configure a cgi application to handle the form for email. yeah!!!

Anyway, it installed beautifully. I went to the website and watched the video once. Then opened up Frontpage and created my form and then copied and pasted and it works.

There are a lot of advanced options that I am sure I will never need and have no desire to learn but for basic functionality I give it 6 stars.
Reviews: 5
It works great and makes forms fast and easily (once you understand the system). Great work on this one!

My only problem would be how user friendly it is. It would be nice to have a built in walkthrough or a sample form that comes with the installation.
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