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qlform Module

The form generator mod_qlforms is based on the Joomla! xml form generation. Any parameter (calendar, text, email etc.) is at your service.

You can use it as:
* contact form
* form to fill database tabel
* major survey jumping from one form to the next
* do something else in prepared class for developers

Validation both via Javascript and PHP via Joomla! Data is sent via email to a contact email address and / or is stored in database table. Also possible is cascading the forms, so that you can generate a major survey jumping from one form to the next and storing finally the data in database. There are many more features (e. g. configurable captcha and prepared class to do "something else", means to add your own code), see yourself:-)

As knowledge about xml formatting and Joomla! form generation is needed, mod_qlform is a useful and mighty tool for developers.

All form fields see here:

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Firstly let me say the module is fairly easy and quick to edit and the finished form looks smart. The only issue I have is that when I receive the email from the form and click to reply it sends the form back to my website rather than adding the email of the person that has filled the form as a 'reply to' if this makes sense.
Owner's reply

thanks for your review. The reply works too.
(Set in e-mail params the "reply to" the very form field name that contains the client's e-mail address (likely "email").)
Contact our support for further info, as this issue is long known and - for that - has been solved a long time ago:-D We'll show you how

Reviews: 1
Very great! I'm using this tool on many parts of my website. It's so easy to use and works perfect.
I've had a little question, which was answered within a few hours, although they have been in holidays.
Very great work! Thank you for develloping!
Reviews: 1
With this extension I have full control of creating what I want for communication on my site. I don't have big knowledge of coding but I manage to do everything what I want. When I was stuck Mareike help me with speed of light answer and was very detailed. And all is free!
Thank's Mareike!
Reviews: 1
One of the best extensions on joomla ever! I use qlform on my website as horizontal form for a simplified contact and a vertical version for a complete contact-formmail. Easy to customize and configure, it just took me some minutes! And the support service even responded very quickly on questions concerning personalization of the extension. For the moment I just use it as email-form but I think I will try out its full capacities on one of my next sites. Big up to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and to configure. If you need a simple form this is an excellent choice.

Perfect for begginers.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, easy to set up, very good documentation, the best form extension I tried up to now.
Owner's reply

Thank you. Your review is very kind.

Reviews: 2
I've already tried a lot of form generator, both free and commercial. I've got to say qlform is really easy to configure, it doesn't break my design, i didn't touch any css. But i can get it to work with file attachments in emails. So, unfortunately i'm gonna move on to some other module this time. It's a pitty, becuase I'd really like to stay with this one.
Thank you for your work anyway!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!
Yes, the upload solution, we're working on it ... we hope we will be able finish it in this decade:-)

Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a forms module that lets you add as many fields as you want, make as many forms as you want, have it filled out as many times as you want... FOR FREE.. you MIGHT have a winner with qlform. You also need to be comfortable with "coding" your form using XML syntax. Good so far? The documentation is excellent-- funny and thorough, but it's in German. Google translates it pretty well, but it took a little patience to figure it all out.

It was a fun project for me to create my first form with qlform. Once I was done, I was a smarter Joomla user, and I had the exact form I wanted. I have plans for several more forms on various sites.

The form has many, many, many options, all laid out in easy to follow tabs, including writing to your SQL database, which is EXCELLENT!

Also, Mareike, the module developer, made a great little patch for me, and he has an excellent sense of humor, even through the language barrier!

I can't say enough good about this module.
Reviews: 1
I cannot believe you're giving this away for free! I will be donating. I read many reviews most are saying its a brilliant plugin and some are saying its not a form designer/builder because they want a bloated cumbersome javascript GUI. This is more focused towards the developer yes, so if you cant code its probably going to disappoint you. Its one of the best and brilliantly thought up custom form implementation I have seen. I haven't made one form with it yet but after installing it and looking at they way it works I am very very happy I found it. The forms are stored as modules and then tagged into articles using the positions parameter as the pointer this plugin uses Joomla's built in forms methods so it is 100% compatible with your template, what ever styles you implement in your template will be how it looks. And to think I was expecting to pay money for a good form builder. Thanks for your work here Mareike.

