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JXi Forms Component

Editor's Note
Managing and processing form has never been so easier before.

JXi Forms allows you to create completely customizable form or you can even integrate it with any existing form.
If you have already set-up forms at your website then there will be no extra burden of creating all the form in JXi Forms, all you need to do is to integrate them with JXi Forms.

JXi Forms helps you save time, generate momentum and boost your performance by managing the multitude of data posted in the forms hosted on your site.

JXi Forms allows you to access sprinkled information in the forms and perform variety of operations on it. With JXi Forms you can track form data, operation performed on the data and operation status. You can even schedule the operations to execute later.

All you will need, is to know what to do with the information entered by the site users and JXi Forms will do it for you.

Features of JXi Forms includes:
1. Compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
2. Email form data
3. Insert data in database
4. Post data to some other url
5. Interface to visualize the data and operation relationship
6. Register Joomla users at your site with customized form.
7. Move the uploaded files from forms to your dropbox account.
8. Integration with Mailchimp.
9. You can even control action to perform desired task only after approval
10. Simple and easy to use interface
11. Freedom to place form anywhere on Web :There is No restriction to place the forms on a single website and perform the task. You can place the forms anywhere on the world wide web and manage all of them from a single website.

Benefits of using JXi Forms
1. Effortless installation and setup : No installation manual to follow, installation is just one click away. Set-up has never been so easy.

2. Easy to extend and quickly integrate : Custom task or actions can be implemented with such an ease without making any changes in the core code. Actions can integrate JXi Forms with other web-services and Joomla extensions.

3. Extensive scope : Scope of JXi Forms is widespread. Its application space includes Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, File management, CRM, E-Commerce, Event Management, Customer support and help desk and many more

Freely Available actions with JXiForms
1. Email Action : Used when you want to notify admins or any other user about a form submission. This is a pre-installed action.

2. MailChimp Action : Subscribes your site visitors to your newsletters when they submit any form on your website.

3. Joomla Registration Action : Automate and simplify the user registration process with default Joomla registration process.

4. Reset Password : Allow form user to reset their password.

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Reviews: 1
As a developer / designer I prefer creating my forms with pure html-css-javascript code.
With all the form generators out there I had to use drag and drop elements etc and then go about and override all css properties and sometimes it has been a headache to integrate them beautifully with my templates.
Then I discovered JxiForms and since then I never looked back!
I'm installing this on all my websites from now on, including my own.
This extension is focused on one thing: parsing your form data after they have been submitted. This makes them unique and perfect at what they do at the same time.
Its a must for any advanced user / developer and best of all, its core functions are totally free!
What more can you ask!
Owner's reply


Thank You very much for the wonderful review and understanding the core values of JXi Forms.

We deeply love and appreciate you for allowing some times for writing this genuine review.

Thanks for the review.
Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 6
I wonder if there is a reasonable form soulution other than those all-time commercial tools.
After beeing frustrated with a commercial tool I tried some free extensions.
One of my requirements was no backlink.
I found this but surprise surprise where is the editor?

No editor at all!

You need to hack the HTML source code for creating the form.


It is 2013 and we all don't use command prompts anymore.
An editor for creating forms is at least the min. requirement I have for such a tool.

If you are not a HTML and CSS geek go with something else.
Owner's reply

Hello Dear,

We are very grateful that you took your precious time to post a review for us. It is very important for us as the reviews basically form the face for our products.

Well, replying to your review we wish to state that JXi-Forms is not a form generator/ creator tool. It was never our intention.

JXi Form simply helps in processing the datas that are posted at an existing form on a website. We feel that JXi form doesn't need an editor because it is not for designing a form.

JXi Form simply fetches the data posted on the web form and process it as per the users will.

Please do let us know if you still feel any conflict with our vision for the product. We will be really happy to listen from you and incorporate the requirements in the product.

Thank You

Team Ready Bytes.

Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for a forms extension. Knowledge of form HTML elements is all that's needed. Very simple and no bloated code. Thanks for the great extension!

Although, it breaks with the Joomla 3.2 upgrade, I'm sure an update is on it's way.
Owner's reply


Thank You very much for the awesome review.

We are currently working on the compatibility with Joomla 3.2, to be precise it under our testing sequence.

We have committed few fixes as well as tweaks in RB Framework (JoomlaXi Forms work on it) current version. You may download it from the link .

Thank You very much for your time.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 5
Really great, free component, without links and commercials! It's fast and simple. You won't need manual to make it working your way. They have also wonderfull support - very kind and helpful. That should be a standard for every joomla developer. Great work, guys!
Owner's reply


Thank You very much for appreciating our efforts. We at Ready Bytes always respect our users privacy and comfort. Hence no useless commercial and links.

Recently we updated the RB Framework for JoomlaXi Forms with a few fixes. You may try it out

Thank You for your Review.

Team Ready Bytes

Reviews: 3
This is probably the best form extension ever! It won't bloat your page with unnecessary scripts and css, it does only its work: submit forms. All the rest is up to you.
Its not for beginners, it's for the ones who needs control and know what's doing.
Also, there's a lot of integration out of the box.
If you need a limitless, clean and with the max control possible, that's the extension!
Owner's reply

Thanks a ton for your valuable words. Indeed, you have understood the component very well and we are looking forward to fulfill much needed requirements of users regarding form submissions.
We hope, this will be a happy journey :)