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The Form Maker is an advanced RESPONSIVE form builder. Form Maker allows you to set all the parameters of a form such as colors and fonts. The size of each element of the form can be adjusted.

Form Maker is a modern and advanced tool for creating Joomla form easily and fast. The back end interface of the Form Maker is intuitive and user friendly which allows users far from scripting and programming to create a form.

Form Maker handles small form to complex applications. That is why the plugin is ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts. Form Maker can be used for creating contact form, mailing list form, survey form, application form, event registration form and party invitation form.

You can add Google map to your form using a simple user-friendly interface of the Form Maker. The desired address can be added to the form in a few seconds using the address searching interface or by filling in geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude).
All modern browsers are supported by Form Maker.

Features of Form Maker:

- Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x native extension
Form Maker is a full responsive extension and compatible with all mobile devices. So your form will look good on all mobile devices.
- Form Maker is fully integrated with PayPal with different checkout modes (PayPal Test Mode and PayPal Production) and five field types for creating a payment form. (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping).
- Fourteen main elements
-Custom HTML element
-Text Input
-Multiple choice
-Single choice
-Survey tools
-Time and Date
-Select box
-File upload
-Page break
-Section break

-Custom HTML between form fields
-Multi-page forms
-Ability to separate the form into sections with different number of columns
-Custom CSS and Java script in your form
-Includes additional attributes, where you can customize the specific properties for the fields of the form using Java Script.
-Advanced email settings options. The submitted information also could be sent to the submitter (parameter)
-Ability to create menu items and connect with the form
-Ability to insert a form into a joomla article
-Ability to use a form as a module
-Form Maker integrated with the standard Joomla! editor
-Various parameters for every element of the form
-Data validation when submitting the form
-Ability to store form filled information in the database
-Submissions statistics
-11 sample form templates
-Ability to restrict preferred file extensions in file upload
-Form Maker is integrated with Google Maps API
-Required Fields in forms
-Hidden Fields in forms

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Reviews: 2
After trying various forms was clear form maker is the easiest tool.
First I tried the free version. But there I could not enter prices and there were a few beauty problems. Support calls were answered immediately, even in the free version. Which prompted me to buy the paid version. the last adjustments to the layouts in the presentation of the prizes could not be adjusted via the css. So I gave the support one access to my website, which make the layout immediately adapting my imagination. Purchase of this product was worth it in any case. thank you very much.
Reviews: 2
This extension works great! I needed the checkboxes moved to the left side so I requested help and they did it for me in less than a day. Great service for such a low price. Their price beats the heck out of other form builder that charge $100 a year.
Reviews: 4
I tried a number of forms to use as a simple Contact form and have had a very mixed journey.
So glad to have found Form Maker. It's simple, intuitive and does all the things me and my client needed for a simple form. Have no idea about anything more complex, but I'd assume the level of intuitiveness would continue through.
:) So good to end that frustrating search.
Reviews: 4
After checking out the many form extensions available I settled on Form Maker after trying their Lite version & have not been disappointed with the purchase. Very reasonable cost for a good product, had a problem after setting it up & the response from their help forum was excellent & even though it wasn't the form causing the problem they found what it was with a minimum of fuss.
Thanks guys excellent extensions & after sales service. Kent
Reviews: 1
If you are looking to put almost any kind of form on your site then I can recommend this extension. I looked through many other form creating extensions but this one just caught my eye. From the live demo I could see how easy it was to use and create my form.

Support: There is a well organised forum should you have a problem and the response time, should you post a problem, is excellent.

