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  • Free version displays a link to the developers site. Upon installation, users will be prompted for an optional validation code to remove the link.
Looking for a short form or a long one ? you are a Joomla starter or a pro ? need something to setup quickly ? or you need full control ? look no further!

Chronoforms is more than 7 years old, started at the early Joomla days, today it has a HUGE list of features and a very easy to use interface to help you build any type of form you may need, some of the features included are:

1- Drag and Drop or full custom code form builder, 3 form styles and layouts, including Bootstrap support.
2- Send emails to any number of static or dynamic addresses.
3- Full Client and Server data validation.
4- Store form data into database or Google sheets, you may also export it to CSV/XLS/PDF files.
5- Full security and spam prevention tools including Captcha, ReCaptcha, Security question and Honeypot.
6- Different Joomla functions. (Joomla registration forms, User Login or Article submission..etc)
7- Groups permissions support.
8- Payment Integration ( - Paypal Pro, IPN and PDT -
9- Others: File uploads, File downloads, date pickers, fields masks, Multi pages, Session read and write, database data loading, dynamic fields events, dynamic data sources, Auto completer, page redirects, cURL, Email verification, Email encryption, Meta data control and others.
10- The most modular design, build your own form processing routine or use the simple mode for quick setup.

1- Huge FAQs section covering all your common questions.
2- Free forums with more than 80,000 forums posts covering almost any question you may think about, We try to answer everybody's questions and comments on our forums or through private emails.

You are welcome to visit us :)

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Reviews: 3
Chronoforms makes the fairly complex task of coding forms unbelievably easy! What used to take a considerable amount of time can now be done in minutes. There are a lot of options with the forms, and I have yet to find something that couldn't be done with it.

It did take 30 minutes or so to figure out how to properly set up the form like I wanted, so it does take a little effort to learn the interface. However, once you get the hang of it, forms become a breeze!
Reviews: 3
Basically it's a good extension and let you save a lot of time...if you need very simlpe forms. It claims to be "wysiwyg" editor, bu actually it only let you simply place one input field after another in sequence: you need to put lots of custom code to get the appearance you want to. Moreover I could not find good help neither into documentation, nor into forums: I hat to work out lots of solutions by myself. Some bugs are: file uploads, a databease specific "update" functionality. Anyway after a loooooong time spent to put custom PHP/HTML code, it is working efficiently.
Reviews: 1
This product is amazing, so may features and very easy and friendly to use.

And the support is fantastic, fast and with a answer always!

Keep going :)
Reviews: 1
Takes a litttle while to get used to the configuration wizard, but once couple of forms are done process is very easy. Emailed support a question and reply was received within an hour.Excellent support and active forum.
Reviews: 3
I want a form contact extension for my city portal, I tested 6 or so. I needed to send emails from inside an article and to diferent recipients each time.
Only one did it! 30 minutes and I replace my former form with Chronoforms.
Supports dept. encourages me to try the free and unrestricted version of CF, and answer my questions, next month I will buy this form just for support development! 5 of 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
I just want to say to anyone that this is the best forms component ever, i tried almost all of them but i use chronoforms on every single site even for just small contact form. you can create any form you want there is no limitation and that's the best thing .
Thanks to the developer
Reviews: 15
One of the best form component around. Little complicated to understand in the first go, but the documentation is very detailed and clear. So if you find it difficult to configure, see the documentations. Its very flexible and lots of features.

Amit Patekar
Reviews: 1
I'm obsessed with finding the best plugins to get the job done and I must say out of all the extensions we've evaluated this is by-far the best. You definitely have a repeat customer here.
Reviews: 1
this is the best forms component i have ever used . i cant think of using any other one . contain almost all the features that anyone will need. the live validation works great . but what i would like to see is the security image verification can be on dark background for dark websites.
thank you guys
Reviews: 6
Needs serious improving on upload file section.
Reviews: 18
I have a mixed bag of review when it comes to extensions for Joomla. But this one, I really wish I could give it 6 stars just due to the ease of use and support. Everyone who has tried this knows "Bob" and he may just be part cyborg... always got the right answer and quick to help -- even those who use the free version. You just don't see that in ANY other free Joomla components. If you do try this out, make sure to validate and support this component.

