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Fabrik is THE open source Joomla application builder component.

Fabrik gives you the power to create forms and tables that run inside Joomla without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP. Then feed your data into Google Maps, Charts or an AJAX based calendar

With Fabrik you can create CCK applications that range in complexity from simple contact forms to complex applications such as a job application site or bug tracking systems.

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Reviews: 3
I have been developing Joomla sites since version 1.07 and Fabrik since version 1.02 and I can honestly say that this is one of the best developed and supported extensions out there. By installing Fabrik you take Joomla to a whole new level, as it turns your content management system into powerful application builder.
The out-of-the-box functionality is staggering and the response of the support team second to none. Many commercial support outfits should take a look at the Fabrik team on how to run their shop !!
For anybody who has ever looked at a database table or build webform, there is almost no learning curve. The forums are a fantastic knowledge base with a great and supportive community.
Do youself (and your customer) a favour and start using Fabrik for your web applications ... you won't regret it !!!
Reviews: 1
Fabrik is truly a very powerful component to make professional application.
Without an extensive knowledge of SQl language, I was able to build a whole application for a private school, with everything from the booking of classes, registration to workshops to billing and invoicing.
It took me some time, true, but the leaning curve is not so steep once you have read the documentation (I used the 1.0.6 version for Joomla! 1.0.15) and the support is excellent.
For those complaining that is it not free, I am always surprised to see that professionals (you have to be one to use Fabrik - if not, there other free form extensions available) who will charge their clients hundreds of euros once the site is up are reluctant to pay 30 euros to support the hard work of developpers like the ones of Fabrik.

Great work. Thank you Rob and Hugh.
Reviews: 1
This component has been essential to taking our sites to the next level.

It has proven to be a critical bridge between getting a basic site up and running and using php and mysql to impress our clients with functionality.

It does require effort on the admin's part to a) read the documentation, b) view the tutorials, c) search the forums and d) try and fail. But as a little effort is expended, the component seems to get more and more powerful.

Rob, Hugh et. al. are as attentive to requests for help as anyone can expect. Give them and their component a chance and you will be impressed with how much you can do.
Reviews: 4
The component is great... The community will need this a lot. But there are still some bugs in the 2.0b3 version:
- the pdf icon for the tables doesn't work properly;
- sometimes it is not easy to create tables, because of all kinds of errors;
- sometimes record addition to a table doesn't work;
- bugful when there is an image element in the table (example if you click the pdf icon you will get this: TCPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file:;
-the view field of the table could not be hidden for some reason;
-sometimes the sorting of a table is not working properly.
I hope these bugs will be resolved, when the stable version is out, then my rating will be excellent.
Reviews: 1
For anyone who is looking into work with database(s) in JOOMLA they should look into this extension.

Having 18+ years in the IT field and have worked with JOOMLA for 3-4 year this is the first extension that I have found that will give you the most tools and easy of use for the backend and frontend.

It is very easy to start with and the SKY is the limit.

If you find this extension very helpful the support is also and is worth every cent and I TRULY MEAN EVERY CENT.

I have worked with evey extention posted on this site and some are good and some cost money to use, But I have found this extention to be the one to use.

Please give this a try and I think you will be happy with it. Also, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting the support package.

Doyle Glaze
IT Administrator
Reviews: 2
The possibilities seem endless with Fabrik ! OK, you'll have to understand how it works and it helps if you know about mySQL and php, and javascript. But there's great support on the forums and compared to what you can do with commercial extensions, Fabrik is what you need if you want to play with custom fields, forms, tables and database !

Look it up ! 5/5
Reviews: 1
Simply and powerfull component.

I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Fabrik is an excellent extension, because:
1) you can manage tables and forms with max flexibility
2) you have good support in forums
3) the 2.0 version is still beta, so your contribution is welcome, expecialy for documentation and tutorials

Reviews: 1
Fabrik really complete my needs, for those compatibility and with database support and flexibility. Such an AWESOME component. For those who needs forms in their site, i recommend "Fabrik" of course. And of course with the forums that willingly helps you through anything. Keep up the good work guys! Cheers!
Reviews: 1
I tried to find an extension for my question bank project. I realized that this extension is what I am looking for. It does everything automaticly but you have to discover it first.

Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 7
It has been years since I have been in the trenches programming and needless to say, quite a bit has changed since then, but this application and the support behind it is FIRST CLASS. It is obvious that the power of this little jewel is limitless! I have tried several other database components and found them too limiting, however Fabrik truly does allow a completely custom opportunity! Thanks so much for a great application and for the great support!!! You guys ROCK!
Reviews: 4
After a cursory glance at the reviews here, it appears everyone who has tried Fabrik (and I mean really tried to use it, not just install it, play with it for 10 minutes, and come here to write a poor review) has given this extension the highest rating possible...and for good reason.

