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Fabrik is THE open source Joomla application builder component.

Fabrik gives you the power to create forms and tables that run inside Joomla without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP. Then feed your data into Google Maps, Charts or an AJAX based calendar

With Fabrik you can create CCK applications that range in complexity from simple contact forms to complex applications such as a job application site or bug tracking systems.

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Reviews: 2
I think this form should not mention in this category(forms) its real application builder! just simply turn your think & use it as you wish.

I must say thanks to Rob Clayburn to found this easy way thats great and is also want to be a part of next release (should be add layout customization ).
Reviews: 4
Although it says that with this component everybody can make forms and tables without any knowledge of PHP, this is just not true. Sure, if you want to make a form with just 1 column, it probably will show your form as you want it. But if you want a form with 2, 3 or more columns, you're stuck. You will have to make a new template fot those and that will require PHP coding. Also, you will then have to make new CSS files for every form.
If you want to show the results of your forms, you are even in bigger trouble, because for some strange reason it will display your results in lists instead of tables, which are much more easy to edit.

So, if you want just a form with 1 column, go ahead and use this. But if you want more columns, I suggest a component like RSForm Pro where you can easily edit the tables for every single form.
Owner's reply

Hi Each group has a column setting which enables you to render the elements in a series of columns.

The recorded data is shown in a table as the default table template. There is a template which shows the results as a list, but its not the default one.

Reviews: 4
This is a nice extension!
Very flexible, lots of features and fantastic plug-ins.
The support is great. Problem solved in a few hours.
Reviews: 7
I spent about 3 months trying to get other Joomla development tools to do the job I needed, to create a gig engine for a fan site. None of them came close, so then I decided to start from scratch and write a component. I found fabrik by accident and gave it a go. To cut a long story short, this is one of the best development tools for any environment I have ever used - it did the job I needed, my site looks great and the back end admin is amazing. It is incredibly powerful "out of the box", but with all of the extensions available, and the ease with which it can be customised, it beats all of the others by a mile. I use fabrik in conjunction with CB, Kunena and Community ACL and have a site that my users are delighted with.

Just one complaint - why is it hidden in Contacts & Feedback -> Forms? There must be loads of people looking for a component like this that never find it.
Reviews: 3
Hi to every one who is new to fabrik, if you happen to read my post, believe me that fabrik is a must have component. I came across this component fews months back, but left it thinking that it has bad support and hard to use.. but today the reason why i am writing this review is, I regret searching for other alternatives for nearly a month and got it done only by using fabrik fabulous :-), kindly have patience and work with it. thank you fabrik team.
Reviews: 13
I'm using it for more than a year and it's really powerful ,

There are many plugins to help you,
but for some very specific applications a knowledge of PHP is needed,

After more than a year I subscribed to a support plan which allowed me to download some very good plugins to complement the very good component.

The support forum is a good place to help you even if you have no subscription.

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
Although Fabrik is clearly a powerful form builder, this component is poorly made and follows poor coding principles. It is overly complex and seems to have built in bug upon bug, with patches to fix things, but never code-overhauls to strip out the underlying problems.

It also has a lot of annoyances. It's CSS includes a plethora of !important declarations, making it extremely hard to override their CSS with your own (that's bad practice for something providing functionality, not design). It conflicts with numerous other plugins out there, including SeBlod and even Mootools updater. It adds style declarations in the body, making your code invalid. It only works with some WYSIWYG editors. It is just riddled with problems.

My advice would be to avoid this extension whenever possible, although it admittedly has some features no other extensions have. If you do use it, good luck sorting out the bugs!
Owner's reply

Hi, I can see your point with some of the css !import declarations, but beyond that I would have to disagree.

We make full use of Joomla's MVC, so I disagree with your statement we use 'poor coding principles'. If you'd like to suggest improvements in our code, feel free to contact us with any patches or suggestions.

I don't think throwing out all of the code and restarting would make for a bug free solution. The updates we make are for specific bugs, rarely but sometimes that produces other issues but for each release we do the potential bugs are dramatically reduced.

If you posted on the forum we would be happy to help you with any conflict you have with another program. Most of the time that is due to those plugins making improper use of JQuery or outputting comments inside our Ajax calls. I'm struggling to think of a time when we have been at fault with the way we are implementing things.

I've never heard of a report of an issue with Seblod (a quick google didn't find anything either)

Also it's incorrect that Fabrik doesn't work with Joomla's mootools system upgrade

Reviews: 1
I use this component for my job... it's very usefull. They provide a great support service. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
This is by far the most extensive and robust extension I have come across. To be able to develop a custom built database application through the joomla interface is amazing, and the product is free. I went free at first, and very quickly subscribed for the added features and support (which is great). The free product has paid for itself many times over and allows me, a non-programmer, to develop a custom built database application for our small company that would never have the budget to pay a developer to achieve the same results. Very extensive and versatile, and practically every time I conceive of something, I can find a way to do it through the interface.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Fabrik several months now for a variety of different forms. I did not know that Fabrik offered Joomla Registration and paypal payment processing plugins, until recently. After testing them out and setting up a new site (5 forms+), payment processing, joomla registrations, have never been better. Especially, when you can create your own custom table views for the website owner. Good job guys, I'll be looking forward to the 1.6 Implementation.
Reviews: 1
I felt I should respond to the previous few reviews. They're clearly written by people who haven't given this component/plugin/module system more than a passing demo and they really shouldn't get the airtime they've already had.

