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No restriction of fields or forms!

Proforms Basic is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with versatile functions. Proforms Basic is optimized for usability and security.

This is the non commercial version of Mooj Proforms.

Everything you need to know about Proforms in the PDF Handbook:

▼ All Proforms Basic add-ons such as Plug-ins, Modules, Patches, Language files and Apps are available here:


★ Most easy to use form component
★ Using form templates
★ Built in App System!
★ Secure - 5 Captchas inluding reCaptcha, Spamtraps, sending time review.
★ SEF support
★ Forms can be wrapped into fieldsets with legends
★ Using form categories
★ Field alias system
★ Custom email creation
★ Patch system
★ After sending redirection or custom text
★ Horizontal or Vertical alignment of questions and fields.

Stunning new PRO features since version 1.5:
★ Responsive layout system
★ Overhauled form element creation and editing
★ DnD for ordering and batch processing of fields.
★ JS field validation
★ HTML placeholder

Added pro features since version 1.3:
★ Totally new (own) icon set for better usability
★ HTML between form fields
★ Improved and extended the selection form elements.
♥ You can apply a custom “please select” text for drop down selections now.
♥ You can generate options by using SQL queries.
♥ You can populate the options by using lists.
(Just copy and paste lists from any source in the feed area and hundreds of options will be generated automatically).
♥ We have added an “empty” button to remove all options at once
★ Improved and extended the core and app system.
★ Improved the text area form element with JS max char limitation and characters left advice.
★ Improved the preview function.
★ Added a “customize” tab at the form creation interface.
captcha, submit and reset button can now easily be aligned at the backend.
You can apply custom text for submit and reset button per form.
The reset button can be switched off by one click.
★ You can deactivate the usage of a Meta title per form.
★ Improvement of Proforms’ native captchas:
★ Stability improvements for email sending.

Dear User, this extension contains a small visible copyright link to us as copyright holder. We consider it as a small thank you. It helps to promote our company. This is common practice on many joomla extension and supported by the FSF.

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Reviews: 2
I am using many extensions since a long time for my Joomla projects but never found such an easy-to-use one.
A decent user interface which is totally different to all other extensions makes it very easy to use also for old customers.

If you need a form maker for your customers take this one.
Reviews: 1
I have been using the parent Mad4Joomla for years and was very satisfied. By migrating to Joomla 1.7 I was forced to use another form component because Mad4Joomla is not compatible with 1.7. I knew that Proforms is a fork of Mad4Joomla but I never thought that even this free basic version provides many more functions than the parent one.
Captchas are very stable now (includes also recaptcha by default), custom email creation, using the default menu linking and so on ... makes it more stable and versatile.

Keep on this good work.
Reviews: 1
Its really a quite something. Its easy, its comfortable and its ... oh i said that already, yes it´s easy ;-)

But, i´m so said, after installing easily and after managing the first form, i had to see, that the color of text on the website is black, the modul changes the color of the text obove of the form.

Of course basic means basic, but thats very dissapointing. I can´t believe that the advanced version could fix this. Mostly i do not understand why this must happen.

very sad

Reviews: 1
I use this extension to allow users to sell their cars and contacte me.

The best component for joomla for forms.
Very easy to use and easy learning.
You can increase your property with APPS.

For me it was imperative to change the metatags and metadescriptions and they helped me quickly and for free.

The only thing is, if you don´t wont the add link, buy the pro version.

Reviews: 1

Everything goes great but to receive the e-mails with the filled forms. I do not see e-mails on my e-mail box creating by you component. Could you list me all must-to-do's for configurate proper sending.

Many thanks
Owner's reply

Hello and thank you for the review.
Please contact us via the contact form at:

Reviews: 3
I needed a way to put a form on my site to get customer requests and have it e-mailed to me. Proforms Basic was able to accomplish this. It was easy to install. Navigation was also easy and I was able to create my form in a few minutes. I had a little trouble figuring out how to link to my newly created form, but with another few minutes of poking around I was able to get that sorted out.
Reviews: 3
it has a nice interface but the most important features like redirection are locked for the pro version. It is only good for the very basic forms
Owner's reply

Well every normal person who can read has noticed that this component is called Proforms BASIC!
Yes, BASIC because of basic features ... hmmmm ... sounds logical.

We guess this is an attempt to encourage us to provide a redirection function for Proforms Basic, but no, we will not.
Especially not if users are trying to do this via reviews.

Proforms Basic has more functions than Mad4Joomla.
Don't forget!

Anyway, thank you for this review. It encourages other users to purchase the advance version.

Reviews: 3
After installing ProForms without any issue, I was immediately able to navigate through the component's control panel and create a custom form with ease. This is a really great and affordable option if you have an indecisive client who needs and expects you to develop a form quickly.

I have found ProFroms to be a very intuitive extension to use, and so far, the best form component I have worked with.

