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The Form Maker is an advanced RESPONSIVE form builder. Form Maker allows you to set all the parameters of a form such as colors and fonts. The size of each element of the form can be adjusted.

Form Maker is a modern and advanced tool for creating Joomla form easily and fast. The back end interface of the Form Maker is intuitive and user friendly which allows users far from scripting and programming to create a form.

Form Maker handles small form to complex form applications. That is why Form Maker is ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts. Form Maker can be used for creating contact form, mailing list form, survey form, application form, event registration form and party invitation form.

You can add Google map to your form using a simple user-friendly interface of the Form Maker. The desired address can be added to the form in a few seconds using the address searching interface or by filling in geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude).
All modern browsers are supported by Form Maker.

Features of Form Maker:

- Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x native extension
Form Maker is a full responsive extension and compatible with all mobile devices. So your form will look good on all mobile devices.
- Form Maker is fully integrated with PayPal with different checkout modes (PayPal Test Mode and PayPal Production) and five field types for creating a payment form. (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping).
- Fourteen main elements for creating a new form
-Custom HTML element for creating a form
-Text Input for creating a form
-Multiple choice for creating a form
-Single choice for creating a form
-Survey tools for creating a form
-Time and Date for creating a form
-Select box for creating a form
-File upload for creating a form
-Page break for creating a form
-Section break for creating a form
-Map for creating a form
-Paypal for creating a form
-Captcha for creating a form
-Button for creating a form

-Custom HTML between form fields
-Multi-page forms
-Ability to separate the form into sections with different number of columns
-Custom CSS and Java script in your form
-Includes additional attributes, where you can customize the specific properties for the fields of the form using Java Script.
-Advanced email settings options. The submitted information also could be sent to the submitter (parameter)
-Ability to create menu items and connect with the form
-Ability to insert a form into a joomla article
-Ability to use a form as a module
-Form Maker integrated with the standard Joomla! editor
-Various parameters for every element of the form
-Data validation when submitting the form
-Ability to store form filled information in the database
-Submissions statistics
-11 sample form templates
-Ability to restrict preferred file extensions in file upload
-Form Maker is integrated with Google Maps API
-Required Fields in forms
-Hidden Fields in forms

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Reviews: 1
That's a perfect extension for forms. Easy to understand, perfect support, at least for the commercial version. I got mad with other stuff and never got it working. But with FormMaker you're done after some minutes.
Reviews: 3
Great product!
You easily create forms and edit css styles.
Great support and forum!
Admins reply almost immediately and in the forum you can find almost anything you need about the product!
Reviews: 2
I am not familiar with the scripting of the PHP and JavaScript. So after testing the different free versions of the forms builders, I decided to use Form Maker.
Pros of Form Maker- Very much user friendly admin area. I built a pretty much complicated form just for few minutes.The price is also great. The support team was very helpful.
Cons of Form Maker- It is not responsive, but developers promised this in next release.
Reviews: 6
I wonder why I did that and bought this.
The demo looked good whereas I thought from the beginning that the view (themes) is not that pretty.
My decision was to adapt the view to my needs.


Adapting the view is real pain.
The table structure makes it almost impossible for responsive design.
Adapting CSS is very awkward because not commented.
And so on...

