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Easy Multi-Language Forms,
Responsive, Bootstrap, Virtuemart Custom Fields, Upload Progress, Tag Support, Frontend Display/Edit, Google Drive Spreadsheets, Salesforce, Dropbox, Multipages, Payments, Conditional Fields, Themes, JOOMLA 3.x.See Videos!

++++ The most innovative and powerful forms for Joomla! ++++

Tutorial videos and demos:


+ No tedious HTML fiddling

+ No extra payment for additional features, it is all-in-one.

+ Ease of use but covers all form aspects

+ Handles small forms to complex form applications

+ Provides some nice user experience

+ Offers 3 form modes - suits everybody's taste

All three modes share the same power but each has its own audience:

* QuickMode:
A form editor for the non-programmer and people who want their forms to be done very quickly but nice looking.

* EasyMode:
A form editor for layout centric form creation. Very powerful but simple in usage. Ideal for designers.

* ClassicMode:
A wysiwyg editor for creating forms. For technicians and fans of FacileForms.

Important features:

* Joomla! 3.x/2.5
* Native multi-language forms, no 3rd party extension required
* VirtueMart Custom Fields (add-to-cart + price updates)
* New ajax record manager + column selection
* Responsive Bootstrap support (in both, J! 3.x/2.5)
* Joomla! Tag support
* HTML5/Flash upload progress, image previews and resize options. iPhone/iPad/Android support!
* Google Drive Spreadsheets
* True Mobile Support (create on-the-fly for desktop and mobile)
* Salesforce CRM integration (including custom objects)
* Dropbox integration (including submissions as PDF, CSV, XML)
* MailChimp Newsletter
* Powerful Conditional Fields without need for Javascript
* Frontend/Backend Editing: Turn BreezingForms into a mighty Content Construction Kit (CCK) using our extension ContentBuilder:
* Simplified Email System
* PDF, CSV & XML export
* Many themes included (QuickMode)
* Maxlength for textareas including "chars left" display
* Summary item: Create summary pages quickly (including calculations if you want)
* Integrator - Integrate with other extensions
* User Editable Forms
* 19 and counting form items (from simple input to captcha items)
* Multipage forms
* PayPal and Direct Payment (Sofortüberweisung)
* Captcha/reCaptcha
* Calendar item (responsive + native joomla)
* Many pre-defined validations and actions
* Custom scripting
* Email Routing (reply-to)
* Custom mail subjects
* File attachments in email notifications
* Database storage

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Reviews: 1
This is simply amazing. Downloaded BreezingForms, had some errors in the installation (which was due to folder permission levels on my server) but the error comments told me exactly how to fix it.

Watched the Videos, tried to implement what I wanted in the forms. Had a little difficulty with what I wanted, so I posted a question. A couple of hours later, I had my answer, and now I am doing exactly what I need to do.

What a great product an service.
Thanks Markus!!!!
Reviews: 1
That is the first component I bought and I don't regret it! I had my first form working in a few minutes and I like the look a lot. Joomla is great, I miss things like this for drupal!
Reviews: 3
I was a big fan of Facile Forms, and was very happy to see it carried on in this extension.

In previous Breezing Forms incarnations, I always used the standard Facile Forms form-building mode, because "Easy Mode" to me made things _more_ fiddly, frustrating, and took three times as long.

With the release of the latest version, Trinity, this has changed. The new mode "Quick Mode" is exactly that - fast, and sleek. Nine times out of ten I just need to whip up a basic, nice-looking form, and the new Quick Mode does that with minimal fuss. Love it, love it, love it.

The forum and documentation are okay, although I'd love a full PDF manual. Thank you for carrying on Facile Forms and continuing to build on it to make better and brighter things! :)
Reviews: 2
I'm a techie newbie and using BreezingForms to create a simple data capture process for customers who want to be on my mailing list. The product was mostly easy to set-up and I like the look of it. The support in the Crosstec forum was very quick and effective. However I only had to use the forum as the product manual is fairly poor.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

I hope you didn't miss our documentation sections like tutorials, videos, wiki and the BreezingForms article in the Joomla! 1.5 book from OpenGalilelo.

Just to make sure, here is the documentation main page:

From there you should be possible to discover any aspect of our extension.

