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With RSForm!Pro you can create Joomla! forms within minutes. In fact, anyone who tried it noticed how easy it is to create forms in Joomla!

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Seven HTML layouts to choose from: inline (xhtml), two lines (xhtml), responsive (css3), inline, two lines, two columns inline, two columns two lines
» Publish forms anywhere - inside Joomla! articles with the RSForm! Pro Content Plugin, in a template position by using the RSForm! Pro Module and anywhere else through the RSForm! Pro System Plugin
» Thank You Message - display a fully customizable HTML message after the form is submitted correctly.
» Multiple validations available - required fields, same value as other field (double check), alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, email address, unique field, USA ZIP code, phone no., credit card, custom accepted characters, IP address, URL, regex
» Placeholders: everything your visitor submits is available as a placeholder and can be used in emails and thank you messages.
» Multi-page forms
» Conditional fields (display or hide a field based on the user's selection)
» AJAX validation - validate the form without refreshing the page.
» Total control over the HTML layout
» Advanced areas - custom CSS, Javascript, PHP scripts
» SEO oriented - semantic code, meta description and meta keywords editable on the form.
» User Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to the form submitter.
» Admin Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to administrators.
» Additional Emails - define as many emails as you need!
» MySQL Mappings - insert submitted data into another database (local or remote)
» POST data to another location either silently or directly
» Calculations
» View submissions in the frontend by using the new Submissions Directory feature. Submissions are displayed in a tabular format, can be reordered by columns and filtered.
» Submissions can be edited in the frontend
» Extensive submissions management - export them into CSV, Excel, OpenOffice, XML.
» Built-in SEF support, no extra 3rd party extensions needed!

Available fields
» Textbox
» Textarea
» Dropdown
» Checkboxes
» Radios
» Buttons
» Password
» Upload
» Free Text (add your own HTML code)
» Calendar (popup or flat)
» Hidden
» Pagebreak (for multi-page forms)
» Birthday (d/m/y dropdowns)
» Google Map

» Collect payments through your form by using the Payment Package Plugins (PayPal and offline / wire transfer payments included).
» Fight spam with Akisment and ReCAPTCHA
» Collect leads in Salesforce and Vtiger
» Add subscribers (emails) to your ConstantContact and MailChimp lists
» Google Analytics
» Create a PDF file with the submitter's information and attach it to an outgoing email!
» Create event subscription forms (RSEvents! Pro)
» Create newsletter signup forms (RSMail!)
» Replace your standard Joomla! registration form with a customized RSForm! Pro form

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Reviews: 4
Having worked with RSJOOMLA for a couple of years, my first experiences had moments of frustration. However, my first purchase and install eventually served to provide for an online registration and payment form for a client. The process worked well.

Now, with JOOMLA 2.5, the following must be noted, 1)RSJOOMLA keeps their products in synch with JOOMLA development, 2)RSJOOMLA products are VERY affordable, 3)The current version of RSFORMSPRO is by far the best FORMS program I have experienced. I have had many hours of trial and error, as well as developer support of other forms products. I have tried them all but RSFORMSPRO now has to be one of the strongest extensions to do the job it does. I think support has stepped up a bit. Their attitude is less condecending and more helpful. I can only tell you that if RSFORMSPRO will not fill your online form needs, you may need custom programming. I have also purchased other RSJOOMLA product, am satisfied but probably not qualified to provide a proper review until opportunties to better understand their functionality is available.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component with many expansion options, and of course great support. =)

