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Easy Multi-Language Forms,
Responsive, Bootstrap, Virtuemart Custom Fields, Upload Progress, Tag Support, Frontend Display/Edit, Google Drive Spreadsheets, Salesforce, Dropbox, Multipages, Payments, Conditional Fields, Themes, JOOMLA 3.x.See Videos!

++++ The most innovative and powerful forms for Joomla! ++++

Tutorial videos and demos:


+ No tedious HTML fiddling

+ No extra payment for additional features, it is all-in-one.

+ Ease of use but covers all form aspects

+ Handles small forms to complex form applications

+ Provides some nice user experience

+ Offers 3 form modes - suits everybody's taste

All three modes share the same power but each has its own audience:

* QuickMode:
A form editor for the non-programmer and people who want their forms to be done very quickly but nice looking.

* EasyMode:
A form editor for layout centric form creation. Very powerful but simple in usage. Ideal for designers.

* ClassicMode:
A wysiwyg editor for creating forms. For technicians and fans of FacileForms.

Important features:

* Joomla! 3.x/2.5
* Native multi-language forms, no 3rd party extension required
* VirtueMart Custom Fields (add-to-cart + price updates)
* New ajax record manager + column selection
* Responsive Bootstrap support (in both, J! 3.x/2.5)
* Joomla! Tag support
* HTML5/Flash upload progress, image previews and resize options. iPhone/iPad/Android support!
* Google Drive Spreadsheets
* True Mobile Support (create on-the-fly for desktop and mobile)
* Salesforce CRM integration (including custom objects)
* Dropbox integration (including submissions as PDF, CSV, XML)
* MailChimp Newsletter
* Powerful Conditional Fields without need for Javascript
* Frontend/Backend Editing: Turn BreezingForms into a mighty Content Construction Kit (CCK) using our extension ContentBuilder:
* Simplified Email System
* PDF, CSV & XML export / CSV import
* Many themes included (QuickMode)
* Maxlength for textareas including "chars left" display
* Summary item: Create summary pages quickly (including calculations if you want)
* Integrator - Integrate with other extensions
* User Editable Forms
* 19 and counting form items (from simple input to captcha items)
* Multipage forms
* PayPal and Direct Payment (Sofortüberweisung)
* Captcha/reCaptcha
* Calendar item (responsive + native joomla)
* Many pre-defined validations and actions
* Custom scripting
* Email Routing (reply-to)
* Custom mail subjects
* File attachments in email notifications
* Database storage

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Reviews: 1
I highly recommend Breezing Forms. Anyone who's used jforms will find Breezing Forms easy to navigate and user friendly. The preview pane makes it simple to monitor your progress. The organization of pages and elements within pages makes your form look much more professional than a basic jform. On top of everything else, Markus Bopp and the Breezing Forms staff are quick, clear, and wonderfully helpful should you encounter any road block when creating your forms. Buy Breezing Forms. Today!
Reviews: 2
I have to say this up front: I am NOT a coder. In fact, the more functionality I can get out of a software package with a minimum of effort, the better.

Having said that, I really didn't have a clue how to get started with BreezingForms so I went to the website watched the videos. I was up in running in about 45 minutes. It's not that BreezingForms is hard, but it is very feature robust and there are 3 ways to make forms.

For me, the "Quick Forms" is the goods. You basically set up a section, and add container, drop your items into the container and set them up. hit the preview button and you have a form. It's that easy! My website needed those dropdown list boxes you see all over the internet. I found out that all you have to do is replace the sample code with your own items, hit save and you're done.

You can also tweak the Quick Forms layout somewhat so that your site will display the form correctly.

If you are a more serious designer, there is another mode (Easy Mode?) for creating forms where you can explicitly direct size and layout of form features.

There is a 3rd option for more serious coders, and although I don't use it, I'm sure it's probably good.

The thing that really blew me away was the database tracking that comes standard with Breezing forms. Every time someone fills out a form and submits it, BreezingForms creates a database record based on your specifc form fields. You can then export the data into a CSV file, open it in Excel and you have total control of your data.

if you are looking to put together mailing lists or want to do "data mining" on a large number of responses, you can do it.

The bottom line is that this software is worth the $15 hands down.

Hope you like it too!
Reviews: 2
Excellent module, very easy to learn how to use it due to training videos. Very good support. 5 stars all the way!
Reviews: 18
I recently took over a Joomla site that for some reason was running a very old version of Breezing Forms and it wasn't working correctly. I decided it needed to be upgraded.

It wouldn't install correctly so I contacted support. I was flabbergasted at the quick response from support. Turned out the site did not have the FTP settings setup, but he fixed it and tested all within a couple of hours of contacting him.

It works exactly as promised and my client is having no trouble created their forms in the easy mode.

Thanks for a great, affordable extension and suberb service!
Reviews: 1
I have tried other form modules, but this was/is by far the best out there. Not only is it easy to use, but it makes very sophisticated forms with easy drag/drop features.
The support is EXCELLENT!! He goes out of his way to make sure it's working for you. I can honestly say you would be a fool not going with this product!
Reviews: 1
I don't need to say anymore really. This is amazing. If you need to develop customised forms this is for you. Buy it today!
Reviews: 10
This is by far the best forms component I have come across

simple, powerful and the support is great too

highly recommended
Reviews: 2
I absolutely love the layout on BreezingForms because its so flexible and easy to use. I did however have a problem with receiving an email containing the form results...but Markus fixed this problem immediately. It wasnt a BreezingForm problem, it was a Global Configuration issue I had with Joomla. Make sure that you set your email adddress in your global configuration to use your domain because spam blockers wont allow it to work. So use, as your email address in your global configuration setting for Joomla.

