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  • Free version displays a link to the developers site. Upon installation, users will be prompted for an optional validation code to remove the link.
I always needed to create custom forms for my clients websites, Or to migrate their old websites forms fast and easy to new Joomla websites forms, this was pain, as I was using other components for doing this, and create everything from scratch at web based tools. So I created this tool to let me copy and paste code from old sites or after making it in 5 minutes with any HTML editor (e.g: Macromedia DreamWeaver)

Chronoforms is about 6 years old, today it comes with a huge list of features with a very easy to use drag and drop interface to help you build any type of forms you may need, some of the features included are:

1- Basic forms features like fields creation..etc
2- Emails processing.
3- Data validation on form (client-side - JavaScript) and on server.
4- Data storage and management. (Let's you create a table for your form, save data to this table then manage it later) (ChronoConnectivity provides even more management capabilities)
5- Security with built in Captcha + ReCaptcha support.
6- Different Joomla functions. (Joomla registration forms, User Login or Article submission..etc)
7- Access Control to your forms.
8- Payment Integration ( - Paypal Pro -
9- More utilities for common stuff needed like CURL - Email verification - Confirmation pages..etc
10- endless control using an events based system which lets you control everything inside your form if you want to, plus the ability to use PHP code wherever and whenever you need.

1- Big set of free PDF tutorials covering most of the basic features.
2- Free forums with more than 70,000 forums posts covering almost any question you may think about, We try to answer everybody's questions and comments on our forums or through private emails.

You are welcome to visit us :)

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Reviews: 7
I usually do not write reviews, but this is a great component. I tested today for a few hours and I might say with a little fantasy and a little knowledge of PHP you can get a lot of things.

Excellent and FREE component.(yes it's free, it has no limited functions, but just a link on your form.)
Reviews: 14
Really amazing extension for creating and managing forms.
With wizard to help less expert users (like me) to create great forms and manage them with databases.

Just found a bug within Google Chrome - turned to Firefox and worked flawless.

Also recomend Ari Smart Content to retrieve data in numerous ways.
Cheers J team!
Reviews: 1
This was exactly what I needed. I suggest people read the pdf on how to add e-mails first as I for one got a bit confused, but once that was settled this extension was perfect. Loved the wizard. It makes everything fast and easy! Exactly what I needed! Recommend it to everyone who needs a fast simple(but with captcha and lots of options) form.
Reviews: 1
The only pros to using this was that I'd thought it'd be a quick workable solution without having to develop my own forms. Now that I've used it, I've spent more time trying to trouble shoot it and could have built better forms in Dreamweaver. I've emailed support 2-3 times with no response and the ReCaptcha does not work.
Reviews: 2
I am giving it only a 5 star cos there arent any 6 stars available!.
I would say that this component suite (along with chrono connectivity, along with CB from joomlapolis, ranks as the best components available for Joomla today. CB still has some limitations (like ameturish looks, etc), but Chrono-engine has no limitations whatsoever. Here is why:
1. No functionality limitations for free users! Just a deveopers link on you forms which you would happily keep considering the great work they have done
2. Superb support! Whether u are a free user, or a premium one, there is no discrimination on the value of the support you receive. With admins like Greyhead and max, just post a question and you get a solution in a hours time... just report a bug and they mail you a patch
3. For coders and Non-Coders alike: even though chronoforms is primarily for non-coders, its is so smartly designed, that there is virtually room to put in you custom code snippets anwhere. even though its wizard allows you a GUI to drag and drop forms and can be used even by ppl who have never seen an html tag in their life. However, for more experienced webmasters, it has many places wherein u an put you little phps to attain whatever you want
4. Achieve almost any functionality you want! almost all things you can dream to do with your forms is possible
5. A host of Plugins and enhanced functionalities like dynamic emails that make your form look truly professional.
6. and here is my reason to give it a sixth star! I will say it again Support! support! Support! is phenomenal!

