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Fabrik is THE open source Joomla application builder component.

Fabrik gives you the power to create forms and tables that run inside Joomla without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP. Then feed your data into Google Maps, Charts or an AJAX based calendar

With Fabrik you can create CCK applications that range in complexity from simple contact forms to complex applications such as a job application site or bug tracking systems.

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Reviews: 1
This component is super-cool. I think those negative reviews from last year must have been with a less mature version of the component because I installed this thing and used the sample data as the starting point for my own "Request a quote" form which I managed to set up within 10 minutes of installing the component. So, literally, 15 minutes after downloading the extension, I had a working form on my site. Just make sure you don't forget to install the sample data immediately after you install the component your first time. It's easy to miss the demo data link if you're not paying attention, but if you install it, it will make it much easier to get started quickly. If you're experienced with building forms and web apps from scratch, you'll think this is a total breeze to use. Unfortunately, the stable 1.x version doesn't have any kind of "dependent" form field functionality, so for instance, you can't have a couple of radio buttons that toggle a set of dependent fields on and off. You can still hand-code that kind of functionality within the auto-generated form and the Fabrik forums have detailed instructions on how to do that if you can find the right thread. Apparently a "dependent form fields" feature is slated for version 2, which is currently in alpha. Other than that I have no complaints after a whopping 30 minutes of using the extension, so three cheers for Fabrik!
Reviews: 2
I have installed fabrik 1.0.3 and then fabrik 1.0.4 . I have experimented with both versions, to various environments and my final conclusion is that this component is full, and i mean FULL of bugs. Completely instable.

Many of its supposed functions does not work at all. This component sould not used in a productive environment. The other frustrating thing is that the documentation is really poor. There are 4 tutorials, very very basic. And it is not for free.

Currently i am trying to fix some of the bugs using the forum. The support seem to be quite immediate but still no fix for the bugs.

And for documentation and support is not free! I do not know advanced PHP, but i know SQL and i can figure out how the code works. I think the code of fabrik is quite messy... If i am not going to resolve problems with the product i am moving to something else like facile forms, which i hope is going to proved more reliable...

In fabrik basic db features, like primary keys, autoincrementing, creation of tables and corresponding fields does not work reliably...

Anyhow the framework and the potential of the product is good! But for using it as a stable component i do NOT recommend...And they get paid in order to built their application and then sell it i guess :)

In fact the community who is paying in order to receive support are helping these people to develop their product...
Reviews: 1
This is an absolute Must Have for any serious Joomla site. Don't be put off by negative reviews based on complexity. Yes, it has a rich admin GUI, which could be confusing at first. That's because it is such an incredibly powerful tool. But you don't have to use all the bells and whistles.

Creating a basic form is as simple as pointing, clicking and setting a few obvious options. Create a Form. Create a Group. Add Elements to the Group. Associate the Group with the Form. Associate the Form with your Joomla menu structure. Done.

But that is just scratching the surface. Lets say you are building a Contact Us form, and want to preset the "Your E-mail" Element if the user is logged in. Just go to that Element in the GUI, select "Eval this text" and enter any valid PHP to fetch the standard Joomla $my->email variable, like this:

global $my;
return $my->email ? $my->email : "Enter your email address";

Of course, you can do the same for the "Your Name" Element using $my->name.

A slightly more advanced example might be building a custom order query form for VirtueMart orders, so you need a dropdown with the logged on users unfilled orders. This is as simple as adding a 'database join' Element which pulls in the relevant details from the VirtueMart tables. The GUI easily lets you create the necessary database JOIN and WHERE clauses to populate a dropdown with anything you want.

As well as reading SQL data, Fabrik also lets you store submitted form data back into the database, as well as (or instead of) emailing it. You can use this for simple things like keeping a record of all your Contact Us submissions. Or you can use it to control the flow in multiple "chained" form submissions. Or you can get as creative as you want, using the intuitive 'database join' features, and (say) allow users to change their main profile details from a custom form.

Fabrik also lets you define SQL table 'views' in the front end, as well as simple forms. And of course everything can be access controlled using the standard Joomla group features. So it's trivial to build a front end admin interface for viewing, adding and removing table rows.

I've had Fabrik installed for exactly 24 hours, and I have a very professional looking, working custom form for querying the status of VM orders, and a front end admin interface for processing the requests.

And I don't even have the Fabrik documentation. I accidentally used a PayPal e-check, so I have to wait a few days to get access to the site. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas Day, I can't wait to see what I can do once I have the docs, examples, plugins, etc.