BreezingForms offers the best support I have ever seen on an extension, so I had to write a review. Thank you so much for your help!
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic component!

Three different modes makes it very easy to handle - for everybody (Beginner or ACE).

The Support of Markus is excellent.

BreezingForms 1.6.5 is a masterpiece.... the best forming component for Joomla so far !!!

@Mr. Bopp: Besten Dank !!!

Reviews: 1
Don't bother looking at other forms just use Breezing Forms, no point in going on and on it is 'Simply the BEST'.
Reviews: 2
Breezing forms is the perfect solution for my needs. Good support fast response. I have been using this for a couple of weeks and glad I have it.
Reviews: 1
I purchased and installed BreezingForms recently and it was easy to both install and configure. I had a couple of questions that were answered promptly, and I'd recommend Breezing Forms to everyone.
Reviews: 2
I have testes many components for joomla 1.5.
This one is powerfull and offer exhaustives servicies for an efficient and quick job.
The video tutorials are absolutely clear and the support is availaible for all kinds of questions about the module.
The component is delivered with a modules as you can insert forms avereywhere in your template. A bonus : Markus has included a beautiful template that you can embedd in your own template. your forms will look very nice and clears.

You can add combobox, radio buttons and all controls used in classical forms. it is very easy and ergonomic.

For advanced users and novices, this component is absolutely necessary to any webmaster.

Reviews: 1
First and foremost, I became aware of the Joomla and it's corresponding open source extensions only a couple of weeks ago. Working alone with a moderate understanding of web design can lead to a lot of understood headaches, but Markus' "Breezing Forms" was the first extension that offered (1) a high caliber product, (2) an extensive support site dedicated to helping users understand the component, and (3) a multi-lingual approach to making sure everyone is satisfied and frankly enjoying the product as Markus wished we would. Creations like this is why the open source community thrives, why it continues to bring new curious onlookers into the once great unknown, and what gives me faith in the human race that people are willing to help other people. You may laugh and call me dramatic, but this is the first review I have ever taken the time to do in my life.
Reviews: 9
I have created many Joomla websites now and I have almost tried every Extension in here. Now I am doing a complicated and many FORMs needed website for a holiday company called in Sri Lanka.

I have tried all the FORM builders (extensions) here to fulfil the complicated need that I have now for a booking form with calculations. So many heavy and large extensions are here, which are so complicated and ultimately you end up with frustrations.

BUT now I am a happy MAN as I was able to use this amazingly easy and simple technology “BreezingForms: Trinity“.

This is an ANY-IDIOT can understand tool and the 3 different options (Quick Mode, Easy Mode and Classic Mode) is an excellent LOGIC included in this extension make so much life easy as according to your need and made my life too.

If you are a Programmer, then you have the option of adding any kind of coding you need.

Especially the latest upgrade 1.65 with “Summarizer” can do any kind of calculations between two or more fields and also the best option of this is: concatenating the TEXT with the numeric fields.

Me NOW as an experienced Joomla website builder, I would not recommend any other Form builders/extensions other than “BreezingForms: Trinity“ for its simplicity.

Also the support by Markus Bopp is something extra ordinary, which anyone would agree whomever, had subscribed with him.
I was amazed and moved when he helped me when he was on his holiday; away from his home.

I know many are looking for a holiday booking/reservation Extension here to automate the booking for their holiday websites and me too till I found “BreezingForms“.
The only available holiday booking extension is HBS for Joomla, which is NOT compatible with Joomla1.5 and the Price is US$600/-

Guys, believe me…! Don’t waste your money on anything else….!
Just buy the subscription for US$15/- (for 3 Months) which is peanut and build any kind of complicated forms with calculations for your website. Then you could extend the subscription if you need more support.

Amazing part of this 3 months Subscription is:
You COULD download all the extensions from Markus’s website ( any number of times and you are eligible for support too.

Step-by-step Video Tutorials in English are available for all the options in the “BreezingForms | Trinity“
But, if you are STUCK and if you don’t know to achieve what you have in your mind; then just ASK Markus..! He will basically teach you and take you through to achieve what you need.

You could imagine, how happy man I am to write a Review as above..!

Truly, I could give much more than $15/= & more Stars ****** for this tool and support.
Thank you Markus..!

Reviews: 1
Markus' product suits my clients' needs perfectly. When I ran into some problems on the latest build (1.6.5), he was quick to respond and fix. Excellent product, excellent support, so he gets my excellent review.
Reviews: 1
The new quickmode has it in itself. I have very complicated orderforms which I could provide in a few minutes!!!! @crosstec: thank you for night support... Keep it up!Mr. Bopp
Reviews: 1
my dad has build forms for his website with breezingforms...the first thing he ever did on his own page. so i can say: ITS VERY VERY EASILY!!!
Reviews: 7
Best there is by far. Great product. Great tutorials. Great support.

At only $7 dollars it's almost free, considering what you get. At full commercial rate I'd say it's easily worth twenty times that.

It's a shame those who search only for non-commercial extensions may never find this. I wouldn't have found it without a friend's recommendation.

Suggest the Joomla extensions directory needs a third category - "Under $ 10" perhaps?
Reviews: 1
Used this for my second Joomla site, very easy to use and a perfect result, simple though very effective. The creator himself is very committed and helped me out with issues within a few hours!
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