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  • This extension displays a visible backlink to the Developer's site.

Mad4Joomla is a very easy-to-use Joomla component for the creation of email forms. Preferences of this product are a better usability, classification in categories, working with templates, helptext to formfields, file upload as attachment, special routing technics to destination email addresses, integration of content in form pages and a very special new captcha technique. Thereby it is possible to build complex and huge contactsystems. Examples: jobs, reservation, contact, donations, polls etc.


The appropiate package is also available at the download section.

Download Modules, Plugins and Hotfixes here:

Mad4Joomla Mailforms used to be the first form extension focused on usability. Our aim is to provide a component which is easy-to-use and stable out of the box. Meanwhile there are nearby 1000.000 satisfied users of Mailforms.

For whom is this extension?
- For those who don’t want to care about complex settings and need a quick and easy form creation.
- For companies who are providing Joomla services to customers.
This is an extension which every customer does understand and can create forms within minutes.
- For beginners, advanced users and professionals needing an extension which doesn’t cause trouble and saves time.

If you have problems first read our F.A.Q.'s:

Dear User, this extension contains a small visible copyright link to us as copyright holder. We consider it as a small thank you. It helps to promote our company. This is common practice on many joomla extension and supported by the FSF. See also the footer of JED.


English , German , Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese , French , Dutch , Slovak , Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Spanish , Russian , Japanese, Romanian, Czech, Indonesian, Macedonian, Portuguese (front), Hungarian (front) , Danish (front) , Polish (front), Swedish (front), Croatian (front), Greek (front), Norwegian (front), Catalan (front), Hebew (front)

2012-08-16 Version 2.0.1 Bug Fix release

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Reviews: 3
Like said, this component is easy to use and You have lots of possibilities including having Your users load up their own files.
The support You can take for granted, because of prompt reaction (ile {joomla}/administrator/components/com_mad4joomla/config.mad4joomla.php to 0755 (or in my case 777).
Here are my salutations to this supporting team.
Reviews: 1
Although mad4joomla undoubtly works like a charm for a simple website, I think it lacks some important features for more complex forms. I would like to have the opportunity to group elements of the form (for example, on the taxation request page for a small taxation office, I'd expect the opportunity to see a different section for the person requestion, as well as the specific house information).
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. We appreciate constructive criticism.
Neverthenless we don't agree to the term: 'otherwise overated'.
Don't forget that Mad4Joomla Mailforms is a spare time project. Shortly we will publish an additional commercial version with a lot of improvements and extra features. If this lacks also on features you may use the term 'otherwise overated'.
If you compare our project to other non commercial form extensions you will see the vantages of Mailforms.
The huge popularity of Mad4Joomla is based on stable performance and very simple and easy usage.
If we start extending the component with lots of extras there can be two results.
1. If we do this in our spare time, the component will be more complex to use and we will lose our unique feature of being very easy-to-use.
2. If we extract some of our business time to extend our software and publish an additional commercial version, the unique feature "very easy-to-use" will remain.

Please reconsider if you review us as 'overrated' and vote 'average' that you get a stable and probably the most easy-to-use form extension for free!

Reviews: 1
It is always satisfying if a software doesn't make trouble.This is a good example. Mad4Joomla works almost like an exe file. The only difference is that you must install it with Joomla's native procedure. After installing Mad4Joomla doesn't cause any problems, you don't have to care about languages, the configuration settings are minimized so that nobody will be scared of an information overload. I created a working form in approximately 5 to 7 minutes. This is how all Joomla extensions should be.
Reviews: 15
I was a little sceptical upon reading the reviews on how easy this component was! I had tried all the other forms here and found them either difficult to understand or the need to hack the Joomla core files. Even after hacking the Joomla core files some of these forms dod not work! So I installed mad4media component and created a form. It took just minutes! Fantastic. No hacking, no coding and the forms look clean with a great captcha at the bottom. A component like this has been needed for a long time and I didn't pay to have their link removed! It deserves to be there!
Reviews: 2
I am so thrilled to have found this very useful extension! I was amazed at how easy it was to set up and publish my first form. I didn't even need to read any documentation. I read the steps provided on screen when accessing the component within Joomla and had a working submission form within 20 minutes! WOW!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to handle, instant multi language support means none extra language installing needed. Form creation goes very quick. Simply perfect.
Reviews: 6
It is easy to use and does all you need. I am very happy you builded this and it worths the copy with hidden copyright link.

Thank again
Reviews: 2
easy to install, use and exstensive clear tutorial in the project hp. Strong reccomand if you search tool to be instant ready to publish

Reviews: 1
Excellent! Easy to install, easy to use, perfect support!
Reviews: 1
What I have to say about this extension is not much because there are not many points to discuss. This extension is simply perfect for my needs. But I want also point out the excellent support service. I got telephone support in my native language (German), my problems have been solved in one call. I don't know if this belongs to the fact that I purchased a non copyright copy but even though the support used to be very good.
Reviews: 1
Overall this has a lot of potential. I found several bugs with it though which means I dont think I will use it.

Editing a form - I had to edit one field at a time and click save to get these to all update. Half the time they didnt so I edited a form about 8 times (then clicked save) to change 4 fields.

Spacing of the form itself on the front end is bad. I had half of the text fields off the side of the page.

Kaptcha just doesnt display any codes so I have to turn this off.

Thats the bad... the good is that I like the way it formats and emails and includes other user data for you. It is quite easy to use and create a forms with.

Overall fairly good, its a shame it has a few bugs though.
Reviews: 1
This extensions is very good. Had some problems and got fast support. I only can recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
I am impressed. I tested 5 form extensions and this is the best. no thoughts over unnecessary things, working like a charm and easy to use. This component is excellent.
Reviews: 1
I guess the joomla users who are searching for a form component are testing all the available extensions here first. like me. but if you don't want waste time your search ends here. let me say it in an other way: there are a lot of other good form extensions with lot of extra functions. if you don't need them mad4joomla is the first choice. it is really easy to use [other extensions seem to be also easy to use, extremely easy to use or supa dupa easy to use :)], it works stable, it automatically sets your language if this is installed and you can categorize your forms ( a feature which none other form extension has in this form!)
My result is excellent.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, easier to use. Keep up the good work!!!
Reviews: 1
excellent component. Very easy to use, gives professional results and support is just first class (responded to my email within 15 minutes)
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use - and to understand. The component worked "out of the box" and my newbe support query (on how to change the general configuration) was answered immediately and helpfully.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Running into some problems after installing the extension I contacted the support. A few seconds later I got the answer to my problem and anything went fine. Great extension though.
Due to the different purposes I'm using it I had some suggestions on how to improve it and guess the next release will have at least some of those requested features.
Anyways, excellent support!
Keep it going!
Reviews: 2
Great component and excellent service. I bought the copyright free version and had some questions. Received component and question answered promptly.
Reviews: 2
I would mark this an excellent extension, but the advertising link that is added when using the extension is not professional. Having a link to "Mad4Media" or "Mad4Joomla" is not professional in my opinion. At least it doesn't work well displayed on a therapists website. get my drift.

Other than that the extension is amazing. I have to uninstall it due to the name.
Owner's reply

The link back to our site helps promote our project and we consider it as a small thank you.
On our site we offer a copy with hidden link for a small fee. For further information please visit the project page. The small cost does not cover our time/development costs, but does help us pay for hosting costs.

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