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Easy Multi-Language Forms,
Responsive, Bootstrap, Virtuemart Custom Fields, Upload Progress, Tag Support, Frontend Display/Edit, Google Drive Spreadsheets, Salesforce, Dropbox, Multipages, Payments, Conditional Fields, Themes, JOOMLA 3.x.See Videos!

++++ The most innovative and powerful forms for Joomla! ++++

Tutorial videos and demos:


+ No tedious HTML fiddling

+ No extra payment for additional features, it is all-in-one.

+ Ease of use but covers all form aspects

+ Handles small forms to complex form applications

+ Provides some nice user experience

+ Offers 3 form modes - suits everybody's taste

All three modes share the same power but each has its own audience:

* QuickMode:
A form editor for the non-programmer and people who want their forms to be done very quickly but nice looking.

* EasyMode:
A form editor for layout centric form creation. Very powerful but simple in usage. Ideal for designers.

* ClassicMode:
A wysiwyg editor for creating forms. For technicians and fans of FacileForms.

Important features:

* Joomla! 3.x/2.5
* Native multi-language forms, no 3rd party extension required
* VirtueMart Custom Fields (add-to-cart + price updates)
* New ajax record manager + column selection
* Responsive Bootstrap support (in both, J! 3.x/2.5)
* Joomla! Tag support
* HTML5/Flash upload progress, image previews and resize options. iPhone/iPad/Android support!
* Google Drive Spreadsheets
* True Mobile Support (create on-the-fly for desktop and mobile)
* Salesforce CRM integration (including custom objects)
* Dropbox integration (including submissions as PDF, CSV, XML)
* MailChimp Newsletter
* Powerful Conditional Fields without need for Javascript
* Frontend/Backend Editing: Turn BreezingForms into a mighty Content Construction Kit (CCK) using our extension ContentBuilder:
* Simplified Email System
* PDF, CSV & XML export
* Many themes included (QuickMode)
* Maxlength for textareas including "chars left" display
* Summary item: Create summary pages quickly (including calculations if you want)
* Integrator - Integrate with other extensions
* User Editable Forms
* 19 and counting form items (from simple input to captcha items)
* Multipage forms
* PayPal and Direct Payment (Sofortüberweisung)
* Captcha/reCaptcha
* Calendar item (responsive + native joomla)
* Many pre-defined validations and actions
* Custom scripting
* Email Routing (reply-to)
* Custom mail subjects
* File attachments in email notifications
* Database storage

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Reviews: 3
excellent and high quality component for joomla. makes the workflow easier and the new Quick Mode is unbeatable.
thumbs up !
Reviews: 1
Breezing Forms is a great component that works straight out of the box, with excellent support thanks to Markus and his team!

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Very powerful component and easy to control. The support is always there when you need it.
Reviews: 2
I am new to forms and Joomla and after checking the different forms around decided on BreezingForms. All was easy to use. I did encounter a small problem to do with my template ... the support cross tec provided to resolve this was first class ... thanks Crosstec!
Reviews: 1
I must admit, I am extremly satisfied with this product. I spent too much time with other plugins before I tried Breezing Forms.
Most of what I need is working out of the box or can be extended. Other plugins can't do that. Thumbs up, highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I had looked around for quite a while before settling on this component. I had a few criteria that I needed to be filled - easy to use, neat and tidy look, be able to theme with minimum fuss and a few other minor things. This does all of those things that I was after and it also lets me use it on unlimited sites.

The support for questions and issues is wonderful, Markus really has put his heart and soul into this product and it shows. There is a minor learning curve to make sure you understand how all the functions work to get the most from the product, and to assist, you have his web site with video and written tutorials and also his forum.