I tried EVERY other form engine (Fabrik is much more than a simple form engine, btw) out there...but all stopped short of doing what need to do: Users save data in the db via. vorms, and users have the ability to query these data/filter these data in a nice frontend table display. There was one extension that sort of came close (LQM? Some Query manager extension, but you really, REALLY need to know your SQL for that one).

The beauty of Fabrik is that this is all possible without knowing a single SQL command. In fact, I can know create frontend forms for users to enter the data, validate those data, created a new menu item to show the table, allow users to query this table, filter it based on a certain element/field, etc, about 15 minutes.

Is there a learning curve? Absolutely. But you do not need to learn SQL; you merely have to learn how to set the plethora of settings that this powerful component offers.

And to say that the 'support is terrible' is an insult to the developers; please take a look at the forums. Whether you support the project or not, the guys over at Fabrik respond to EVERYONE and at breakneck speed. They must dedicate more than 12-15 hours a day to its development and it shows.

If you want to implement some forms and db tables into a data-driven site, there is no substitute for Fabrik.
Reviews: 1
I was really looking forward to using Fabrik 2, but found I couldn't install it. Upon reading their support forums, I learned that a minimum 64M PHP memory_limit was required. That seems a bit outrageous to expect from most shared hosting providers. I'm quite disappointed that I'll have to look again at my previously discarded options instead.
Reviews: 1
unparalleled support and service! subscribed to their support service after first experience with the free suppport!
highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
This is an absolute BEST SUPPORT for Joomla form component and extension you MUST HAVE for all Joomla installations. Forms are very customizable and in general the component is easy to use. With excellent support from Hugh I finished my project successfully! :-)
Reviews: 1
And possibly one of the best application generators available on Joomla! (1.x and 1.5.x) so far. I have only been working with Joomla! and Fabrik2 for a short period of time, a few weeks, but the quality of the assistance you can expect from the author and development team are second to none. They are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and go out of their way to get up and running as quickly as possible. I wish all product support was as good as theirs. Fabrik2 itself is currently in beta but is a very comprehensive application already. Fabrik2 will soon be released and you will then have in your hands a simple to use (not just a forms development tool), but a very powerful application development system with full SQL database access.
Reviews: 1
Simply mind blowing. I had to go to website to learn on how to install and run it. There is a free tutorial. Just follow the tutorial and you will be on your way to creating awesome forms. Planned out and carefully thought form builder. no blunders.
Reviews: 2
I have used Fabrik in the past, and have been happy with it. I started a new project and I needed a way to build a Google Maps/database mashup. I decided to try out the new Fabrik 2.0 beta and let me say, WOW. In short time I have gotten my application to work in a basic way.

I just couldnt be happier with the way things are going. Keep in mind this is beta software and as such has bugs, but if you are willing to jump in the forums, the guys at Fabrik are very helpful. Be sure to be using the SVN checkout, not one of the older installs if you want to be serious about Fabrik application building.

This component is well worth the money they ask for the documentation. These guys response on the forums is some of the best ive seen for free and commercial extensions. Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 2
I've been using Fabrik for sometime now, and am now exclusively using the beta version for Joomla 1.5 (off the latest SVN's of course) - Things I really like about Fabrik

1. It is very easy to setup connections to databases other than the main Joomla one (even if its on another server altogether)
2. Creating table views, forms, sorting columns, displaying thumbnail images / google maps in tables and editing data is as easy as a few settings in the backend (ever tried doing this manually in php or ASP.NET?...takes at least 10 times longer!)
3. Contact forms that email and save to a database are a breeze (but if this is all you are looking to achieve and you're not keen to learn a new framework, maybe a basic form component is better)
4. The support is the best I have come across out of any free / commercial component I have used

I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface in terms of functionality of this component, but am confident that all my custom Joomla programming in the future will be using Fabrik (guess it can't even be called programming when its as easy as point and click!)

Documentation is a bit thin for Fabrik 2, but this is completely understandable as all functionality hasn't been finalized yet and I would way rather the developers focused on new features and squashing bugs until the stable release is out (its all fairly self explanatory & the forums are excellent anyway)

One thing that would be nice in the distant future would be the ability to connect to other database engines (SQLServer especially) though I'm sure this is easier said than done

Although we are still in the early days of Fabrik 2, it is clear the framework is extremely powerful and extensible and will be a vital component for all serious Joomla users in the future. Definitely worthwhile investing a bit of time into learning how it all fits together.
Reviews: 1
I am incredibly frustrated with this extension. After trying out many other form extensions (not many free one's to choose from), this one looked like a godsend. Unfortunately after spending an hour tinkering with Fabrik and searching for documentation, I see that they only way to get instructions is via paypal.
Owner's reply

Hi sorry to hear you had difficulties grasping how Fabrik works, we have some help in the wiki for everyone to use. We also have a free getting started tutorial here:
If that helps perhaps you would consider re-reviewing (if that's such a word!)

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