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
nice extension. working fine
Reviews: 7
A great form component! Even some of the more complicated requirements were quickly solved thats to the great support.
Reviews: 8
Stunning work. Al-in-one Form-conctructor solution. 10 minutes for first form template, duplicate - and your site completely charged by awesome looking forms. And also! Forget about search for "custom error messages" via lang files. Really crazy fine - all system messages and components (checkboxes, radio`s etc) in one place.
Reviews: 3
This is one of the best Form extensions I have used from the Joomla directory and I would go ahead and say it could easily be the best ever! To top the excellent extension, the support from the team is awesome as well. RSForm Pro is worth every penny!
We used this extension to design a pretty complicated form on our website, laced with a lot of php and javascript and connected to a payment gateway as well. The form integrates beautifully, sends out structured and timely emails and modifies itself in seconds!
Great work by the RSForm team. Recommended for everyone.
Reviews: 3
Its very rare that I write comments. I have tried some form application before. even paid for few. I always had problems, little issues, bugs and all to complicated for me. This one works strait away. Within an hour I had a professional looking and WORKING form. Hope I don't need your support. Even if this is a great one. 5 stars from my site. Regards Henry
Reviews: 2
One of the best technical support ever! I am working on very specific issue on form - trying to change fonts on it, to add link and to adjust space between rows. RS support are very prompt, professional and they are really willing to help. I strongly recommend this extension and you should be on the safe side if you are facing any problem with forms.
Reviews: 1
It is definitely worth the money and the support is quick and very professional!
Reviews: 5
This is one of the best extensions I have used, spesially on the 'forms' -category!

Does what it promises and a bit more;)

Easy to use, works with every browser and hosting provider (..well I haven't tried them all but..) and even a starter can make things sing with this baby.

Usually it has been difficult to let customers create their own forms from scratch, or even att all, but with RSForms it is possibile.

Good features and flexibility.

Money well spent.
Reviews: 1
Firstly the support from RS Joomla is fantastic and when I wanted to extend the functionality of RSForms! Pro they were very quick, friendly and professional. The product itself is really very good. Installation is easy, documentation is extensive and the setup of forms is easy. Good times.
Reviews: 5
I have tried all the other form apps for joomla and always end up coming back to RsForm Pro. Very ease to setup, customize and deploy quickly.

Customer support is second to none and these guys get back to you straight away, with real solutions.
Reviews: 1
Love this, has worked out perfect! Thank you!!!
Reviews: 3
As a professional Joomla developer, who has used a number of different form components, I highly recommend RSforms. The level of support is amazing. I had been using Breezing Forms, which is an okay product, but found RSforms to have a slew of great features and full Salesforce integration.
Reviews: 1
I have been using RSFormPro for a little over a year on several websites. Recently I had some complex validation issues that linked several forms together. Tech support was able to help me resolve the issues within 24 hours on the first request and less than 3 hours on the second. This is a great product with exceptional support.
Reviews: 5
I like this tool... it creates very nice looking forms quite easily...


The mechanism for allowing users to view their forms is quite complicated, and you have to be able to figure out their coding system.

Also, what makes this an "average" component instead of a "good" or "excellent" one, is the fact that once a form is submitted, users cannot edit or delete their entries. They can submit forms as often as they like, but no way to change or delete what they have submitted.

Administrators can edit and delete from the back end, so it would seem a simple matter to extend this functionality to users.

They do allow mapping to a mysql database, so if you know php and mysql you can write your own system of reporting, but then again you would probably be able to write your own form system as well.

When the developers allow users to edit their data, it will be a great tool. Until then, it is simply priced too high and not really usable for most users for anything but sending information to the site admin.
Owner's reply

Hello David L,

Unfortunately, RSForm! Pro does not state anywhere in the docs/product page/JED page/any other article that users could edit or delete their own submissions. This can be done using some scripting, but it would require strong PHP knowledge. It's simply not built in for the time being, however users will be happy to know that we're working on getting this done as soon as possible, along with some new requested features.

We're sorry that you find it priced too high after you've bought it at a 50% Black Friday discount (a total of 9 euros, which you were extremely happy with, we won't quote your exact words due to our Privacy Policy), and especially after we've answered six support requests from you (one of which was a presale where you did not mention your requirements to edit/delete data from the frontend). We hope you're happy with the new product you've bought and we sincerely hope the 3-star review has no connection with the 5-star one you gave to our competitor...

Reviews: 1
In my opinion the best form component.
Reviews: 2
If you are looking for a professional form - RSform Pro is the best.
They also have very good support that responds quickly to my questions, and they are very helpful.
Reviews: 1
Having tried a few forms components I settled on RSfroms because it was just so easy to use. Combined with some great integration with other RS products makes it an absolute winner.

Finally the support is just first rate. I emailed asking for some advice on how to extend the functionality of the components and got a very quick reply with the information I was seeking.
Reviews: 23
The system these guys have built is just great, so many options and the support is great.
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