p.s One thing I would like to see is the option to select the default captcha set by Joomla or the qlforms implementation but this is not a set back but more of a preference issue.
Reviews: 1
After some problems with other contact form extensions, I am a very satisfied user of qlform. Almost anything is possible. The supporting by Mareike (the creator) is excellent! My question for an extra function of the application was answered within 10 minutes and within 24 hours was the adaptation arranged. Something I've never experienced before.
Reviews: 1
It looks like that qlForm is polarizing users in their point of view how a form extension should be.
There are some supporting this kind of form making. Others don’t like it.
For me, this was the initiative to test it. Not to beat around the bush, I am not a fan of this extension.
Although I think that the rest is well designed I am opposed to this sort of form building.
There is a reason why Cupertino and Redmond have established graphical user interfaces.
There is a reason why Joomla uses bootstrap in the admin interface. It is all about saving time and flexibility.
A markup form editor is a kind of Stone Age time thief. Just only re-ordering the form is a time consuming exercise.
What I don’t understand with the best sake is why the developer (developers) are unwilling to learn.
Why they ruin a good extension by fighting so hard against including an easy-to-use form editor.
The time they spend for replying reviewers that these are wrong and the developer’s philosophy is the real deal, would be more than enough for programming a good visual editor.
You could people let choose how they want to create their forms.
This is a community driven project! You should listen to the community.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your opinion.
To say I was "unwilling to learn" is hard, as it is not true and I listen to the concerns and problems of every surportee very well.
Genberally speaking: Generating forms is complex process. As soon as one tries to unify it, it minimizes possibilities. So sry for no click and run, but thus a user gains the maximum flexibility and can even do things, that are not meant to be made.
And as soon as one get used to the Joomla! way of form thinking via xml, it is really easy to use.

Reviews: 1
Mareike is the most helpful and genuine author I have ever come across. He is only too happy to help with my silly questions.

This is so flexible it is unreal. I've managed to create a fairly complex booking system with this FREE module!

I love it so much I felt the need to register here and tell everybody.
Owner's reply

Thank you very, very much!

Reviews: 1
Not only a flexible, easy to use form but also the support was great and fast! Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

Reviews: 1
After reading all the reviews I had hopes for a usable and great free form builder. To make it short, it's not. It's very hard to use on the form editor side and the resulting forms need too many manual css adjustments. You have to be a pro or plenty of time to kill in order to get acceptable results.

I understand the idea to get some contract work by offering an incomplete extension but that doesn't help average users like me who can't spend hourly rates or aren't willing to leave a fair review in exchange.

I think I'll stay with the Form Maker as it's good enough and wait for a really free and great form builder.
Owner's reply

Klick-n-run extensions often contain preformed css styles and css files. That is ok for people who cannot code and who just want something that looks good. For devs this is bad: A sometimes inoverridebale html code combined with hard coded, unaccessable css.

Therefore mod_qlform has the following features:

* compatible to J!-way of coding
* compatible to J!-way of using templates
* offering several ways of data usage
* send e-mail
* store in database
* send admin message
* do anything else you want, if you can code it
* clean html code
* minimal use of stylesheets to guarantee 100 % control via your template css files
* ohh, and it is a free extension

In other words:

A klick-n-run extension is
what some would call a sheep
Beautiful is how they look like,
and mild are they and meek.

Yet sometimes cropping grass is not
what you want or need.
For Attack! or Jump! or some retrievel
you do not take a sheep.

You get yourself a dog,
- it might not look so nice -
To teach him what he has to do
And be it hunting mice.


Conclusion: mod_qlform is not an average module. It can do and be almost anything you want ... if you can code.

(I as a php-dev have done things that are out of the reach of any form generator I know.)

That does not mean it is better than others, just: I take a sheep when I need a sheep; and I take a dog when I need a dog. I dont' complain about sheep nor dogs, I just take them, for what they are.

Reviews: 1
it's very simple but flexible module. support is fast and useful. Mareike had even added one thing to this extension for me. thanks a lot
Owner's reply

Thank you very much:-)

Reviews: 2
Wow, have been using qlForm form most of my joomla project which involves form.
I recently encountered a challenge of doing something else with the form submission, i.e. autoresponse to email.
And the developer was timely in is response.

Thank you Mareike.
The code you sent was helpful. and i guess i can do more things with this module now that i know how to get form input value. :)
Reviews: 1
At first: from developer point of view, this is a very nice module, because there is a documentation, very fast and excellent support and much configuration possibilities. I propose this solution to everyone and want to give a special thank to Mareike, who gave me the excellent solution to prefill the form via GET.

It's amazing!
Reviews: 5
For me as a developer, this is the best tool in order to create forms. Instead to do many clicks and to move form fields pixel by pixel, i can simply use the well-known Joomla forms XML.

Good idea, good work. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!! I really appreciate it:-)

For all non-devs: As many people (some reviewers, see two reviews below) wished better styling possibilities, mod_qlform offers now style changes via module parameters.

Reviews: 2
I tried several form extension, but qlForm is the best one. Simple and fast.
And if you have a problem, support by email is faster than the wind!

I rated the extension "Excellent" because there ins't the option "More than excellent!"

Many many thanks to Mareike.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best forms,mind not its free. its fantastic
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