I support and encourage the developer(s) to create more Joomla extensions with the same care and precision of ProForms.
Reviews: 3
And this is the reason I rate with "fair" this component. Although it's very easy to install and use, if you are a new user to Joomla, oooo things are terrible.
Until to find out how and where and with which way to add it to my webpage, I spent more than 45 minutes!!!!!! That is terrible.
You should definitely add a manual -step by step- how to add the component to your website.
When I started to configure the form, I was so excited how easy was the setup and my first thought was "wow I'll tell tomorrow morning to my client, to buy the pro version". BUT after I stucked and didn't found ANYWHERE any help (here or at the website), of the how-to, I did 10 steps back.
And one more thing: I don't know if it's available at the pro version, but there is no option to add any form to an article. Only to menus!!
If that can be answered I would be grateful, because if I finally decide to buy the pro-version, I want to be able to add forms to some of my articles.
thank you :-)
Owner's reply

Hello lmhadmin,
first of all please get in contact with us via:
because asking questions and asking for help in JED reviews is not allowed.

Yes we have excellent online manuals and support but only for the advance version.

And yes we have the appropriate plugin to embed forms into articles, but also only for advance users.
Don't forget that components never can be embeded directly into content articles. This only possible with a plugin.

Here are the Proforms Add-Ons:

Please contact us and we will help you to find the right service package which meets your needs.
Rely on this review.

Reviews: 9
I love being able to download a piece of software and have it work perfectly! Easy to my form up and running in a few minutes. Highly Recommended!
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for the right form to use on my websites, after using the free version Proform Basic and saw after submitting the form and see how it comes out to your email, the css is great and the outline as well, no other form can do that for you, I am happy to say that I will be purchasing the full version and I cannot wait! Great work, best form ever.
Reviews: 4
If you're looking to create a simple form, this version is easy to use. When I had a question, I got prompt, helpful assistance.
Reviews: 1
Well, this seems to be the only 1.6 compatible form creator which actually works at the moment of writing. In my quick evaluation i also noticed that this is a very professional and extremely easy to use program. If you want to customize your form-has-been-sent page, you need to pay though. Unless you're familiar with tools like wingrep...
Owner's reply

Thank you for this review.
Seems there are still some honest guys respecting our work.
Customized than you text can be made with the advance version in a very easy way.
But we don't want to hide that you can also change the standard thankyou text in whatever you like.
It is not that convenient as for the advance version but you just need a text editor to change.
The frontend language files can be found in components/com_proforms/language.

Reviews: 1
You can make perfect forms in a very short time. It is easy to use and gives all I need.

This is the best free form for Joomla.


Reviews: 8
You can't display the from on an Article page. You can only link the form to a menu. I want to click on an article and see the from but not possible.
Owner's reply

This is only possible with advance version and the form in content plugin.

Please purchase a subscription of the advance version:

Reviews: 1
I was surfin’ around and read this review about the Safari issue.
Checked the demo sites with Safari -> Flawless.
I became suspicious.
Downloaded and installed the extension.
Built a form in 5 minutes - used it with Safari and surprise - surprise no bugs!
Checked with Chrome (webkit too) -> no bugs!

Shame on you writing this review!

Though that I created a form in 5 minutes is worth givin’ 5 stars.

Don’t know the intention of this review but it encourages people like me telling the truth.
Reviews: 1
I was initially very impressed with this component, and was considering upgrading to Pro.
However when one of my clients contacted me to ask why I had not responded to several forms they had sent, I eventually discovered that it does not work in Safari. The forms simply do not get sent.
Plus the fact that there is no help, support or forum makes it unusable. Shame.
Owner's reply

We need to state out that at the first 72 hours a server error caused corrupt zip files. If you caught one of these files please download the package again.

We have done many browser tests and haven’t detected any errors.
The commercial version of Proforms exists since one and a half years.
In that time there was not one bug of this kind. Basic is the same software with fewer functions. It is technically almost not possible that an error of this kind happens.
(Except for corrupt zip files)

Ok let’s proof! Test the demo with any safari browser:

Because of the basic version doesn’t send confirmation emails you can also test the pro version where you have the opportunity to send you a copy of the email:

In both cases you will see that forms are working pretty well with safari browsers.

The reviewer writes also:
“Plus the fact that there is no help, support or forum makes it unusable. Shame.“
We ask for understanding that we can not give support and other help for free.
If you purchase a service subscription of the commercial version you will get access to the helpdesk. There you can find manuals, tutorials, downloads and can request support.
We are talking about the same software!

Reviews: 3
This is what I needed, a form that sends directly to my E Mail address. It is Easy to use and configured. I recommend this Component than any Forms.
Reviews: 1
I thought proforms basic is a sort of cripple ware or try out.
No! It is a FULL FUNCTIONAL excellent form extension and yes there are some features missing.
This is why I am thinking of changing to pro.

Anyway... you can create great looking forms very easily and send customized emails.
No form elements are missing and recaptcha is build in.
The developers give an excellent piece of work away for free.

Great job.
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