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With RSForm!Pro you can create Joomla! forms within minutes. In fact, anyone who tried it noticed how easy it is to create forms in Joomla!

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Seven HTML layouts to choose from: inline (xhtml), two lines (xhtml), responsive (css3), inline, two lines, two columns inline, two columns two lines
» Publish forms anywhere - inside Joomla! articles with the RSForm! Pro Content Plugin, in a template position by using the RSForm! Pro Module and anywhere else through the RSForm! Pro System Plugin
» Thank You Message - display a fully customizable HTML message after the form is submitted correctly.
» Multiple validations available - required fields, same value as other field (double check), alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, email address, unique field, USA ZIP code, phone no., credit card, custom accepted characters, IP address, URL, regex
» Placeholders: everything your visitor submits is available as a placeholder and can be used in emails and thank you messages.
» Multi-page forms
» Conditional fields (display or hide a field based on the user's selection)
» AJAX validation - validate the form without refreshing the page.
» Total control over the HTML layout
» Advanced areas - custom CSS, Javascript, PHP scripts
» SEO oriented - semantic code, meta description and meta keywords editable on the form.
» User Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to the form submitter.
» Admin Emails - configure an email to be sent automatically to administrators.
» Additional Emails - define as many emails as you need!
» MySQL Mappings - insert submitted data into another database (local or remote)
» POST data to another location either silently or directly
» Calculations
» View submissions in the frontend by using the new Submissions Directory feature. Submissions are displayed in a tabular format, can be reordered by columns and filtered.
» Submissions can be edited in the frontend
» Extensive submissions management - export them into CSV, Excel, OpenOffice, XML.
» Built-in SEF support, no extra 3rd party extensions needed!

Available fields
» Textbox
» Textarea
» Dropdown
» Checkboxes
» Radios
» Buttons
» Password
» Upload
» Free Text (add your own HTML code)
» Calendar (popup or flat)
» Hidden
» Pagebreak (for multi-page forms)
» Birthday (d/m/y dropdowns)
» Google Map

» Collect payments through your form by using the Payment Package Plugins (PayPal and offline / wire transfer payments included).
» Fight spam with Akisment and ReCAPTCHA
» Collect leads in Salesforce and Vtiger
» Add subscribers (emails) to your ConstantContact and MailChimp lists
» Google Analytics
» Create a PDF file with the submitter's information and attach it to an outgoing email!
» Create event subscription forms (RSEvents! Pro)
» Create newsletter signup forms (RSMail!)
» Replace your standard Joomla! registration form with a customized RSForm! Pro form

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Reviews: 1
I am very pleased with the whole system which is RsForm Pro.
Support is very friendly and helpful! With every problem trying to help.
I recommend to every Joomla user.
It has a lot of possibilities and is friendly to use.
Reviews: 2
RsFormPro does all that anyone could expect a form of any type to do. If you have a little trouble, support is fast and very responsive. I had a problem with format, but within 18 hours (time zone differences) I had my answer that solved my issue and was easy to implement. I have no "cons" with this extension.
Reviews: 1
I have used the RSForm! Pro component across a number of sites usually as a contact form and have never been disappointed with the results. I have recently been using the form for a more complex site that involved using more Javascript than I am used to and I am pleased to say the support from the RS team was outstanding.They installed a sample script that I was able to research and then implement into my site. The component itself is easy to use and very intuitive. There is a plethora of documentation available and scripts are readily available to use as a basis of any additions to the form. It's perfect for the novice and the technically minded alike.

I would recommend RS Form! Pro to anyone.
Reviews: 6
I have been using RSJoomla Components for some time now and prefer to stay with them because they 99% of features that one needs when building a good website. RSForms Pro is one of their best. It can be used to integrate with all of there other extensions that require forms to be filled out, as well as creating a custom registration form for Joomla.

More over, There support is second to none. They go the extra mile as often as the possibly can and are always friendly and have never been stumped on a problem.

I'm going to keep using these extensions, becasue simply put, you get what you pay for and these guys are worth it.
Reviews: 1
We needed to make a form with a lot of custom scripting, and RSForm was perfect for this..
It has a lot of possibilities, and when we had troubles getting the form to behave exactly as we wanted, the support was great! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension to form professional. Easy to use snche for inexperienced users. Very good level of service.
Reviews: 4
I have only been using Joomla for 6 months and I have found that some modules are bulky and are not very user-friendly to newbies like me. However, I have been delighted to find that RSForms Pro has been a spectacular breathe of fresh air!!!

It is super easy to configure. As a matter of fact, when I was building a form for one of my new website projects in the component, I was shocked that they had even taken the time to add drag-in-drop ordering and drag-and-drop field scripts for emails! REALLY! Is it that easy?! Yes!

I had to read a little more closely to understand how to send the submissions to specific emails but when I found that it wasn't that difficult either. I even had a special request to allow for character limitations on text fields and the support at RSJoomla hooked me up with a simple example form that I just needed to "restore" to my site and dissect the scripts and field to replicate it on my forms. They even offer PayPal and Mail Chimp plugins that allow me to easily create subscribe forms and sell subscriptions through PayPal! Why would I ever try any other form modules? This is it and it will be installed on every Joomla site from here going forward!
Reviews: 1

If you read the reviews here and watch the demos it seems to be very easy creating complex forms.
Reality is different.

