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qlform Module

The form generator mod_qlforms is based on the Joomla! xml form generation. Any parameter (calendar, text, email etc.) is at your service.

You can use it as:
* contact form
* form to fill database tabel
* major survey jumping from one form to the next
* do something else in prepared class for developers

Validation both via Javascript and PHP via Joomla! Data is sent via email to a contact email address and / or is stored in database table. Also possible is cascading the forms, so that you can generate a major survey jumping from one form to the next and storing finally the data in database. There are many more features (e. g. configurable captcha and prepared class to do "something else", means to add your own code), see yourself:-)

As knowledge about xml formatting and Joomla! form generation is needed, mod_qlform is a useful and mighty tool for developers.

All form fields see here:

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Reviews: 1
Took me more than a day to add second form page and after 2 days styling css with no luck...I gave up. It's good to have all options under the fingertips but it's bad if you have to customise something.
This makes it very difficult for me to get the result I need. Now I want to find something else or create my form with PHP.
Appreciate their offer to make my form, but I don't like to ask for unpaid help for free plugins.
Owner's reply


thank you for your review.

Concerning css:

mod_qlform produces a very clean and solid html code. Thus it is easily accessible for css commands. Just use basic css knowledge (float: left; clear both; a. s. o.).

Concerning module assignment:

mod_qlform is just like any other module in Joomla! that you assign to a menu item in a module position. Even several usages on one single page is possible.


PS: I will consider offering basic style parameters in backend for easier usage of this module:-)

Reviews: 7
I find this extension very useful. It is easy to design forms with it. The documentation is helpful, the extension is very flexible and reliable.
Reviews: 4
Apart from being an exccellent module that makes creating forms a breeze, also the support is superb.

I had an error on my page with one of the module settings.

Sent an Email to the developer. One hour later she released a bugfix update. Th error was gone.

I love this module and use it on many of my sites.

Many thanks to the developer!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this positive review!
Always at your service!

And I'd like to seize the opportunity to say thank you to Maksim, who's just sent us a brandnew Russian translation!

Reviews: 1
the module s average,not really easy but does the job. the support is really good, they finished my form for free when i got in trouble! thank you!
Reviews: 5
I've searched long and hard for a good quality, easy to use, does what it says Form. And it's free!
You can save to database or send as email,
Create as many fields as you like
Has validation
and Captcha
Can customise via css (if needed)
What more can one ask for.
THANK YOU to the developers!
Oh yes - and EXCELLENT after download service. I had a slight problem and emailed them - got immediate feedback! (in the end, it was a silly typo I had made) but the support was EXCELLENT! Friendly and helpful! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Reviews: 2
Very nice design and easy to use. Flexible to add unlimited fields with simple xml codes.

Thank you, nice work !
Reviews: 1
I built many web sites and many web forms in my career, using different cms and tools. Some are easy to use, some are not.

While I believe a extension should be a time saver, I unfortunately must say qlform is far away from it.
Back then, I liked the idea to use some markup and have full control over the output but these days it's not helpful. Everything takes too long with this module.
First learning all the markup, then building the form like programming html, only to find out there is no submission manager.
Using phpmyadmin for this is too uncomfortable and not recommended for my clients.

There are already too many things to take care of when creating a new web site and I can't afford to sit half of the duration of a project on creating forms.

Will be happy to see if they read my criticism and create a new more useful module. I would be the first one to donate something!
Owner's reply

thank you for your review. You should have asked for support. We love to help!
PS: mod_qlform will stay as it is, as many, many people appreciate it the very way it is:-)

Reviews: 1
Installed perfectly the first time. I even got the form to work right the first time. Since I am not a professional designer I email support with a formatting question and they immediately gave me the answer. Thank you so much for your prompt answer to a design question even though it was really not a support question.
Reviews: 2
absolutely nice, small and fast extension. great job!
Reviews: 1
I use this extension on my site and it works perfectly fine. Great support, helpful and fast.
Reviews: 3
I'm using it in my website and it works very well.
There is a good documentation on the website and following it, you don't have any problem.
Furthermore, the support is great: fast and ready to fix problems.
Highly suggested.
Reviews: 1
I didn't have a account on, but because of this module and the support of Mareike the devolper i had to write something. The module works fine and you can realy custom a lot with it. Thank you for your excellent support and module Mareike, greets Red
Reviews: 1
the best way to have a form, is very complete and for any problem you can contact the assistance, they are awsome and really quick!
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Very flexible and with excellent support from Mareike!
Reviews: 1
I'm using qlform for a while to realize different kind of Joomla-projects. Yesterday I wasn't able to create a form for the first time, because I needed the attribute "placeholder" for input fields.

After trying to fix this problem by myself, I gave up and wrote an mail to the support - late at night. When I startet my mac in the morning, I've got an mail with a great workaround - it works perfectly.

Thank you so much for this great extensions and your amazing support.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, easy to use.
And Mareike, from the support is very helpful, fast and friendly ! For a free extension, it's a very very good job !
Reviews: 1
Great extension! You may realize almost everything with this form creator.
And it takes only 5 seconds to make a simple contact form.
Also very quick support unswer!
Reviews: 1
One of the best extensions I've encountered, and the support is exceptional! The ability to write the data to the Joomla or another database is particularly useful. I can see I'll be using this one a lot.

I see in other reviews that some find writing the code a challenge - Its worth persisting! My CSS skills are not good, but the author went out of her way to help me get things formatted just right!
Reviews: 3
Really, if you search for a tool to create forms, stop looking, you found it.
AND the support (Mareike) is fast and friendly AND competent.

Thank you so much Mareike.

Claude D.
Reviews: 5
I'm using ql forms for a number of sites.

It's easy in use and works great. Also higly customisable - you can make nearly anything you want.

I've had some problems with getting some elements of the form to work in css styles, but withing a couple of hours I was contacted back by support which is very friendly. The support came up with the working sollution.

I'm really happy with ql forms extention! Surelly recommend it to everyone!

Good job!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

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