That being said, the only drawback I can tell have to do with the new version and 1.7. There is no auto-template creator for the new version (email template for mailback) and also the radio / checkboxes don't show vertically by default. But it is easy to go in and edit the code.
Reviews: 4
There are a number of things I like about this extension. First, it is very robust; you can use it to address a wide variety of requirements. I have used it to collect checklist data, in a reservation page, and to enhance registration. Second, the support is outstanding. I have answered most of my questions using the website or forum. Grayhead shares enthusiastically. And finally, I have learned a lot about Joomla extensions using this one. In appreciation, I bought the book; haven't used it yet but I'll probably get around to it.
Reviews: 1
Where Chronoforms shines is the support. Always fast and helpful. Much appreciated!
Reviews: 1
In a head-to-head with CK Forms extension it all boils down to how experienced you are and what you want from the extension.

"Out of the blocks" CK forms is much simpler to use and anyone with even a little Joomla experience will be creating forms that work and do what you want - without reading any documentation- within minutes. If you're in a hurry and aren't that bothered about layout formatting and field verification- go for CK forms.

However, if you've got time, are a bit more demanding about what you want, and are prepared to put in a little effort, Chrono Forms is much more comprehensive and flexible.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension that COULD trim hours off the time required to implement a Joomla! form. The feature list is extensive and should cover almost any need with little tweaking of the back-end code.

However, the lack of a user's guide and little built-in help results in a very steep learning curve. I spent hours in trail-and-error testing to get what I consider a simple form functioning as needed.

I give it a 4 rating only because I believe it is very good work. If there was a comprehensive user's guide I would rate this a 5+ and gladly purchase the 'no link' license for all of my sites.
Reviews: 4
Chronoforms is a MUST HAVE for every website. It works fabulously. I purchased the plugin and received immediate and accurate support! I've used this for Joomla 1.5 AND 1.6. I am sorry the last person who posted had trouble with their 1.6, but I think it is just because they didn't fully understand what to do. I love this extension and appreciate that the developer offers it for free!
Reviews: 1
For a new website I started with Joomla 1.6. Since there are not much formeditors yet for Joomla 1.6 AND since Chronoforms has good reviews I decided to give it a try.
Installation was easy.
Setting up the first form was a bit tacky but manageable.
Then sending the form as a test and all I received by e-mail was " You may customize this message under the "Template" tab in the Email settings box." It took me hours to find out that an 'emailtemplate' needs to be created before you can receive the content of a form. Even more crazy is that this template needs to be written in HTML.
Why do I use a formeditor? Because I don't know any codelanguage so I therefore I rely on wysiwyg software.
What do I want to receive from my visitors? The input my visitors fill out in the fields I created. Yes, I am a codedummy.
Then WHY do they expect me to start struggling with stupid code again?
I will not use this formeditor. It is not finished yet.
Reviews: 6
Recently found chronoforms V4 - it is worth the effort to learn as it has power to make large tasks easy. V4 documentation is a bit thin at present but the forum is very well supported and I'm sure it will achieve exactly what I ask of it. V3 documentation is very complete so expect V4 to progress nicely.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Chronoforms for a little over and have been very satisfied with the functionality, stability, and tech support.

I have been able to create forms for my clients that range from simple to complex functionality and not lose sleep that it will break along the way. There is a great deal of support and solutions on the forum and the response to tech support has always been timely. For these reasons, purchasing the commercial version was a no brainer.

Keep up the great work Chronoengine!
Reviews: 1
Because I can not support with mony
I want to thank you for the excellent work.
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