If you are looking for a Form generator that works well and has heaps in reserve, this is it.
Reviews: 1
Excellent. Easy creating professional mail contact sites. You can use it as a php formular generator with it functions too what i was searching for.
all in one im happy about this extension!
very good support - what do i need more!?
Reviews: 1
In the last months has I unite form components tested. I must say, Breezing form am the best it give at present. Thanks and further so. Oh yes, the support. Excellently. Respect.
Reviews: 1
I am a beginner when it comes to forms. Using Breezing Forms was pretty easy to figure out especially with all the tutorials available. The forms are clean, easy to manipulate with a little css. When I got stuck Markus was amazing replying the same day and helping me to figure out my issues. I couldn't ask for better support or product!
Reviews: 4
One of my clients was using an older version of BreezingForms and needed some additional features that were only available on the latest version. Before I could upgrade my clients, I needed to get some information on preserving old data. Markus was most helpful - he answered me quickly and with very thorough answers. Much appreciated, Markus! I have tried a number of form extensions, but while all had some good features, none that I tried had ALL of the features I needed... until now. This is an incredibly robust, feature-filled extension. Using BF's QuickMode option, I had my client's first form set up in less than thirty minutes and sending uploaded file attachments by Email to multiple recipients just like THAT! This extension is worth every penny, and then some. Five Stars!!! :-)
Reviews: 7
When you use this product you will find that you have gained not only a VERY powerful and slick form generator but ALSO the assistance of the developer which is invaluable.

Breezing forms has allowed me to create a truly powerful and beautiful form for my site. Without Breezing Forms it would have taken me SO much longer. A MUST HAVE for all Joomla Developers!
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for the fantastic tool! The service is also very easy for me as a layman, and the result is always perfect! BreezingForms - my recommendation of the year!
Reviews: 1
One thing that stands out with using BF is the great looking forms it generates. My site visitors have commented on how professional looking they are and this adds site credibility. Aside from the looks, I must say technical support is excellent. Response to concerns was immediate. Good job Markus!
Reviews: 14
There are few extensions out there that can empower your website to do such incredible things as Breezing Forms. Exceedingly good programming. High attention to detail. And support is excellent.

This really should be considered in a category by itself. Thank-you Markus for your gift to the Joomla community.
Reviews: 1
That was easier than expected. You should go for the quickmode. The classic and easy editors are not bad, too.

- very quick form editor
- forms look great
- supports file attachments
- support for custom javascript and PHP
- low cost but many features and flexible

- conflicts with ACESef (but works with workaround)
- documentation needs polish

Overall great product!
Reviews: 1
Breezing Forms is a superb extension with some very powerful options. A BIG thanks to Markus who was extremely helpful when I had an issue with PayPal! He responded to me in a short period of time and fixed the problem whilst chatting online with him.
There is nothing better than a good extension thats well supported! Other creators should be aware of the benefits to this! This is a real Joomla component and developer!
Reviews: 1
I have been putting off writing a review because I did not want to eat my words at a later time. But I feel after 4 times of receiving excellent support via the outstanding forum(most responses were from Markus himself!) it it now due. This is by far the easiest yet advanced extension I have used! It blows me away how you can integrated this form builder is. I have one form performing 3 post actions! I think the different options to create a form is wonderful (though in my opinion the best is quickmode).

I really could go on about this product but I recommend you try it for yourself! The price is completely fair for what you get and what you can do!

Reviews: 9
This is a professional extension. At first it took me a while to get the hang of it because it is so capable but after getting it down, you can make amazing forms very easily. I had a problem with not knowing how to properly post to an external URL and support responded within an hour and after that several times. If you want flexible forms integrated into Joomla then this is the extension.
Reviews: 1
I use jforms in the past and it is great but since I needed to do a more complex form I gave breezzin forms a try. And I don't regret it. The way how the forms are done is just great and fast, the forms look superb and I could easily extend them.
Reviews: 1
I have been struggling with another forms extension for two years - boy this is a breath of fresh air!!!!

I am not a developer - just a 'do it your selfer' and it's really simple and easy and logical to use.
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