Summary ... yes it helps if you known at least a little about SQL and PHP. But not essential. Get this extension, and invest a few hours in it - you won't regret it!
Reviews: 1
After twenty eight years of IT experience, from small shops to one of the largest holdings corporations in the U.S.; on every imaginable platform, OS, programming language, whatever; in every imaginable job title, from Fiel Engineer and Application Support Specialist to Systems Architect, responsible for some very large projects, there are not very many things in IT that amazes me these days. This extension does. Also, I have used many others and they don't come close.

I have not looked at any documentation, whatever and I have had very few problems implementing this extension. Granted, there are a few items fully documented on the Fabrik Forum during installation. I had no problem finding these an implementing them.

Once in the package, there are plenty of helpful tooltips, etc. When used with the forum search, it is rather easy to use. But, I speak from a different perspective and if I was an end-user with minimal to average skill sets the package has a steep learning curve. If you do not understand enough to further research how to Create tables in a database, specifically, MySQL, then you will need to learn from Joomla tables as you can create simple, database-driven applications from them.

If you want to create powerful applications with this extension, the following minimums are essential:

1. Create tables in a MySQL database, using the Joomla database is okay and the Joomla tables may be used to enhance your application.
2. Be familiar with the basics of creating and using Cascading Style Sheets(CSS).
3. Understand basic concepts of HTML.
3. Know the basics of JavaScript to customize event handling.
4. Be familiar with the rudiments of the Document Object Model.

I would say this is not eyond the scope of a super-user. Developer skills are needed to use some of the advanced concepts such as using CURL and PHP, etc.

In short, a truly amazing extension that answers my issue of needing tools like this, with my arsenal of tools to enhance it, to cut down my application development time to weeks instead of months, using traditional methods, without the Joomla framework.

KUDOS to Rob Clayburn and anyone else on the Project Team that may have been involved.
Reviews: 1
I went through the trouble of installing this component, only to have issues with the adding form elements. So, I went to the fabrik support forum, which only allows download of 'fixes' if you pay to register. No Thanks. Bad business on the part of Fabrik developers; if you're going to offer a free component, you cannot expect to be paid for support unless it's extraneous, and fixes for bugs is not something I would consider to be worthy of charge.

I've installed FacileForms, and am very happy with the results. Not a fan of Fabrik, not at all.
Owner's reply

All downloads of the core component, modules and mambots are freely available on the site, registration (even the free version) is not required.

Reviews: 1
paying 20 to get the bug fixes is a bit steep and out of character for a Joomla developer.
If the fix is available they need to publish it!

I have an undefined variable allElementData. Searched the forum. Same type of problems turn up several times over several months but no answer or fix given.
Owner's reply

just to be clear - you dont need to pay to get the bug fixes - the code in the SVN is available to everyone and releases are released to everyone at the same time.
Subscription gives you priority support, which will get any issues you have dealt with before non-subscriber issues

Reviews: 1
I read the reviews and was concerned with the comments about documentation and felt this shold not be an issue as I really only had some simple stiff to do. On the face of it Fabrik did it well. Linked to other data sources and gave me the form I needed. Problem is it will not email and if I turn error log to on a vast swag of errors are displayed. I am using 1.0.12 Joomla and 1.3 of Fabrik, I would have assumed it would be stable and functional. the information offered for free was not helpful for these bugs. If paying the 20 pounds is to solve the bugs, then I prefer to use someting else. I do the website as a volunteer for a not for profit org and was disapointed with the product. Avoid the hassel.
Reviews: 1
I thought this was an excellent product but only once I work out how it all worked. It took ages to figure out how easy the product is to use even for a NEWBEE like me. Its only once you know these three things that you find out how easy the product is to use.
1) When you install the component when it asks you to continue STOP!!! there will be an option to install example data. DO IT. this will give you something to play around with
2) To see a published form you have to link to the table. to do this go to edit your table and in the 'link to menu' tab select a menu and then enter a menu name, click to link to menu. This will publish the item so you can see it in your preview.
3) In creating a new form you have to create your table using MySQL before you can attach your form to it.
The rest is really easy to figure out :O)
Reviews: 5
When they said it didn't require any knowledge of MySQL and it would all be in the familiar atmosphere of the Joomla backend, I figured, what the heck? As long as I didn't blow up my webhost's server, I desperately needed to set up a database for a genealogical society website. But that was easier said than done. Let me be honest here--I can't even SPELL SQL, let alone program in it...Excel causes me to break out in hives and we won't even go to the hysteria I've suffered from Access!