If you don't want spending lots of time in view adaption I suggest another form component.
Reviews: 1
Form Maker performed exactly as described, and after emailing web dorado for modification support to integrate this component into 3rd party software, the work was done quickly and I felt valued as a customer. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
I was having some issues with my email account and the FormMaker team spent a lot of time making sure everything got working properly even though their product was working fine the whole time. Amazing support!
Reviews: 1
I'v decided to use this extension last week. And after first couple of clicks I find out that this is one of the beset form maker that I found. It is very easy to use. Had no problem in creating neither simple nor complex forms. Everything was easy and simple. Had no problem put it in article. Also, I’ve created my on style in sec.
For sure, I'll use it again.
Also, if you have ani question or issue, support is great! Eaven over weekend. They responded very quickly.
Thank youWD Great work!
Reviews: 3
I spent two days looking for an extension that would produce forms quickly and easily, with decent email notifications and results analysis. All I can say is that I wish I'd found Form Maker first. Installed in seconds, first form up and running in minutes. Well done!
Reviews: 1
When I purchased this extension I didn't know how useful it would be. I installed it right away and everything worked perfectly (it's available for both Joomla 1.5 and 3.0). I had an issue with my template and they offered to fix it for me for FREE. Thank you so much for this extension and for your help.
Reviews: 1
Super simple and easy to use! Great Features and great support.
I recommend it without a hesitation.
Thank you
Reviews: 1
I never used an extension before that caused trouble on all levels like this one. The interface is the opposite of what I'd expect from such a kind of tool. Even setup of simplest fields takes ages, simply because all options are randomly laid-out across the screen.

The forms are a catastrophe as well, as you need to be an absolute CSS expert to get acceptable results. Besides all the bugs it has (prepare for heavy support use), it lacks a minimum of professionalism and therefore I can't recommend it to anyone.

I made the mistake not to try their free version before, otherwise I'd never ever considered to buy this one. Utterly devastating!
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension since I wanted a well structured form for my site. This extension was beyond my expectations! It is very useful for my other sites too. Easy to install, VERY easy to modify each form and a outstanding technical support. They responded immediately and offered to fix my template related problem for me. Thank you very much for everything!
Reviews: 14
This is my new must-have, especially for membership sites. Substantially automates both form creation and data management. Use it for any interactive need you can imagine. We hooked it up to Hikashop to build a sophisticated event registration system. Can be buggy on initial install, but support is off-the-charts responsive. Much prefer this to Chronoforms because it's much easier for our client/end users to manage. Also easily styled to complement your overall site design. Already good, will get even better.
Reviews: 1
Although Form Maker doesn't extend to some other well known forms it is a good form extension.

It takes some time to get behind but afterwards it is pretty facile to handle.

I created a simple multi-page form in one hour.

Thank you webdorado
Reviews: 2
I tried two new form extensions for a customer. One was excellent the other very poor.
Formmaker ist the excellent. Thank you so much guys for this great form maker.
It has exceeded all of my expectations. It is very intuitive. Joomla must be very thankful for this component it is enrichment for the joomla community. The themes are wonderful the forms are made quickly and can be customized.
I just can say wooow. Give them a standing ovation.
Reviews: 5
I very rarely write reviews but this one definitely deserves one. This is really amazingly easy. These guys nailed it.
Usually it takes me little longer to figure things out but FormMaker is so easy and intuitive that I didn't even read any tutorials and created my first form in 8-10 minutes. It's worth the money, $30! Well spent!
Reviews: 1
1st Form maker thanks for being existed in joomla community.
2nd. Form maker is much more than nice and sufficient.
3rd. I'm interested to buy from you many times more and more.

by the way your support is wooooooooow. thank you
Reviews: 1
This review is for the guys at Formmaker. They have exceeded ALL of my expectations and beyond. First, I want to thank them for the best web form I have ever used - I love this extension. Secondly, I can't thank them enough for the outstanding support they have provided me. They have gone above and beyond to get every single challenge I needed resolved for ALL of my websites. As a web designer - this is vital, especially that they responded so quickly. I recommend and believe in this product and the stellar support that comes with it.

Tori Jones
Web design Island
Reviews: 2
This is, truely, the easiest to use forms extension. I have bought it reasently. I hope they will develop Form Maker further and will keep up with this quality. Most of all I like the submissions management part.
Reviews: 2
Liked this form builder. Very easy and intuitive interface. Especially submission block is very effective for managing my clients’ requests. Also I can export all data to excel, and import to my soft. I am hoping to see more in next versions.
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