First - I like the way of creating forms in RSForm Pro.
If you just need a normal form it is a good choice.
If you need dynamic fields and dynamic drop downs and you are not a coder you will be screwed. All these advertised features need to be coded in JavaScript.

On second glance you will detect that all the great demos are made by experts.
The same experts are giving you support and they are really nice, but I don’t need a JavaScript tutorial and no predefined snippets.
I need an easy way to embed dynamics on my own. This is why I use a form component! Otherwise – if I would be able to – I would code everything on my own.

The second trigger for my review is a flaw at multi paging.
If you watch the demo you will see no flaws because there is no field validation built in.
The flaw results out of that validation is made at the end (on submitting) and not between the steps.
If you have an error on page 2; you will be set back to page 2 after submitting and must go through all pages until you can submit it again.
Just imagine you have a 20 pages form!
I finally found another form solution that can handle this.

If RS team fixes the issues I certainly will write a better review.

Cheers Carl.
Owner's reply

Hi Markus,

thanks for the great review.

1. Our product description doesn't tell anything about having a built in dynamic dropdown feature. Of course we can help you create it, but you won't find our product advertised as it would have such built in feature.

2. RSForm!Pro HAS built in validation per page that doesn't allow you to pass to the next page until you validate the fields on that page. So this part of the review is clearly false information.

Reviews: 16
The component works great and the support is informative, quick and efficient.

I'm not a coder at all but I still feel I can manage with RSform Pro so I'd say it's easy to use. It's been a pleasant experience for me and it makes me want to explore more of the endless possibilities and creative ways to use RSform.

Compared to other form extensions I've tried, this is definitely the one I prefer :-)
Reviews: 1
Easy to to install & easy to use. Have used this multiple domains. If any custom scripting is required then you may require tech support. Wish the forum was better used and moderated. Most of questions are redirected to tech support and hence finding answers to common form/scripting issues is difficult.
Reviews: 1
Even with the extensive tutorial, documentation, and forum support, when I couldn't resolve my problem, I opened a support ticket and the guys answered my question and even went above and beyond by providing a code example that worked perfectly for me.
Reviews: 3
I've had the pleasure of using this component on three websites I am involved with.

It is so flexible and well thought out, you really cannot go wrong!

The added scripting capabilities for me was a life saver on my current project. It is what takes RSForm to a whole new level and allowed me to build a workflow which has automated who a form is sent to based on what page on the website they entered the form from - fantastic.


Well, what can I say - I hope he doesn't mind me name-checking him, but Andrei has been fantastic and helped me through getting my automation script (see above) working.

In twenty years plus working in IT, this was the best support I have ever received and I told him so.


Developers quoted me $350-$500 USD to add functionality to the current form built into the listing component I was using. RSForm's scripting capability meant I could ditch the limited built in form and use the scripting to get me required functionality and a whole lot more.

If RSForm were four times the price, I still wouldn't hesitate adding it to every site I build.
Reviews: 5
I have been working with RSForm for 6 months now and i use the forms in so many ways (applicants form, gather information, service request etc.)

RSForm works great when retrieving database information into a form. Support is quick and willing to help. A great one !
Reviews: 2
The component works great and the support was fantastic!!. They were very patience until my needs were reached.
Reviews: 2
I was expecting to have to spend a few days setting up a form, tailoring it to my requirements and then trying to figure out advanced features such as submitting the form data to my own database tables and imbedding php code... but RSForms Pro made all of this incredibly easy. I only had one support question needed and the author replied very quickly with a helpful answer. Cannot recommend more highly.
Reviews: 1
Ok... I have used various forms components over the years... Many with awesome features...

I have fallen in Love with RSForms. It does absolutley everything I need and more.

Their support is outstanding... I asked 3 questions... and each one was answered within 24 hours with positive results... even followup after the offered solution with tweaks...

Component is awesome and and Support is awesome...

Yes, I am a Happy Subscriber... can you tell.. LOL
Reviews: 1
I submitted a support ticket over the weekend for an issue I was having with passing variables in a multipage form in RSForm. A member of their support team emailed me back with a page to the fix within 24 hours! Mind you, their site says they don't do support over the weekend, so I was most impressed they were still obviously checking these on the days off.

Very gracious user! :-)
Reviews: 5
I've used three other form components and all were good, at best. This component is absolutely awesome and LOVED.

I'm still an amatuer site builder and this is another component that impresses my customers and makes me look as if I know what I'm doing. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 1
I had been using Chronoforms but could not get the latest version to fulfill my requirements, I tried RSforms Pro and it has worked brilliantly.

The support has been excellent and I will be using it for all my forms in the future.
Reviews: 5
I can not say enough about the RSformPro component and also their ticket support which is 1st class.

I use RSformPro on all of my client sites and the new v1.4 is absolutely awesome to say the least.

With advice from the RSJoomla guys, I have been able to do everything I need and also make some forms stand on the head for some strange client requirements.

RSformPro is worth many times it's cost and worth every penny!
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