Installation was super easy. The set up of the forms stymied me at first--mainly because I was dealing with unfamiliar territory. Truly the first errors were mine and I couldn't find answers quickly on the Fabrik forum. I will admit that you have to really comb the forum, but even if you can't find them, you can find helpful users always willing to assist. (It also helps if you read Rob's READ ME FIRST in the forums--which I didn't...and after I had torn a headful of hair from my old gray head, I did go back and read it and found my answer). Duh.

But within three hours I had a BEAUTIFUL database and my users (who are all usually confounded by anything electronic) were happily inputting their data. I then went on to create another form by importing (using the nifty keen Import function within product) from Excel an ENORMOUS database. Once I had figured out that spaces in Excel headings are not happy things from the information in the forum, my data input to perfection with me having to change only a couple of things to get the form just the way I wanted. I didn't even have to mess with templates--they come with the product.

As for improvement: 1) On the extension: though you don't have to know MySQL or PHP functions, it really would help if the terms and functions were more fully explained; 2) a few more information buttons to help "on the fly" would also be great; 3) I really do think that there should be a Wiki page or PDF so that poor Rob won't have to be dealing with the likes of me asking questions he's already answered in his READ ME FIRST!

All in all though, this is a FANTASTIC product and when you're dealing with tons of information which needs to be organized, especially in a genealogical database, this product fits like a glove.
Reviews: 1
After making the support forum available only to subscribers, Fabrik has taken on the road to make it as good as it get.

Simple the beat database/form tool on the market right now
Reviews: 2
Hi there,
I would like to start with giving my complements for this component! It is a very nice and complete tool. To make a form the way you want it isn't easy but with some help out of the forum pages... yeah it works!

After installing and setting up my first form I tried to use it. The form shows up quite nice but after filling it out and press the send button... Oeps... An error on line 1036 in fabrik.class.php made the use of the component useless...

Because I couldn't find any solution on the web (also not in the forum), I decided to make the line invisible by putting the line between /* and */ in the php script.

After that...
It works!

I do not know if this solution will help you out but at my site it works quite well.

Kind regards,
Reviews: 12
Fabrik has really matured from its previous incarnation as MosFroms. It's easier to install, easy to use, more powerful and is packed with features. It has so far been able to handle all the curly questions I've asked of it.
Well done team!
Reviews: 1
Unless you're willing to pony up some hard earned cash for the documentation then don't even bother. Looks like a promising component but not very intuitive.
Reviews: 11
Almost no limitations no bugs found, lot of options, i like the tooltips and the PHP validations system.

Thankyou page, even an custom made copy for the recipient wow i like it.

Uploading an attachment? no problem!

Reviews: 3
Zero documetation=zero chance to figure out how to use. It is not a kind of component, you can guess what and how to do. You need documentation! So basically it is a commercial component, or a subscription ware. For £20/year you get the documentation and more. What a pitty:-(
Reviews: 1
The framework is very good, though I do not recommend the registration.

It is very expensive and the added value is close to zero! It is hard to believe, but there are only three tutorials yet....

In addition, the registration is recurring....

This is really a tough one!
Reviews: 1
this component should NOT be released as stable!

there are WAY too many bugs and the whole thing is completely insecure and vulnerable to hacking.

i'm having numerous issues in the backend....not able to edit elements-getting blank pages.
no validation expressions work-malicious script insertion vulnerability
no spam protection available-like an open invitation for cialis and porn site emails!

there's good potential here, but the devs really should take this off the shelves and finish working on it before releasing it to the public.

they also need to hire someone to give support here in the forums. they seem to be overwhelmed and not able to respond to support requests and forum posts in a timely fashion.

i'm really disappointed and resent purchasing my subscription to the site/component as i have not seen any return on my investment!

PLEASE seriously consider all these points before you think about using this component on a live site!!!
Reviews: 4
Well I think that this component has a very promising path. However at this point I prefer FacileForm it has a real GUI, a very good graphical layout form creator which Fabrik doesn't. Author claims that Fabrik is a novice-nonprogramer friendly but actualy it isn't. In such a "program" the docs are a must. It's very dificult to figure out what to do without any decent documentation. No examples whatsoever. No workflow explained, no nothing. Author claims that he is giving us a space shuttle but without a docs on how to use it. So for a nonprogramer/novice this compo is useless.
Reviews: 1
I am rating this a good because I think the potential is extremely high. However, being a usability engineer, I know that things that are easy to use are more easily adopted (iPod). I also agree that the basic how-to's should be posted associating elements etc, but am fine with videos, templated forms etc being a fee. 20lbs isn't that much. So dev team please make this a little more user friendly and you will have a knock-out on your hands.

Reviews: 1
Its a very good idea to deploy datas from bd. This extension should be include in the core of the joomla core !
Many many Thanks !!!
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