Thank you chronoforms.
Reviews: 6
I really like Chronoforms - considering I am a novice who doesn't bother reading documentation unless I absolutely have to, it didn't take me that long to setup! I have found support to be good on the forum too.
Reviews: 1
I tried the free version of ChronoForms before validating and found it easy to use. The tutorial was great and the forum is great for questions. I did have one glitch to start out with and the support team was very responsive and solved the problem right away. It is simple and straight forward and you can also add your own php for validation and customize if need be.
Reviews: 2
There a lot of form tools available for Joomla. Although Chrono has a bit of a learning curve, I'd recommend it for professional developers. The flexibility is brilliant. Had to use support and it was quick and effective as well.
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for this!
It's perfect! It Includes everything I could imagine. I have a very complicated site, wich needs to include uploads of manufacturers and transmit it to virtuemart and this makes it so easy! Data base access, Php and Java codes.. all included.
The Installation is easy, it took me one minute, it works perfect and I like it alot!
Reviews: 2
I switched to chronoforms after another forms extension (with no support) crashed my site. It took a minute to figure out how to use chronoforms, but after reading the tutorials that they provide, I felt it was time well invested. I needed extra help and was grateful that they have a pay-for-immidiate-programming support option on their site. I was able to get an advanced form up and running for a client right away. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
In the 4+ years I've been using Joomla, I've tried several form extensions but I have to say that Chronoforms is ultimately one of the best if not at the top. I've done a lot of custom form designs for past clients of mine but lately since I've been using it even more in my own site, I have to strongly recommend this component. My most favorite part of this (of many) is the fact you can basically do your form up in standard html and then simply paste the code into Chronoforms. I also know they offer a free version (at the time of writing this) but to be perfectly honest, the price for the commercial version is WELL WORTH IT! Support is quick and with the amount of work they do over there, I think it's worth it again. Thanks Chrono!
Reviews: 15
I've been using Breezing Forms until now which I have to say is very good in certain circumstance but very slow and has some problems.

Chronoforms, however, is fantastic. The beauty is that you can use the wizard to knock up a quick form, copy and paste the generated code into Dreamweaver, make your changes and then just paste the code back into Chronoforms. So things like adding Javascript to clear default values, customising the html and everything is totally under your control.

I really love this component!
Reviews: 8
Huge powerful program that helped me accomplish the impossible! Not a toy like some of the other forms extensions, does so much more!! I could not have built my site without it, anyone can make a form and submit it, this program is unbelievable. My programmer had to help some, I am just a designer, but just absolutely love this extension! It is a MUST have.
Reviews: 4
excelent and brilliant, that's most of what I can say about this extension!

I have used other form extensions, but when developing another site, I couln't install my usual extension, and so I searched and found chrono forms, and man! after some trial and error, I find this is one of the most clever extensions ever!

its the developer + designer dream, it takes you html and generates the form, great one!

Congratulations to the developer and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Dude! I'm an absolute newbie to joomla! I'm still learning how to install stuff and create simple things. I needed a simple form to collect some info and email it to me and the person submitting the form for their records. Installation, form and email set up and test took me 15 min!!! It's idiot proof and it works!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Reviews: 8
This is the best form extension I have tried. Your forms can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Don't be intimidated, their support and forums will help you through anything!
Reviews: 2
Wow what a cool product. It took me awhile to find a good reason to need a form and I tried several before settling on ChronoForms. After spending some time with this product I grew to love it.
What impressed me more than anything else is the support through the forum. After 3 years with Joomla and multiple sites with various components and modules I have NEVER experienced such rapid and helpful support.

Great Product, find a reason to use, you will love it
Reviews: 2
I used several webtolls to create froms with high quality and just this give me what I expected. Thank you very much to sharing this wonderful Jooma extension!
Reviews: 1
The support for ChronoForms is wonderful. Thus far I've been able to do everything I needed EXCEPT for one small thing - and that's getting the relationship between 2 tables established. Chrono will save data to 2 forms but I need the 'id' from table 1 to be updated in table 2 after Chrono writes the record. Up until now, I can't get that working. Any advise?

The Chrono forum is active and the dev is very helpful.
Reviews: 5
Very good package that allowed me to implement e-mail contact forms very quickly. It will do much more than I need right now, and it's good to know I have a strong forms tool in my kit. Flexible, fits in seamlessly as far as the front end is concerned, and the pricing plan is very reasonable. You can use it for free if you don't mind the backlink on each form, but hey - let's support those who are developing quality extensions like this one!
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