Especially, checkout the QuickMode videos ;)

Reviews: 5
I just launched my first Joomla site and needed to create 3 forms for my client. I have some programming knowledge, but didn't have the time to learn the insides and out of Joomla. I purchased BreezingForms, which made the whole process a simple. Deciding which mode to use to create the form took a little time to get used to, but the Forums and especially the team at CrossTech really helped me. This is a must buy if you need to create forms no matter what level of expertise you have.
Reviews: 1
I am very new to joomla and needed to create 4 forms for my site. I can not program but the breezing forms helped me a lot to create them in a short time. Also, they are looking very good. Thanks to the crosstec guys for this!
Reviews: 1
I was stuck trying to figure out how to have response to checked boxes included in my record forms (Breezing Form Trinity). I sent off support inquiry, and received response from Markus with some suggestions of how to solve. That still did not resolve issue, so I took a couple screenshots and sent them off to support. Because he could now see my screen, Markus told me what to do. Problem solved! This is a first class product with first class support.
Reviews: 1
Because of my lake of experience with PhP and Java-script, it was in the beginning a struggle to get things started. But with the good help of Markus things worked out fine. Now I have a good working website with Breezingforms-pages and knowledge of Php/javascript as well.
Breezingforms is a good upgrate of Facileforms.
Reviews: 1
Breezing Forms is easy for beginners to use (in Quick Mode). I had a form up and running in minutes and the developer's video tutorials are helpful. It's great for me because I'm useless at coding!
Reviews: 2
This is just what I'm after and the support from Markuss has been great. He even logged into my site to get some customization done.
Reviews: 4
I am so pleasantly surprised. I've had major headaches with Chronoforms, so I took a chance with this one and I love it! Very easy, easy to customize and deploy!!!

Great work!!!
Reviews: 1
I've had nothing but a great experience thus far with BreezingForms Trinity and Markus, the Author... who btw provides excellent one on one support. I came up with an idea for a form that is not implemented in any way - as a free customer I might add... and he was right there with me every step of the way. I was so impressed by his willingness to help, that I enrolled in a subscription to BR Trinity, and I'm glad I did. This is so much easier and quicker to use than the free version, plus I'm getting fantastic customer support as an extra added benefit.

Cheers to Markus and Breezing Forms, the first Joomla! extension I've paid for... and I have no regrets.
Reviews: 2
Excelent application and the support is very efficient!...
Reviews: 39
I use and both many Joomla component and modules, but with Breezing Forms I am very happy. With one component you can make your own simple shop, reservation system, order system, pool, log in form and ... Is very flexibility. Very save and from form didn't receive any spam. In pages of BreezingForms is nice video introduce for use component. Support is fast, and one big: Excellent.
Reviews: 1
People in search of a very userfriendly form component for Joomla, don't look any further.

I tested out most of the form components and I must say Breezing Forms stands out.

Depending on your needs/skills you can choose from one of the three 'designer' modes.

If you have little to no experience with creating forms, Breezing Forms is your tool. If you are a die-hard coder and want extra functionality/scripting, Breezing Forms is your tool.

On top of that the support is superb and very fast. 5 stars out of 5!
Reviews: 1
This is great. Not only could I get it to work in a couple of hours, but once I got stuck needing some extra functionality, I discovered that Breezingforms had them built in.

The supplier helped me out with some questions by mail and soon I had it all working.

Brilliant product, brilliant support.
Reviews: 2
What more can I say...worked first time, though had to watch one of the videos on the developers web site to clarify a few advanced things...Marcus provides fast & excellent support, I just wish some of the developers of other extensions were as efficient & as professional.
Reviews: 19
You will need to watch the entire tutorial video, then it makes sense. After that, it's easy and very well done. Amazing support from forum and author make this the best and (after a short but fairly steep learning curve) easiest to use forms I've found.
Reviews: 2
I highly recommend BreezingForms: Trinity to anyone looking for a form package that does it all. After I installed it, I encountered a few problems withing my site template system, not the extension, I contacted their support and they help me adjust some css causing the issue. 5-Star product with 5-Star Service. Thanks for this great extension.
Reviews: 1
This extension worked right out of the box!!! Within 15 minutes my forms where all fully functional with Paypal features included. I must have tried several other products, BreezingForms delivered. I emailed tech support for something minor (user error) and they got back to me instantly.
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