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With RSForm!Pro you can create Joomla! forms within minutes. In fact, anyone who tried it noticed how easy it is to create forms in Joomla!

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Seven HTML layouts to choose from: inline (xhtml), two lines (xhtml), responsive (css3), inline, two lines, two columns inline, two columns two lines
» Publish forms anywhere - inside Joomla! articles with the RSForm! Pro Content Plugin, in a template position by using the RSForm! Pro Module and anywhere else through the RSForm! Pro System Plugin
» Thank You Message - display a fully customizable HTML message after the form is submitted correctly.
» Multiple validations available - required fields, same value as other field (double check), alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, email address, unique field, USA ZIP code, phone no., credit card, custom accepted characters, IP address, URL, regex
» Placeholders: everything your visitor submits is available as a placeholder and can be used in emails and thank you messages.
» Multi-page forms
» Conditional fields (display or hide a field based on the user's selection)
» AJAX validation - validate the form without refreshing the page.
» Total control over the HTML layout
» Advanced areas - custom CSS, Javascript, PHP scripts
» SEO oriented - semantic code, meta description and meta keywords editable on the form.
» User Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to the form submitter.
» Admin Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to administrators.
» Additional Emails - define as many emails as you need!
» MySQL Mappings - insert submitted data into another database (local or remote)
» POST data to another location either silently or directly
» Calculations
» View submissions in the frontend by using the new Submissions Directory feature. Submissions are displayed in a tabular format, can be reordered by columns and filtered.
» Submissions can be edited in the frontend
» Extensive submissions management - export them into CSV, Excel, OpenOffice, XML.
» Built-in SEF support, no extra 3rd party extensions needed!

Available fields
» Textbox
» Textarea
» Dropdown
» Checkboxes
» Radios
» Buttons
» Password
» Upload
» Free Text (add your own HTML code)
» Calendar (popup or flat)
» Hidden
» Pagebreak (for multi-page forms)
» Birthday (d/m/y dropdowns)
» Google Map

» Collect payments through your form by using the Payment Package Plugins (PayPal and offline / wire transfer payments included).
» Fight spam with Akisment and ReCAPTCHA
» Collect leads in Salesforce and Vtiger
» Add subscribers (emails) to your ConstantContact and MailChimp lists
» Google Analytics
» Create a PDF file with the submitter's information and attach it to an outgoing email!
» Create event subscription forms (RSEvents! Pro)
» Create newsletter signup forms (RSMail!)
» Replace your standard Joomla! registration form with a customized RSForm! Pro form

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Reviews: 12
Wow, this is a very complete extension.
Even better, after trying several other extensions this one sticks out on top of all others.
I had it up an running in Joomla in just a few minutes.
I recommend this extension !
Reviews: 6
I'm using RSFormPro in a Joomla 3 installation, which is why I chose it. Normally I use a free form component, but since the one I usually use hasn't released a Joomla 3 version yet, I was forced to explore other options.

That is why I gave RSFormPro a try.

I was pleasantly surprised by how solid, well-laid-out, and intuitive it was to figure out how to use. There's a bunch of documentation and tutorial videos on the RSJoomla website but I found I could simply follow the sample forms that are provided.

It was so easy and quick to learn that it saved me a bunch of time in comparison with the free extension I usually choose.

I am going to remember that next time I'm hesitating over spending a little money. (And it really wasn't even that expensive.)
Reviews: 5
Don't believe the review by L Kohler: there is loads of documentation on the rsjoomla website. I even used some of it to teach myself the basiscs of Javascript: it's that comprehensive.

The component is very easy to use, and very reliable. But for me the best thing about the product is the EXCELLENT customer service from Andrei and the team: quick, patient and comprehensive, and often going far beyond the call of duty (when one considers the low price of the software and the time they spent responding to support requests).

This is honestly one of the best Joomla extensions I have ever used.

Looking forward to buying some more of their products.

Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 1
Still experimenting with the tool but so far it's a reliable and powerful tool. It did the job for a registration form with payment. 4 stars "only" because I wish there was a bit more documentation.
Reviews: 1
I have been working with joomla since the very beginning. I have used numerous plugins, modules, components, etc. The service and product the rsjoomla offers are beyond excellent. They have a lot of attention to their customers and are super quick to response to any inquiry. I highly recommend everybody to use their products. RS-Form Pro... 10 stars!!!

