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Mad4Joomla is a very easy-to-use Joomla component for the creation of email forms. Preferences of this product are a better usability, classification in categories, working with templates, helptext to formfields, file upload as attachment, special routing technics to destination email addresses, integration of content in form pages and a very special new captcha technique. Thereby it is possible to build complex and huge contactsystems. Examples: jobs, reservation, contact, donations, polls etc.


The appropiate package is also available at the download section.

Download Modules, Plugins and Hotfixes here:

Mad4Joomla Mailforms used to be the first form extension focused on usability. Our aim is to provide a component which is easy-to-use and stable out of the box. Meanwhile there are nearby 1000.000 satisfied users of Mailforms.

For whom is this extension?
- For those who don’t want to care about complex settings and need a quick and easy form creation.
- For companies who are providing Joomla services to customers.
This is an extension which every customer does understand and can create forms within minutes.
- For beginners, advanced users and professionals needing an extension which doesn’t cause trouble and saves time.

If you have problems first read our F.A.Q.'s:

Dear User, this extension contains a small visible copyright link to us as copyright holder. We consider it as a small thank you. It helps to promote our company. This is common practice on many joomla extension and supported by the FSF. See also the footer of JED.


English , German , Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese , French , Dutch , Slovak , Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Spanish , Russian , Japanese, Romanian, Czech, Indonesian, Macedonian, Portuguese (front), Hungarian (front) , Danish (front) , Polish (front), Swedish (front), Croatian (front), Greek (front), Norwegian (front), Catalan (front), Hebew (front)

2012-08-16 Version 2.0.1 Bug Fix release

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Reviews: 1
Super component i like it very. It's work 100% thanks
Reviews: 1
It's very easy to install and to start using it. I did run into an issue but Fahrettin helped me to resolve it in a couple of emails. The issue was that when I 'tab' through the form field, the form shifted to the left by one character, and this resulted the first character became hidden. After following the suggestion from Fahrettin to make the field length to a smaller sizes (200 pixels e.g.), the issue was resolved. It's after all my implementaion issue not of the product. Excellent product, support and every thing else around!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this excellent component. Simple to use, intuitive and works straight from the box.
Reviews: 14
There is no better free component to find to create forms with than this one. Easy to install, easy to use and every form looks professional. Real flexible and I love it.
Reviews: 6
I love this plug in. I think it is the easiest extension in the world to use. I first used it when I was first starting to figure out Joomla and I had no trouble running it at all.

The layout was a bit confusing at first, but with the documentation it is very easy to figure out.

The templates and forms are very easy and give you all html/xhtml form functions, including drop downs and radial buttons, that a lot of other extensions don't include.

I appreciate the way the configuration section works as a catch all for all forms in case something is missed. This helps to ensure minimal loss of contact information.

There seems to be a problem with the captcha though. It could be something I am doing incorrectly though with my settings. I haven't really looked into resolving the problem since I don't need captcha yet.
Reviews: 3
This is terrific, thanks guys.
Reviews: 1
Free *****
Easy to install *****
Translated to many languages *****
Easy to set up ******
Really works *****

Of course is the best!
Reviews: 2
After trying a lot of extensions for creating forms, I finally found this one, that turned out really simple and functional. Great work ;)
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this excellent component. A quick question: can the Form Title be suppressed so that it does not appear above the form? If so, where is the setting for this? I can not find it anywhere. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Easy-to-use and smooth in operation. Supports all features i needed.
They only unclear point is why the "base package" of joomla not have it embedded? ;)
Reviews: 2
Finally a component that works as it should! Perfect!
Reviews: 1
But now there is a solution!

I had another forms package on my Joomla! 1.5.14 installation but it just didn't quite cut it.

Mad4Joomla Forms sorted it all for me :)

The learning curve was a little more steep that I would have liked - but I am now assuming that this is due to a timing issue on my server and not with the plugin as I am having a few hiccups.

1. I can't put any text in the Maintext field of the form definition. If I do - the update/creation fails silently.
2. Every time I click on 'New Form' or Edit an existing one ; I get an unformatted page starting with 'ss/template.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />' - A refresh will fix this quite happily.

All in all a superb forms package that got me up and running in a few minutes. The hiccups I believe are down to my host and so I give an excellent rating.
Reviews: 1
This is a great form and the support is great as well. I downloaded the component on Saturday morning and had a form on my web site before lunch time. I received very prompt email support from the team. I just can't say enough nice things about the developers. The software is easy to use. It installs seamlessly. And a non-techy can get a form running in record time.

One thing that was not clear in their documentation was that you don't use the Joomla menu creation. You let Mad4Joomla do it for you after you create the form.

Thanks, Mad4Joomla, for an excellent tool!
Reviews: 2
It gives you a lot of possibilities to create your individual forms. - GREAT!
Reviews: 3
Was able to setup the extension without any problems. When setting up a form I did come across a problem where it would not allow my specific email address to be used (extension was .me) I emailed support and they were able to send me an updated version of a file so I uploaded it to my site and I was able to update the form to use my .me email address.
Reviews: 7
I found Mad4Joomla Mailforms very easy to set up to create simple forms. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to add simple forms that will send clear response.
Reviews: 3
Clear and concise, intuitive in use and looks great.
Their support is absolutely fantastic - I had a problem that actually was actually a result of my lack of understanding and nothing to do with their code at all. However, they spotted the problem and explained the conflict so I was able to resolve the matter simply! Definitely a must have extension.
Reviews: 6
The thing that makes it great is how easy it is to set up a form with different kinds of fields. Drop down lists, radio buttons, etc. Easy. It is limited in layout, but the idea is for it to be quick and easy, so its a fair trade off imo.
The only downside - and I couldn't find where else to post this - Hover doesn't work on a phone. With the increase of the mobile web, I would like to have captcha without having to hover over the captcha code before entering the numbers. Its the only thing stopping me using it on one website now.
Other than that, its my first choice for forms.
Reviews: 27
Very good job!! The only problems I encountered is the question mark (help info text) doesn't appear and I wish I could edit the space between the questions and the answers!
Reviews: 3
Simply the Best in ease of use and Performance. Installed perfectly and is very intuitive. Get this one while you can!
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