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The Form Maker is an advanced RESPONSIVE form builder. Form Maker allows you to set all the parameters of a form such as colors and fonts. The size of each element of the form can be adjusted.

Form Maker is a modern and advanced tool for creating Joomla form easily and fast. The back end interface of the Form Maker is intuitive and user friendly which allows users far from scripting and programming to create a form.

Form Maker handles small form to complex applications. That is why the plugin is ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts. Form Maker can be used for creating contact form, mailing list form, survey form, application form, event registration form and party invitation form.

You can add Google map to your form using a simple user-friendly interface of the Form Maker. The desired address can be added to the form in a few seconds using the address searching interface or by filling in geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude).
All modern browsers are supported by Form Maker.

Features of Form Maker:

- Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x native extension
Form Maker is a full responsive extension and compatible with all mobile devices. So your form will look good on all mobile devices.
- Form Maker is fully integrated with PayPal with different checkout modes (PayPal Test Mode and PayPal Production) and five field types for creating a payment form. (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping).
- Fourteen main elements
-Custom HTML element
-Text Input
-Multiple choice
-Single choice
-Survey tools
-Time and Date
-Select box
-File upload
-Page break
-Section break

-Custom HTML between form fields
-Multi-page forms
-Ability to separate the form into sections with different number of columns
-Custom CSS and Java script in your form
-Includes additional attributes, where you can customize the specific properties for the fields of the form using Java Script.
-Advanced email settings options. The submitted information also could be sent to the submitter (parameter)
-Ability to create menu items and connect with the form
-Ability to insert a form into a joomla article
-Ability to use a form as a module
-Form Maker integrated with the standard Joomla! editor
-Various parameters for every element of the form
-Data validation when submitting the form
-Ability to store form filled information in the database
-Submissions statistics
-11 sample form templates
-Ability to restrict preferred file extensions in file upload
-Form Maker is integrated with Google Maps API
-Required Fields in forms
-Hidden Fields in forms

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Reviews: 1
It is easy to set it up and create an customized contact form and online appointment request form. Their support team provided excellent service. They helped me to resolved the problem I had encountered.
Reviews: 1
Huge thanks to the support team for their help in migrating form a (very!) old version!
Reviews: 3
This extension works great except for one major problem. We receive a number of daily spam submissions. We have required fields and Recaptcha enabled. The submitters have disabled JavaScript, which is being used for validating. Apparently there is no way around this (I have emailed with support) so I am forced to use a different extension. It's disappointing since I'm using this extension for several different forms on my site.
Reviews: 1
I am using Form Maker for almost a year and there is no other extension like it. The options are just what I need and I can build any form I want.
Reviews: 2
I've been using form maker on many sites since joomla 2.5 and it really IS a great component. Forms are easy to set up, and easy to manage.

However, since Joomla 3.2, It's gotten a MAJOR drawback : you absolutely CAN'T use Joomla's cache system with form maker.

Confirmed on the web dorado forums.

6 months ago (this is written in september 4th 2014) There was a promise made to fix in a future update, and in the same forum thread, the promise was repeated 5 days ago...).

So we can HOPE the issue will be addressed in a future release, but until then I feel I have no other option than to search for a similar component to replace form maker because I absolutely can't afford to have the system cache off on most of my sites as the impact on speed (and google ranking) is quite real with cache turned off.

That said I'd really love to be able to use the component again, as I said it's probably the best out there when it comes to user friendliness and it's a real pity that problem prevents its use for now.
Reviews: 1
Hello Guys ,

Really appreciated your work and the way you guys have solved my problem within i guess 2-3 hrs.

Great Extension.

Non Commercial yet so Supportive team and Quick Decision makers....

Highly Appreciated
Reviews: 5
Lots of configurable options, both simple and for those more technically minded.

E-mail settings are very userfriendly, it is the first time I have used a form extension where the email settings have worked from the off, no trouble.

I needed support (not their fault) and they were fast, polite and efficient.
Reviews: 1
This is an easy to use and completely configurable component for making forms on your website.

I had a small issue which I logged with Web Dorado, where the descriptors at either end of the scale rating appeared above and below the scale rather than at each end. The responded to my request and worked on it immediately and gave me a fix within 12 hours. |Now I call that excellent service. Highly recommended.

It would be good be put in a page break retrospectively though, it seems that these can only be added as you build the form.
Reviews: 1
It's a really good extension. I have met some problem or adaptation request and the support help me directly and rapidely without waiting.
Support is really serious and efficacy.
Reviews: 1
I've always hated creating forms on web sites. It takes way too long. Things weren't much better using Joomla, that is until I discovered this extension. I did have a small problem using captcha, but the Form maker team was kind enough to look at my site and resolve the issue in just over a day. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
This is a very usefull extension. Very intuitive and easy to configure!
The support team is fantastic: I required some adjustments and they assisted me immediately.
Reviews: 8
Extension is too good for form creation, with many options. Although i had some issue with custom email feature, the support was extremely helpful by remotely logging to the site & fixing the issue.
Reviews: 5
I don't post all that many reviews, but in this case, I had to. Form maker is absolutely awesome! Very intuitive, and easy to configure! I actually purchased the professional version, & recommend that to ANYONE looking for a simple, very effective form builder for their site! the cost for the professional version is very reasonable and well worth it, in my opinion.

I tried another "5 Star" rated form builder, and although the user interface was similar to that of FORM MAKER, I ran into several issues with it, that required a TON of debugging time, I just don't have. I'm not sure HOW this other form builder is somehow more "Popular", it definitely Isn't, in MY book! So I uninstalled it, and (very thankfully), found FORM MAKER PRO!

It works like a champ so far, I plan on using it on as many of my sites as I can! Bravo to the developers on this one!
Reviews: 4
This is a MUST for anyone looking for a forms component on their site.

In terms of the support, Web-Dorado is exceptionally quick and hands-on! Best experience I've had with component developers in recent years!
Reviews: 114
Superb Component and newsletter Form Maker. This is one of the best form makers out there. I have tried several and this is just the BEST! THANK YOU.
Reviews: 2
Apart from being an excellent extension the support from Web-dorado is the best I have ever experienced...

After having an initial problem with the product (which was my fault) they have fixed it in record time...

If you need a form... this is the one.
Reviews: 1
If, like me, you don't need to be wasting time building forms when there are much better things to be doing, then this is the tool for you. It is incredibly powerful, very simple to use and amazingly flexible. Then, to top it all off, when you do have problems, the support is fantastic. I did have an issue, and support were all over it within hours.
Cannot recommend it enough.
Reviews: 1
I tried so many form ext, which never reached my expectations. This the first one who fits at least 98% of my wishlist.
Buy it and enjoy it !
Reviews: 1
I had a small issue with the layout, and i contacted the support on their forum.
They solved the problem in the most satisfying way.
Thumbs up BIG TIME!
Reviews: 1
This is a very usefull extension (plugin).
The plugin is user friendly with many nice features.

You can use all types of input fields. It is easy to set required fields.

You can find all messages send by your forms in the backoffice of Joomla or export it to Excel.

The support team is very helpful. We asked them for some custom adjustments and we got it immediately.

Thank you Form Maker Team.

Magdalena from Poland
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