Thank You
Reviews: 1
In my experience with developers, Alexandru has been fantastic. He was exptremely helpful with a great attitude. I spent hours trying to make a special customization and after asking for help, it took Alexandru mere minutes to fix what I could not. Thanks for a great component and great support! I highly recommend RSjoomla!! Thanks again for your help Alexandru!
Reviews: 18
I've used this for both 1.5 & 2.5 sites and have found it very easy to install and configure. I've tried several other form components, but I've found this to be the easiest. Price is reasonable too.
Reviews: 5
I found RSForms really easy to setup. Everything worked like a charm. The admin UI is very intuitive. I didn't have to read their documentation to configure the forms by just duplicating the example forms installed with the component. I like their mailchimp integration and I am looking forward to set that up.
Reviews: 1
I've used Rs form pro for many years and it's really a powerfull yet easy solution for implementing forms in a website.
The FAQ and user guides on the site covers most of the questions you might have to customize this component and when this is not enough the technical support is great!
Higly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I am very new to Joomla and web design. I was tasked with creating a new website for our Boy Scout troop and needed to add forms to the site. RSForm met my needs. But more than that, one of my forms has 130 checkbox items and I needed a way to group them into 3 colums rather than a single column. The support I received was phenomenal! After explaining what I wanted, the support team logged onto my site and changed the code for me! Then explained what was done so I knew how to do it on other forms. Thanks RSJoomla, I will be buying more components from you!
Reviews: 1
Thank you to all the team for rsform are super product.
I am very satisfied with the product and the support is very responsive and very good.
Nothing wrong exellent 20/20.
Reviews: 1
This is probably the best form building component on the market. In addition, support is just fantastic. I needed to build something unconventional and when I asked how to do it, support person just e-mailed me code to insert with full instructions. Highly recommended. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
This component a great extension. I used it in many sites and it's very easy to use.
It can be used for many purposes. As a contact form it's very straight forward and easy to manege, but it can also be used for calculate forms. When i run in to some problems with building a calculate form there was really a great support with effortless patience. This extension is really a bargain if you take in mind it's full potential. If you want the best, go for Rsform pro!
Reviews: 2
Flawless extension - has ability to create small to medium end forms - in minutes and on to get leads. the huge reviews and ratings speaks for this extension.

But - as been a non developer - i would be ready to pay more even if rs form pro could have support on customized scripts or even tutorials.

The extension has ability to create complex calculator but most of the non developers are well not aware of coding of same - big part is how to customize it

Had the developer could have even a paid support or tutorials on multi dynamic fields and complex calculators or illustrations in rs form pro - it could have been the best possible extension across all joom extensions
Reviews: 6
This new version is incredibly intuitive.
why cant all extensions work like this!

keep it up
Reviews: 1
I used RSForm! free for a Joomla 1.5 site, but since there was no free version for Joomla 2.5 I decided to buy the Pro version. I have to admit that the Pro version really amazed me! You can build the most demanding forms in just a few minutes. Congratulations to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic, and friendly support, fast and knowledgeable of their products. Easy to use component and very powerful, even for a beginner. We do not usually post comments, but this was a must!! We would recommend RSform Pro to anyone needing it.
Reviews: 1
I really like RSform Pro! It's great in its usability and easy to understand. Does exactly what it needs :)

I had a problem with migrating from joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and they've helped me in quite an extensive way. The support even dug into the database for me! Awesome :)
Reviews: 2
I tried Jforms and RSForm (not Pro) and I would say that RSForm Pro is the best component and the value is excellent. You get excellent service and an excellent, reliable, and stable product. As soon as it installed (which was easy since there were not multiple products for the various versions of joomla), I was ready to go with the demo versions already on there. I love the idea of multiple page forms!! Also, I was able to duplicate fields which Jforms never allowed. I could also control which fields were required.

The email confirmations were okay to configure but could be simpler to insert fields from the form. Best of all, the emails to administrators are customizable.

The support was first-class. There were easy-to-use FAQ about how to control the character limits in fields and Andrei helped me further to control multiple fields and even to show how many characters were left to the user. This was very helpful. All in all, I would recommend this component to anyone who wants a hassle free program.
Reviews: 6
Ok Joomla... looks like you need to add a new rating scale to your list of options.. cause Excellent just isnt high enough for these guys.

First lets talk about the component. I have tried other Form components out there and not only were they convoluted but I never could get them to work. The first time I created a form using RSForm I didnt need one stitch of help.

Once I started getting the hang of things I would post a question or two and I always received a response in about 12 to 24 hours (or faster).

When I had a form that was incredibly challenging they continued to help and never once was rude even after my countless messages.

If you are looking for a easy to use extremely robust form, look no further... RSJoomla has it and much more!
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