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Fabrik is THE open source Joomla application builder component.

Fabrik gives you the power to create forms and tables that run inside Joomla without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP. Then feed your data into Google Maps, Charts or an AJAX based calendar

With Fabrik you can create CCK applications that range in complexity from simple contact forms to complex applications such as a job application site or bug tracking systems.

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Reviews: 1
I love Fabrik and its features; I have followed the develop of the last release and I have read the feedbacks in here of the previous one, the 1.0.

The costant feeling I belong after all that, is it will be an extension unstable for ever.

Fabrik is the sole open source database extension and that is great. It is only because of the strong love of that extension that with this feedback I want to push the developer team to write a final stable releaase of it.

Thank you Rob thank you Hugh, indeed!

Reviews: 2
This is a really complete component: tables, forms, groups, elements... offers great organization for maintenance of complex form and data storage requirements. Yet, it is simple enough to easily generate a simple contact form. Its plugin features (with the possiblity of easily integrating with reCAPTCHA) has made me really happy!

Thank you for such a great and free component, Fabrik team!
Reviews: 3

very promising extension but the advanced search and some other features like table joining and prefilter (left join atc.) works only if the last update due to the continuing development is ok.

So still instable for now.

I hope that in a stable release all the advanced features will work. It would be the only advanced database Joomla extension to be open source!!


Owner's reply

hi the latest release 2.0rc3 has fully working support for joins and prefilters.
We've been working on improvements to the nightly builds to enhance the filter code, which has meant the SVN has had some issues, but I feel its really unfair to rate us as 1 star for work that hasn't had an official release :(

Reviews: 1
We used Fabrik 2 to build a few contact and signup forms for our site. After a small learning curve they work and look great. We'll be using Fabrik 2 to build our web app very soon.
Reviews: 1
Fabrik is truly amazing in the time that it save developing applications with joomla. We have had to create a few custom modules from scratch and what a pain that was. I think for us that process has almost completely been replaced by Fabrik. I think that once I learn a little more about where to use custom code and how to implement my customizations this will for sure be the answer to custom application development for joomla for me. On the support I must say that these fella should be giving seminars on how to do it right. We have paid support contracts with companies of various sizes that charge far more and deliver WAY WAY less for me these guys are the bee's Knees.

Fabrik is for everyone I'm telling you try it - it does have a bit of a learning curve but its short and worth it. Plus you’re not alone these guys are right there backing you up.

Thanks guys

by the way admins - I can not sign in with my standard user name DWH4L3 which I have had for 3 years - I had to create a new sign on to give this review.
Reviews: 1
This is an outstanding extension. It has provided me with exactly what I need. It does take a bit to learn but well worth it. I have seen many users confused about email.

If you add From "{email
to your config. it will work..

Thank you
Reviews: 1
Very great component. But there is no notifications by e-mail about new forms fillings.
Owner's reply

hi - thanks for the review. However there there is a way to set up notifications on the form - simply add an email or receipt plug-in to your form

Reviews: 1
The component is great and I highly recommend for anyone trying to do any kind of database work using joomla. I have created database with several tables containing over 400k of records and links to same number of files. The search runs great, update, delete of the records and tables relations are working as they should be. Any issues that come up Rob and Hugh are there to assist you within hours for small fee. Great job done so far and good luck with further work.
Reviews: 2
The previous reviews pretty much paint the picture: Extremely powerfull tool with unbelievable flexibility and potential. And Great support.
Ok there is a small learning curve, true, but it is definetely worth it, no doubt about it.

Before downloading it I read this review about support being on a paid only basis. NOT TRUE:I haven't given these guys a cent and the support I got was very fast and precise both times I needed it. The developper himself (Rob) took an interest in my problem and fixed it.

I wish I could get half of this support as a paid subscriber from some other 'bigshot' components. Their great dedication will lead Fabrik straight to the top.

Thanks Hugh and Rob, you guys rock!
Reviews: 4
fabric is a great tool for designing and creating tables, forms and making hard job as easy as possible. Give this tool an opportunity and check it out, it will do what you think and much more. The guys at fabric forums, tutorials and support are very helpful.

Do yourself a favor and be a supporter for this great tool that keeps evolving every day!
Reviews: 2
I've been looking for something like this and wish I found it earlier. The user interface is easy to use, the tutorials on the website are great, they get to the point and get you up and running asap.

Thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work!
Reviews: 9
This is one hell of a component. Being a real developers tool it's not for the faint hearted and definitely has a learning curve. But it's worth the investment, as it's a versatile component with possibilities only limited by your imagination. And the support is awesome; among the best I came across thus far.
Reviews: 1
I newly installed fabrik and i think it is great for many aspects. Thanks to the developers...
Reviews: 3
I have used Fabrik, since before they rebranded, I forget the old name for it, but I really have to say for those of us who are not, "meer" mortals and know a bit about computers, this is an elegant and powerful solution to many needs. If you are not comfortable with basic computer science fundamentals, html forms, dynamic web content, etc., this may not be super easy for you to use, but with some basic skills under your belt, it is a powerhouse of usefulness!
Reviews: 1
This component really leverages the power of Joomla to another level. Forget the rest of the "form designer" components, this one gives you nearly unlimited possibilities including complex database joins and instant table management for authorized users with fine-grained permissions and without a single line of PHP code. The more you work with it, the more you notice the power behind Fabrik's concept and the many ingenious ideas.
Reviews: 1
This component is absolutely fantastic. It's as well adapted for person who don't know anything with the programming as for confirmed developers. The possibilities are infinite.
The support is extremely reactive.
Updates and maintenance powerful.
I could develop very professional forms thanks to this application and the development prospects for my web site very many. Great thank to Hugh and Rob for their comprehension and their patience.
Reviews: 4
Have used Fabrik in a Joomla 1.0x environment for a over a year now. But Fabrik 2.0 is killer. I am not sure what the limitations are of this component. If you really need to build a specific application within Joomla, this is the ONLY solution. Plus the support is prompt and very friendly, even to users that haven't paid for support. Watch this one closely, it will change the way Joomla is used.
Reviews: 1
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Thank you so much for this incredible component and the associated plugins. I've only been using version 2.0 for a little over a day and I must say this is one of the best additions to Joomla I've seen yet. The attention to detail and the way everyting has been thought through is simply amazing.

I'm only to happy to pay the subscription for this and will be renewing it on an annual basis.
Reviews: 1
I have tried almost most form tools here for my web site and I found Fabrik is one the best and extremely easy to use with bells and whistles. I advice all who need form try Fabrik.
Reviews: 3
With the ability to manipulate any Joomla DB table including joining with fresh form data, the application power is huge. Once you get your head around the Fabrik approach, implementation is quite straight forward.
Formating is an area of weakness, appart from simple text WYSIWYG and rudimentary group columns, the only way to format things is to delve into the raw php template files, which is fine if you are a code type, but a bit painful for the rest of us.
Really love the AJAX validation as it seems very interactive to have fields validated immediately.
I look forward to the final release as with the kinks still to be worked out and a lack of patience on my part to figure out the formating, I eventually ended using another component.
If you want real power to create an application then this is THE tool to watch.
Great work so far, Rob and Hugh!
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