Fabrik is NOT a forms component. Its an incredibly powerful and highly customizable database design system. yes, you can create tables. Yes, you can design forms, but the power comes through the ability to link tables, filter them, link them to google maps, charts and other visualisations. For those who want their site to collate a range of data in forms/subforms and to relate the data to other tables, Fabrik is really the only extension I've come across that comes close. At its basic level, its a form creator, but at its most powerful level, it gives access to clever and powerful manipulation and presentation of data. Its so great that the extension is free, I have no idea why Rob and his team do this. Have a play at the demo, read some of the documentation and give it a whirl. Theres no other 'forms' extension that comes close. Thanks Rob. Outstanding!
Reviews: 18
Excellent, fast tool to create simple (usually one table) forms and lists. I registered and paid an annual fee, but haven't gained really much (except few plugins). there are still quite serious bugs in the component and those need to be fixed first before adding new features. support is not bad, but could be better. I would even pay extra buck is I could only know this component is free from major bugs and there is more examples how to do things. This product though could be one of the best development components for Joomla when finished, but after 2 years of using it, I can say it is still in the preschool stage.
Owner's reply

Hi, can you report any bugs found in the forum please, we do fix things when reported and I'm not aware of anything seriously wrong at the moment!


Reviews: 4
I am prompted to write a review simply because the previous review [BBC2009 I think...]is either deliberate flaming or based on a rushed assessment at best.

I have been using Fabrik for a couple of years on a few sites, and I am willing to concede that it could do with a better forum/search system for help, but the guys who are developing the product are spending their time on fixing bugs/upgrading/helping users, not mending the search system.

It can be difficult to find the right thread to solve your particular problem agreed, but I have virtually never had to ask a question directly, and when I have, I have had an excellent response in a very good timeframe.

I have also never seen any rudeness on the part of the support crew, even when they are dealing with people who have wildly unrealistic expectations, and apparently more teeth than brain cells!

Like all really complex products which are highly customizable, the learning curve is steep, but the wiki and the video walkthoughs will show anyone with half a brain how to get started, and after that, it will take you as far as you want to go.

Any honest assessment of a random selection of support issues in the Fabrik forum will show that time and time again the developers and their loyal helpers are patient and generous in supporting 'freebie' clients.

The product does what it says on the tin, and the prices for premium support are negligible in comparison to commercial equivalents which offer far less capability.

And for those who are thinking I work for Fabrik or something, A) I don't, and B)Go look at the free support forums to see how much effort Rob 'n Hugh 'n crew put in and C)Read the rest of the review down below...
Reviews: 8
Extension is OK, has potential.
Have to say that searching at K2, Virtuemart or Sobi2 support forums is a piece of cake, compared to Fabrik support forum.

Support answers at Fabrik forum are confusing, chaotic. Developers are often rude to people that are only asking help with "free" part of extension.

It seems that they just write at forum to get more topics and posts. Quantity before quality.

When someone asks something they answer halfhearted and then they acuse topic starter that he/she wasn´t clear. And topic ends there, despite starter made himself clear after.

Whole feeling with Fabrik support team is that they complicate and confuse things maximally to earn money if someone needs help with extension.

That BTW is not wrong, but YOU HAVE TO give easy and free explanation to that you give for free. For paid parts od extension you can charge extra for support.

As i said, deliberately complicating things at support level (and whole philosophy behind extension) to get more money.

Sorry guys, i use to give excellent reviews.
Thumbs down this time.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear that was the experience you had on the community forum.

Its not our intention to force people to upgrade to a better support level (although as you would expect we give preference to paying customers in both depth and speed of responses)
We most certainly do not make the product complex to force people to upgrade either. Fabrik IS and in depth complex and subtle component. It takes time and patience to get the most out of it.
I really don't think we are rude on the forums either.

Thumbs down to the idea we do all this for the money!

Reviews: 2
Wow! a life saver, a great piece of work, brilliant! Usually when you stumble upon a good extension there is always a catch... not this time. From A to Z a truly nice component, my only regret was that I did not find it sooner.
Reviews: 5
It is only once in a while when you come across a high calibre component like this. It is more of like a development environment with a huge number of parts and therefore possibilities.
It is not one that you can pick up and utilise in hours or days, in my view it needs a long learning curve, but it is definitely worth it at the end. Support is great too and the developers are very helpful and go out of their way to solve any issues
Reviews: 6
Well, I can't say more. This extension is best that I can imagine. Is very flexible and complert. I was looking for an Form editor, but Fabrik is more that this, tables (edit, show, protect ... from Front and Back end), forms are very easy to make, good modelues, plugins... Buff I must Have.
Thanks to do this extension. Is incredible that is not Commercial (Thanks for that too! ;-) )
Reviews: 2
I started to use fabrik, because I wanted to use a form that could do simple calculations on the frontend. Using javascript this is possible in this extention. It takes some time and energy to find your way in this component, but it is worthwhile. I discovered possiblities to present data in the frontend, have users change data, use filters on data etc. I still have a lot more to discover in this component.
Reviews: 1
We started using Fabrikar and were a bit skeptical whether it would fit the bill.

Check out The client wanted the front page...and an admin area (not the Joomla Admin) but a complete different admin area between the front page and Joomla admin. Not a menu given with a special ACL status for articles but a complete menu system that works that needs to manage the database directly. With Joomla and Fabrik we were able to achieve this.

15000 records in an existing database needs to get ported....with a complicated DB architecture. The system was in MS Access and .Net. We were able to bring in data to a great extent using SQL Yog and part of it manually.

The team here is very very active....

The team here is very very responsive...

They have done a wonderful job with this component.

Cheers for their work.
Reviews: 1
This extension is a must-have for anyone who needs something beyond the basic functionality of all other form extensions. HOWEVER, someone with no PHP and SQL (or equivalent) programming experience will surely get lost!
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