I had one small issue regarding missing data in just one field of my form in the emailed content. I posted a message in the forum and within a few hours support had email me for access to my site. An hour later I received another email from support saying the problem was now corrected.... that's what I call great tech support service.
Reviews: 12
I decided to buy the pro version because Web Dorado have done such a great job with the lite version and kindly let us use that for free. My clients needed more complex forms with more than 7 fields necessitating the pro version. The pro-version has different colour schemes from the lite. So if you enjoyed the colours on the lite version, you might be a bit disappointed but you can customize the CSS so no worries! My pagebreaks for multiforms were not working and the submit button as well. The forums had no answers but Web Dorado has great support. They will respond to you quickly. The way they fixed my issues was just to go in there and do it themselves. I think that's how they like to work rather than send you lengthly instructions on which plugin conflicts with what and html this and that. Some might like that though so that they learn from it. Feel like a queen! Thanks Web Dorado! You've helped my business a lot! Can't wait to check out your other extensions
Reviews: 1
I have used several form makers and can say without a doubt this is my favorite form tool - ever!. It is very intuitive to use. It is simple straight forward and you can produce a form in mere seconds (depending of course on the complexity). I needed the form to do a custom act and the Web Dorado team took care very quickly. Great support, great form tool, what more can you ask!. Thank Web Dorado for this great tool.
Reviews: 7
Love this form maker. I hit a small snag due to my template, they were on it. Five stars for support. Five stars for the application itself. Nice people.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension, a must have for all websites. Easy to use with great results.

The support team is fantastic, I required some custom adjustments and they assisted me immediately.

Thank you guys, keep up the good work !
Reviews: 1
I’ve used the extension for a long time and can persist that the forms are rare eye-catching and its functions are primarily arranged. It's great to see that there is a high selection fields, that will help to make the forms more adaptive. Their great support team is always ready to offer you a high costumer service and deliver useful solutions to your questions.
Reviews: 1
I recommend this module to Joomla websites.

It works perfectly and the team behind the module are a great group of person that provide an excellent attention with any problem.
Reviews: 1
I waited for the update because I was hoping it will be better. I waited with review and was very disappointed.

1. again very hard to use
2. again bad css options
3. again not professional

There is other free forms that are better.
I can't recommend to anyone.
Owner's reply

We are sure this review is written not by any of our customers. Moreover, the person that wrote this did not even bother himself to try Form Maker before writing this review.

1. None of Form Maker versions ever had any css options. The design and layout of the forms are defined by 30+ themes, that can be modified by editing the css, not the options.
2. Form Maker is a commercial extension that does not use automatic updates. We send updates only by request and we have the list of customers, that received this update. This person is definitely not in the list. None of this customers contacted us with issues described in the review.

Reviews: 3
It is rare to come across an extension like this! Works as described. Intuitive. And the demo version is adequate for most websites.

I tested the demo version and then purchased the full version for the convenience of PayPal forms, Google Maps and additional form fields.

There were no extension conflict issues and the extension and plugin required had minimal effect on server resources.
Reviews: 8
This extension is very versatile and it saves me so much time ...and it worked right out of the box!

I used to spend lots of time building forms and then adding css so that they matched my clients sites. Now all I do is build it with FormMaker and choose one of the themes to match their site [plenty to choose from].

Hours of work saved every week.

Thanks guys for a GREAT extension. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
Reviews: 9
This is a great extension. Well thought out. Very logical to follow and anyone can easily make forms. Had a couple technical problems and the support was very fast and reliable. I highly recommend this to nayone needing to make custom forms on their site!
Reviews: 2
This is best Form component/plugin which I have ever use!!!! First I try free version, but after few minutes i bought pro version!!! This is great job!!!!
Reviews: 1
We have a survey made ​​with Form maker but there were a few personal changes happen we then appealed to support and they have this direct answer and solved our problem immediately, this beautiful highly recommend.
Thank you very much for everything!
Reviews: 1
That's a perfect extension for forms. Easy to understand, perfect support, at least for the commercial version. I got mad with other stuff and never got it working. But with FormMaker you're done after some minutes.
Reviews: 3
Great product!
You easily create forms and edit css styles.
Great support and forum!
Admins reply almost immediately and in the forum you can find almost anything you need about the product!
Reviews: 2
I am not familiar with the scripting of the PHP and JavaScript. So after testing the different free versions of the forms builders, I decided to use Form Maker.
Pros of Form Maker- Very much user friendly admin area. I built a pretty much complicated form just for few minutes.The price is also great. The support team was very helpful.
Cons of Form Maker- It is not responsive, but developers promised this in next release.
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